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3 things teenagers should not do during Easter celebrations. Even parents should read this.

Updated on April 5, 2015

Vices to keep off during Easter.

Easter, a wonderful time when christian faithfuls in the universe mark the death and rise of Jesus Christ yet many of teenagers look at it differently. Most of them choose to party all weekend and involving themselves in so many vices. This article explores the vices while criticizing them and offers better alternative activities that can best mark this great day. Discussed below are the three worst things teens should ever do during Easter holidays.

  1. Drugs and alcoholic drinks.

Many a times I have personally had my friends talk of how it is going to be crazy "this Easter" "Crazy" in the context that a lot of drinks running from vodkas, rum, and brandies will be available for abuse. Seriously there are a million articles, magazines and shows preaching about effects of substance abuse. Many teens have ignored this or lets assume they don't know of such effects. Just to remind them there is liver cancer, blindness plus many others found in many search engines.

Its a high time teens should know what it means by Easter holidays. On that Good Friday(nicknamed as members day) Jesus died for the sake of the sins of the universe. If anything the majority of Jerusalem was in a sombre mood for the death of their prophet. Now there are these guys who are drinking in celebration for something they seriously know nothing about. I mean visit the city in the evening and late night to see the kind of hype that's there in the name of Easter celebrations. "Forgive them for they know not what they are doing"

2.Sexual immorality.

It is common that many teens will involve themselves in sexual relationships and ultimately sexual intercourse. This kind of behavior is normally at its peak during holidays such as Christmas, new year and Easter among many other holidays.

From the go, premarital sex is a sin and engaging in it on such a day is a more serious offense. During such holidays is when teens will party all weekend or rather visit "friends" for sleepovers and I am100% sure that at least 6 out of 10 will engage in sexual intercourse.

I advice teens to keep off such vices and keep in mind what God requires of us concerning our bodies. "Our bodies are the temples of God"

3.Listening to stupid music.

I don't mean to offend anybody{ singers, producers and anybody in the music industry} but stupid music is used in this context to mean irrelevant, obscene and generally explicit music

Many secular music genres will always be hitting in disco halls or homes where there are house parties. Intoxicated guys are dancing and shouting "its Easter, lets enjoy ourselves" seriously, enjoy yourselves? I mean why cant this hyper active fellows humble and do something like Matt Rebman, Chris Tomlin, the Martins and something of that same kind? That isn't really cool.

What to do during Easter.

  • Enjoy yourself moderately. If you are the kind of visiting places, or if you are a parent, take your teens out and let them have moderated fun. Moderated fun means generally keeping off the 3 vices mentioned in this article.
  • Be compassionate. You can invite friends for a heavy lunch at your home or better still you can visit and donate gifts, clothes and any other material support to the needy. A children's home or a rehabilitation center can be the best places for such activities.
  • Go to church. There you can meet fellow christian faithfuls and assist each other spiritually or in any other way.
  • And finally I must finish by reminding any teen to keep off the vices mentioned herein. While I have just managed to summarize 3 vices, there are others that someone might feel are missing but whatever vice it is keep off and keep Easter clean. Question, what's the problem with avoiding them forever anyway?


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    • Nick Osale profile image

      Nick Osale 3 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      chuckandus6 but they probably will reach teenage.

    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 3 years ago from The Country-Side

      This Hub makes me glad my kids are little,and not Teens lol.