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15 Inspirational Quotes to motivate life from Henry Cloud

Updated on February 18, 2011

15 Inspirational Quotes to motivate life from Henry Cloud

Great people always see something what ordinary people can not see. Among such great people, Dr. Henry Cloud is well known all over the world due to his great achievement in books and carrier. He is a clinical Psychologist who possesses an incredible ability to connect his audience with   humor, compassion and comments. His words are so inspirational and here i post some of his sayings that most inspire my journey of faith.

  1. Address the issues of today rather than obsessing about yesterday or hoping for rescue tomorrow. Henry Cloud
  2. The way he makes for us is his way, not ours. Henry Cloud
  3. God is there with you, empowering you to do what achieves his ends. Henry Cloud
  4. Holding on to the baggage of the past will disable you for your journey with God. Henry Cloud
  5. We tend to look at ourselves through the eyes of others who are important to us. This is why some people suddenly blossom in healthy new relationships where they are valued as God’s creation. Henry Cloud.
  6. Your journey with God will be richer, more fulfilling, and more successful if you surround yourself with people who are committed to support you. Henry Cloud
  7. God’s way is not out of your problems but through them. Henry Cloud
  8. Expect pain as a regular part of life. Henry Cloud .
  9. Don’t ask God to get rid of your problems, and don’t merely tolerate them. Welcome them as gifts and you will find God’s way through them. View your problems as the next steps of growth for you. Henry Cloud .
  10. Time allows God’s healing ingredients to be applied to our situation. Henry Cloud.
  11. Getting to know God and loving him with everything you are is a lifelong journey. Henry Cloud
  12. God will make a way for you to the extent that you make a way for him in your heart. Henry Cloud
  13. Prayer is a genuine and powerful ally on your journey. Henry Cloud
  14. Your faith is vital step you take to connect with God, the way –maker. Henry Cloud
  15. Welcome your problems as gifts from God to help you become a better person. Henry cloud.


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    • Van Lal Hmangaih profile image

      Van Lal Hmangaih 6 years ago from Myanmar

      SweetSusan1435, That's my pleasure. Indeed, Dr. Henry Cloud also encourages my life in so many ways through his writings.. God bless

    • SweetSusan1435 profile image

      SweetSusan1435 6 years ago from Colorado

      I love Dr. Henry Cloud. He has inspired me to change for the better, to tend to my heart like I tend to my garden, to love with boundaries. Thank you!