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10 Motivating Reasons Why You Should Belong to Christ

Updated on February 18, 2014

Why Be a Christian ?

The Christian life, and life in Jesus, is in many ways a mystery, but there are ways to see through the mystery. But your mind, being a rational creature, needs reasons and advice and evidence to shore up it's uncertainties.

By simply reading the following evidence, or 'reasons'--call it what you will-- your soul, whether you know it or not, will sing for joy within you.

As you simply read following, your soul will rejoice for the food you are giving it.

Imagine how much more your soul will do so should you choose to follow the advice, with your heart! As the song says: 'we can only imagine'...but if you at least read these reasons, you will have a chance to go beyond imagining--and step into the experience.

1 Peace with God

Finding peace and serenity is something all people seek.

When you have reached the goal of searching for the meaning of life and found it is Christ, this gives inner peace of an otherworldly nature. When a person gives himself over to God, God gives him in return, a supernatural peace in within.

The human spirit can connect with it's creator's life and it comes into that inner man. This leads to an inner confidence and serenity that gives a supernatural rest . That man, (or woman) has finally reached a safe haven, a place to rest.

God's love is overwhelming and it gives the heart peace. 'Suddenly I know that God loves me.'

It becomes a reality, an experience that gives a strong conviction that I am saved, and I have peace with God.

Now is not it true that a Christian can never know turmoil or strife. We still live in the same world with the same problems and challenges, the same Evil rages around us, but deep in our heart we have an inner confidence and peace with God. In the world we have tribulation, but in Jesus Christ we have peace.


By making Jesus Lord, by faith in Him, we are given access to heaven.

Man is an eternal being, and after this mortal life our inner man continues and lives on. Much could be said about heaven and eternity, but to know that we will be moving towards home with the Lord by following Him, is like being on a trip where we know our destination, at the end of the journey, and it is wondrous one.

Isn't that so much better than being on the same journey and not knowing the destination and not knowing what awaits us when we reach the end?

This is what persons without faith experience on their worldly journey. I know which one I would choose to be on. 

3. Access to the King

John 14.23: "Jesus answered and said to him:" If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word. And My Father will love him, and We will come to him, and We shall have our dwelling with him. "

Being able to have fellowship with the Eternal Creator, King of the Universe, is a staggering and incomprehensible thought, but nevertheless it is a reality.

Jesus has opened heaven, and His heart for us.  We can enjoy the benefits of heaven and be in the King's presence. We can be bathed in His loving care, listen to His gentle voice, be strengthened by His Word.

Life in Christ gives us the certainty  that we have everything we need here on our pilgrimage. Why? Because Christ is enough for us. As t the Psalmist says, "when I only have thee, I do not want anything on earth" (Psalm 73.25).

4. Joy

Although Christian life can sometimes be stormy and full of pain, it there is a blissful joy in your heart to belong to the One who saves. Nothing can separate us from that inner joy which is like a spring that flows eternally,bubbling up within, feeding us at every moment.

To feel happy and content inside is part of our heavenly inheritance. When Jesus is present,joy is present.

This inner joy making is also reflected in the outward life. We Christians may be burdened by burdens and challenges, but joy should always be our companion.

It is the mark of our faith.

We can lose everything in the world outside, but the inner joy of belonging to Christ, can never be taken from us. One need only look to the lives of the Saints of the Church to be confirmed in this fact. They stand as evidence that nothing can deny.

5. Freedom from Worry

Philippians 4.6: "Be anxious for nothing, but let all things their prayer requests come before God in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving."

We humans like to be in control.  Can you deny it?  We want to know about the future and what is the best way to take care of ourselves and our own. This is a good thing, otherwise we would not be human, after all.  But it is also why many people are burdened by anxiety and worry about their earthly challenges. There is a difference in being aware, and responding to earthly needs, with faith, and doing the same without faith. 

Will I be able to make my mortgage installments? How will my health go as I get older?  What about my children?  Will there be war?

There are many things that can upset us today, perhaps, it might be argued, even more than there were in previous eras of the world's history...but that surely is debatable.  Nevertheless, this  world is not a safe place and concerns over it are only natural.

None of this is necessarily wrong in itself, but compared with the assurances and promises we have as believers, these pale into insignificance.

