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Empty Nest Syndrome - What Do You Do Once The Kids Start Moving Out: Movin' On - The Final HubNuggets Roundup

Updated on March 25, 2018
RedElf profile image

RedElf (Elle Fredine) is a photographer, published author, and educator. Life-long learning is key to adding value to life.

We All Have to Move On...

It takes a certain bravery to strike out on one's own - some might say a certain foolhardiness. Whatever it takes, though, we all must eventually move on from wherever we are, to somewhere else. Baby birds all must leave the nest. Teenagers must all grow up and move away to work or to college.

We have spent so many years growing our family, and perhaps "growing" our homes, or renovating, to accommodate our growing life-style, that our homes may feel empty at first when the last "young 'un" heads off on their own. Then again, after a suitable period, we just might begin to plan what we can do with that empty, extra space.

Early Horse-drawn Moving Van
Early Horse-drawn Moving Van | Source

Holidays and Celebrations

Maybe, like Hank Snow's old-time Country and Western anthem suggests, we have recently "moved up" in life, moved to a new town, relocated to a new neighborhood. Wherever we are though, one of the first things we now have to do is learn to cook for a smaller crowd. Those teenagers may have eaten like starving wolves, at least for a while, but now it's just you and your significant other - maybe just you.

Your cooking style needs to adapt. Perhaps your offspring are able to attend a local college and live at home, or stay with you 'til they get on their feet with that first job, Lucky offspring! Otherwise, you will be learning the joys of cooking for two (or one).

No longer will you be loading up your shopping cart. You can certainly still bulk-buy, and break everything up into smaller parcels for freezing - I know I do, just because it saves me so much. Now though, I cook smaller portions, or cook a regular meal that freezes well, and parcel it up for future meals.

This can be a great time for empty-nesters to try out a new recipe, but be prepared to trot out those tried-and-true, traditional favorites when the chicks flock "home for the holidays" - and who on the HubNuggets team loves holidays and celebrations more than Jason Menayan, Maddie Ruud, and Simone Smith? I know they've already checked out the selections - don't forget to read them yourself, and vote for your favorite.

Which one of this week's Holidays and Celebrations nominees is your favorite?

  • 13% Best Birthday and Christmas Gift Ideas for a Two Year Old Girl
  • 3% Birthday Greetings and Wishes: What to Write on a Greeting Card
  • 19% 8 Simple Ways to "Halloween" Your House
  • 16% Best Halloween Costumes for Babies
  • 32% Haunting Halloween DIY: Turn Your Lawn Into a Graveyard With This Tombstone Project
  • 16% Five Ways You’re Failing as a Host or Hostess
31 people have voted in this poll.

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Personal Finance

At some point in our lives, we may find after all the "growing" that we are suddenly shrinking - moving into smaller quarters - downsizing, simplifying, cleaning out the clutter and accumulation of years of growing.

Rooms that were once full of children's toys and later, the paraphernalia no self-respecting teen could live without are suddenly bereft of function. They sit, unused and unloved - cleared of occupants, but not cleared of memories or carefully stored belongings. There is an uneasy, "not-quite-empty room" hiatus between the children leaving and the grand-children arriving.

Financial demands change, too. Where once we worried about the best playschools, and school supplies, now we are concerned over college tuition and student accommodations. Strategic planning mode may now shift from saving for family holidays to focusing on our retirement. Our financial goals change with each stage of "movin' on."

Team members KoffeeKlatch Gals, Enelle Lamb, and ripplemaker suggest you'll find some solid and helpful information in the nominees' hubs in this next category.

Which one of this week's Personal Finance nominees is your favorite?

  • 2% An Inexpensive Utility Sink Built From A Plastic Barrel Half
  • 9% DIY: New Uses for Your Pillowcase
  • 2% Taking control of your finances
  • 26% Calculating The Value Of Time And Use
  • 1% Reusing and Recycling Around the Home With a Personal Touch
  • 60% The 4 most dangerous emotions for stock traders
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Business and Employment

Moving on can take many forms. Some of us seek new jobs, some look for careers in a totally different line of work. Some of us are finally able, or brave enough, or crazy enough to take the plunge and move into the wonderful world of writing. We write to educate, to entertain, to provide information, earn money, or express our innermost selves. Our reasons are as personal and diverse as our offerings (hubs) here on HubPages.

