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“Letters to YOU” Re: What shall I get my Valentine?

Updated on February 8, 2011

Dear You,

Whether you believe in Saint Valentine’s Day or not, whether you think this “holiday” is over-rated, commercialised or even unnecessary, you might still be puzzled by how to express your love and affection to your Valentine. The more information you have about your Valentine’s preferences, the more likely you are to succeed and save time when choosing a present. Knowing one’s star sign will give you even more options and ideas for a gift you can get for this person. Of course, I acknowledge the individual differences between people. That’s why the following information is just a guideline. So…What shall I get my Valentine?

ARIES is active and competitive. An ideal present would be tickets to a competitive sporting event, where Aries can place a bet…and win! Metallic, shiny and bright (preferably red) gifts are advisable.

TAURUS seeks harmony in everything. You can help them achieve excellence by giving something unique but practical for the interior... be it scented candles or aromatherapy massage kit. Taurus is a gourmet, that’s why Michelin star fine dining will do just fine.

GEMINI is fun-loving, passionate and naughty. You can never go wrong with beautiful silk lingerie, adventurous trip or active outdoor sports.

CANCER is volatile and romantic. Be generous when choosing a gift for cancer. It could be a simple candle-light dinner…with a jewellery piece as a dessert. You can also plan a trip to a romantic destination as long as it is by the lake/sea/ocean.

LEO is impulsive and accepts nothing less than stunning! Choose something shiny, metallic, bright and…expensive. Your gift will be remembered forever!

VIRGO loves bright bouquets, balloons, fine chocolates, romantic dinners and practical gifts – organisers, culinary books, or candles.

LIBRA would be happy to receive red roses (as a symbol of love), SPA treatments or perfumes. A romantic getaway would be an ace!

SCORPIO is mysterious in many ways and wants it “all or nothing”. Balloons and chocolates will not impress, but might even offend your Valentine. Scorpio is all about luxury and chic. Whatever you choose, make sure your Scorpio shines!

SAGITTARIUS would be impressed by hand-made gifts, unplanned night out with other couples or a trip to sunny destination.

CAPRICORN values traditions. Whatever you choose for a Capricorn, make sure it’s gift wrapped in a beautiful wrap paper and don’t forget a hand signed card!

AQUARIUS would be impressed with a simple and yet unique gift showing how well you know your Valentine. You could even write a poem!

PISCES would love luxurious body lotions, creams, SPA treatments, elegant evening dress, romantic dinner or a simple post card.

Whatever present you choose, however you surprise your Valentine, make sure it comes from the heart and expresses you warm feelings. Feel comfortable with your gift idea and allow time to choose and to plan it! And if you do not have a Valentine this year, does not mean you cannot express your love to at least one person in the world…be it your parent, cousin or your best friend.

Be happy, healthy, wealthy….& remember: “You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving.”

Always by your side,

Tati Irodova


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    • profile image

      Laura 6 years ago

      Soooo true!!! Like it a lot!

    • Tati Irodova profile image

      Tatiana Irodova 6 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks Ashantina!

    • Ashantina profile image

      Ashantina 6 years ago

      I like that you've actually tailored gift ideas to particular starsigns. Great ideas here!!