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William and Kate Engagement Souvenirs

Updated on August 31, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton

On November 16 2010 Clarence House announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton are to marry in 2011. Here's a growing selection of William and Kate engagement souvenirs to celebrate this joyous occasion..

Royal fans across the globe have been waiting for this announcement for years, so it was a happy and momentous day for all. Prince William and Kate Middleton are a thoroughly modern couple who are bringing the British royal family head first into the 21st century. They have broken with tradition by living together before marriage, something that hasn't (at least publicly) been done previously by a member of the royal family with a direct line to the throne.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement has created a hive of curiosity from the public, when will it be, where will they marry, what's the dress going to be like?! The wedding will be on Friday April 29 at Westminster Abbey, as for the dress, we'll just have to wait and see!

New Willam and Kate Engagement Souvenirs Just In!

William and Kate Souvenirs

I'm British and I live in London, so on Friday April 29 2010 I have the option of being amongst the crowds of people who will line the streets to celebrate the happy day.

For those of you who won't have that option, we can all still celebrate both the wedding and engagement with William and Kate souvenirs. Something to look back on this joyous occasion.

UK based readers can buy William and Kate Souvenirs by clicking here.

I remember when Charles and Diana got engaged, an image that was made even more vivid by the press call for William and Kate's engagement, where she wore a dark blue dress just as Diana had done and of course, Kate was wearing Diana's engagement ring. When Charles and Diana got engaged, there was a flurry of souvenirs being snapped up by us royal watchers. Lots of people, myself included, still have theirs to this day.

William and Kate souvenirs will no doubt still be in our collections in years to come, just like the Charles and Diana pieces. It's a lovely way to celebrate such a happy and joyous union that hopefully lasts a lifetime.

I recall when I was holidaying in the United States just days after Diana's funeral. Lots of people who heard my British accent came up to me and gave condolences for "your Princess". I thought it was such a lovely thing to do. The thing about Diana, as I'm sure will be the case for Princess Kate too, is that just because I'm British, doesn't mean that they are more mine than yours.

Princess Diana was known as the People's Princess, I'm sure that Kate will be too. We can all share in the happy news that Prince William and Kate Middleton are to marry and grab a little souvenir to remind of us this happy event forever.

Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring

While we're all waiting for more William and Kate souvenirs to appear, here's a look at a replica of Kate Middleton's engagement ring.

This beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring is a smaller and more affordable version of the one famously given to Diana by Prince Charles on their engagement. Passed down to William and now given to Kate, this ring is an excellent version of the stunning original now on Kate Middleton's wedding finger.

For a more affordable replica of Kate Middleton's engagement ring there's a beautiful glass version that is platimun plated. All stones are set by hand and this ring is hand polished, not bad for under $60! This is a really lovely royal souvenir to own.

William and Kate Souvenirs To Come

Keeping checking back for new William and Kate engagement souvenirs to choose from. I'll be adding the new souvenirs as they become available. In the meantime, enjoy the William and Kate mugs, mousepads and story of their romance! Such a lovely romantic event to celebrate.

Alternatively, see below for the Willam and Kate souvenirs on eBay.


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