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10 Good Reasons To Have Cleavage!

Updated on March 28, 2010

The Best Uses For Cleavage!

 Ladies, we all have it!

It's there when we get up, it's there throughout the day.There to compete against us when we try to exercise off those "love handles". There to draw men's eyes away from our intellectual achievements.

Always there!

We can't beat it so we must embrace it! Use it to it's full potential! Find new uses for the cleavage that is always with us!

1. The remote-watch the tv you want to watch! Keep the remote hidden and handy, nestled where no-one can find it, especially for those married more than ten years!

2.Mp3 player-keep those annoying headphone cords neat!

3.Bus ticket-no more suspiciously rummaging around in your handbag when an inspector approaches. Show your flair as you whip it out from your bra, and surprize him with your organisation!

4. Snack attack-keep the diet going by finding those left-over crumbs when the mid-afternoon hunger pangs hit!

5. Disco raging-save on cloak room fees by keeping your phone and money handy-and it won't cramp your moves on the dance floor!

6. Never lose sight of your glasses again!

7. A spare key means you'l never be locked out of your car or home again-better safe than sorry!

8. Be prepared for when those creative moments hit, with a pen, and paper too if you are especially well-endowned!

9. Make-up purse-lipstick, mascara, mirror-always look your best!

10. A tissue is always a good idea-just tuck in it well, lest observers think you are just trying to enhance nature!




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