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What to do if you are in love with your best friend

Updated on June 2, 2012

It's very usual nowadays that girls and boys are becoming best friends, gone are the days were people are very conservative on having a male close friends. If you are in love with your best friend, you must know that you are risking your friendship so you must choose if you are going to let your feelings go deeper or you have to refresh your mind and focus on other person. You may also want to consider his beliefs and attitudes before jumping to intimate relationship. Though it doesn't happen all the time, friendship can be ruined by intimate relationship. So think carefully before you decide. After all, it's better to try than to have regrets all your life.

If you are in love with your best friend and you really like your friendship to go to next level

  1. Observe first if the feelings are mutual. You may want to know if there are signs that your friend likes you more than a friend. If it seems your friend likes you too, bring extra closeness, sometimes, closeness will just burst and you don't have to tell anything and your friend will just bring the fire on.
  2. If you think that your friend doesn't seem to have special feelings for you, just wait for a little time, even if your friend have relationship with another, always be there for him or her when he needs you, because, if your friend thinks that you are giving him or her much more attention than his or her partner, he or she may fall for you.
  3. Make him or her laugh all the time. Tell funny things and speak about his or her interest, if he is interested with basketball and you don't like it, be a good listener, because he or she will enjoy talking to you.
  4. Help your best friend and be there all the way, if your best friend is sick and no one will take care of him, go there and watch for him while he sleep, your friend will really appreciate and remember that.
  5. Always smile, make a way that your best friend always see you wherever he or she maybe. If your friend go to church, go there too, without telling your friend. You will see your best friend will be surprise.
  6. Tell what you feel, if your friend doesn't like you, distance a little, so your best friend may realize your worth.

If you think you are in love with your best friend but you are not really sure about your feelings or you are afraid it won't work.

  1. Take a break for a while, go out with other group of friends. Keep yourself busy with other things or activities. Divert your attention to other things. If you see your best friend anywhere, and you missed your best friend all the time, its game over, you are hooked and in love.
  2. Think of things or characteristics you don't like about your best friend, like he is playboy or doesn't have steady relationship. If you are turned off, your attraction was not real. But if you like your friend no matter what, congratulations you are deeply in love.

There is nothing wrong for being in love with your best friend, you are not alone because its very common and accepted in the society. Besides, friendship is the first level of love and affection.

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