Whatever our reasons for writing, whether we provide content for websites, or harbor a secret (or not so secret) passion to write a book, we labor at our keyboards by day or by night, tapping away, in search of our sometimes elusive dreams.

Patty Inglish MS, ladyjane1, and RedElf are all familiar with the demands of online writing. They, and we all, suggest that whatever your employment or career goals, you check out the hubs nominated in the category below, for some career guidance from these new-to-us entrants into the HubPages family of fine writers.

Which one of this week's Business and Employment nominees is your favorite?

  • 0% How to Make Great PowerPoint Presentations
  • 27% How You Can Use Social Media To Build Your Business
  • 14% How I Bootstrapped a Successful Bookkeeping and Tax Service
  • 27% Two New Entry Level Jobs For English Majors
  • 23% Goal Setting: Why is It Important to Set Goals?
  • 9% How to Flip Websites - What's It all about ?
22 people have voted in this poll.

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Today's Theme Was Brought To You By...

...and now, the answer to the question that has been burning in you since you first decided to visit this page - why this topic?

The moving theme is near and dear to my heart just now - of necessity rather than choice, mind you. I can't imagine anyone would undertake a move for the fun of it.

Like the gentlemen on the right, I and my belongings have been relocated to a new dwelling. Things long in storage have been reclaimed, and all my boxes and I are reunited - ALL my boxes. My goodness! I don't remember having this much "stuff."

*sigh... Time to think about "simplifying" - hey, what a great topic for my next hub!

Farewell, Friends!

SimoneSmith, KoffeeKlatch Gals, Patty Inglish MS, Maddie Ruud, Jason Menayan, ripplemaker, RedElf, ladyjane1, Enelle Lamb
SimoneSmith, KoffeeKlatch Gals, Patty Inglish MS, Maddie Ruud, Jason Menayan, ripplemaker, RedElf, ladyjane1, Enelle Lamb

HubNuggets Are "Movin' On," Too...

It's prophetic I chose "movin' on" as my theme this week, as that's exactly what the HubNuggets Team will be doing. This hub is our "last round-up." A new program is waiting in the wings to be launched - the Rising Star Program - to help our community and our visitors more easily engage with new writers on HubPages. Watch the HubPages Blog for more info!

It's been a real pleasure and a privilege to be a part of this adventure, celebrating and helping to promote the work of wonderful new writers, working with such great team members -both volunteer and staffers.

It's always a treat to check out our new writers' hubs, and a joy every week to see what plot has been hatched in the round-up hub, or what theme awaits to exalt, amuse, or inspire - every round-up so different, but always so creative, whether serious, uplifting, or downright funny. Being part of such an incredible, dedicated, and talented team has been a major highlight of my HubPages experience.

I've had great fun writing my round-up hubs. It's been hard going sometimes - especially on those days when time was tight, and creativity was at a low ebb - but always worth the extra effort. I know I've learned a lot and grown as a writer during my tenure as a "HubNuggets Wrangler." Thanks for the awesome opportunity, HubPages.

Congratulations to all past and present nominees, and all you HubNuggets award winners! Well done! You are in good company, and well on your way! See you all around the Ol' HubPages corral.

Happy Trails!

Golden Records, Golden HubNuggets, Golden Nemories...

All Good Things...

All things come to an end, and we miss the good things the most, of course. One thing that hasn't and isn't showing any signs of ending though, is HubPages itself.

Change, though necessary, is often unwelcome. Change shakes us up. Change makes us re-evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing it. Change is the way of all life though, and writing sites are no exception if they are going to continue to offer anything of value, besides an inert venue to babble out random discourse, to those who write there.

HubPages continues to grow, change, and restructure itself, and we need to grow as authors and content providers, be willing to try new approaches, and restructure our work if we want to keep up. Our future as writers on HubPages is not all rosy, and all the kinks certainly haven't been worked out, but I am optimistic that I will continue to greet old friends, and make new ones as we muddle our way through the next few years.

Cheers! And here's to seeing you all around the "Pages" ...

© 2012 RedElf


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