We can be confident that God will take care of us. Again, this does not mean that a Christian does not have areas in life that can cause worries, but we can cast our worries on Jesus and know for certain that our God will take care of us.  We are on the ship, and we experience the storms of the sea, but who is at the helm?   Jesus.

6. Escape destruction

John 3.18: "Whoever believes in Him is not judged. But he that believeth not is condemned already, because he has not believed in God's only begotten Son."

Another good reason to keep the Lord's promise to escape the eternal torment.

Yes, just as surely as there is a heaven and a new city, a New Jerusalem, there is also a place of eternal damnation (Revelation 20.15). Fear not. This is a place we can escape through faith in Jesus the Son of God.

Some have tried to argue that the church has invented hell to scare people into believing. No one can, first of all, be 'scared' into faith, (it doesn't work that way) and secondly, the church has not invented hell.

This is referred to in the Bible, not the Church, and it's ministers, and the Bible teaches us that this is a place that Jesus by His death on the cross has redeemed us from. For no one can come to God by virtue of their own piety or good deeds. The Lamb's blood is salvation, Jesus death for you and me, it has redeemed us from this place of torment.

As Christians we need not worry ourselves about whether Hell is there or not, whether it this or that, because WE are not going there. If the Bible says it is, then it surely is, but is a destination for those who have not been baptized in the blood of the Lamb. But our journey has a different destination. We are on the journey of escape from that place, and that is our peace.

7. The community of believers, the church

All people need a sense of 'belonging'.  We need a community where we can have fellowship with one another.

In the Christian church there is a community where people, with their spiritual brothers and sisters, can come together for encouragement and prayer.

We serve the same God together.

It strengthens and encourages you to know that you have friends who are there and who care about you. Whatever your denomination, the Church provides a strong  warm community where you can stand together in the battle against Evils of this world.   It is an incredibly precious gift  to be in a community that supports and helps us on our  journey towards the goal.

God does not want us to be lonely in this world.  So he will give us friends, good friends, with whom  we can experience the divine communion.

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8. Freedom from Sin

John's first epistle 5.18 b: "But he that is born of God guards himself, and the evil one toucheth him not."

The Bible teaches us that the wages of sin is death. We also see that a life of sin, and violence gives negative fruits of those who live in sin.

A man who stays close to the Lord, who walk the narrow path is given a strength and power to live abstaining the world's temptations and deceptions. It is like a shield, a suit of armour you wear, and the evils it repels for you--those you will know only in Heaven when it will be revealed to you how much your faith, on your behalf, repelled sin and the Devil, and his minions. 

9. Targeted Life

Philippians 3.14: "I chase the target, to win the prize for which God from on high called us in Christ Jesus."

Being a Christian also means that you have come into God's family. God has a plan for each and every one of us.  But having a plan does not mean the Christian life offer excitement, challenge, trials and victories. Far from it!

As a Christian your life has a meaning and a purpose and you are not running around like a poor chicken with it's head cut-off, madly chasing every fad and fashion in an effort to find in it some kind peace or stability or just a place to rest. As a Christian you live for something and someone. Life makes sense and you can really do something valuable with the help of  God's power.

One need not be bored for one moment in God's family, there's always something happening, always something you can be in on, always something you can do. 

We work for a better world here in this life, yes, but at the same time, we know that we are going to, as Charles Dickens so eloquently put it: "a far, far better place..."

10. A real "adventure"

Psalm 126.1-2: "When the Lord brought Zion to return from it's exile, we were like those who dream. Our mouth was full of laughter and our tongues of exultation. Among the nations they said," Great things the Lord has done for them. "

Sometimes we hear people have experienced something incredible, and they say "it was like a fairytale."

It may be you have experienced something fantastic in nature, or otherwise been a part of something that has made a strong impression on you in such a way.

The Christian life is in many ways such a "holy adventure." Many times you will find you have to pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming--so wonderful is your experience.

God is a source of life, ecstasy, abundance, challenge, and much, much more. In the Lord's service, one can have experiences that far surpasses reason.

Jesus is Life and He gives life meaning.There are always new depths to find in Him. The adventure is never-ending in our earthly experiences and in our inner-life--in our revelations that without Him, would never even occur to us. 

He has said that if we stay close to Him, He will draw near to us. What incredible promises He has given to all who will believe in Him.

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