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Daily Dose of Positive Affirmation

Updated on August 31, 2016
elayne001 profile image

Ruth Kongaika was born in the Rocky Mountains and has lived most of her life in the South Pacific. She travels, gardens and writes.

In order for you to have balance in your life, you must be aware of two laws, the law of attraction as well as the law of repulsion. If you only focus on negativity and repulsion, you will limit your success in life, but by being AWARE of the law of repulsion, you can train yourself to be focused on the positive.

If we listen to our VULTURE (our inner critic), a constant negative tape, telling ourselves that we are not worthy, we are unlovable and unable, we disempower ourselves.

Let’s concentrate on the law of repulsion, but only for a second. This law suggests that if you spend all of your time thinking about what you do not have, want or like in life, you will actually attract it and you will experience it. Your thoughts are so powerful. Like attracts like, and if you think mostly negatively, you will attract MORE negativity.

On the other hand, through thinking positive thoughts about the future and being grateful for what you already have, you will have more and experience life in a positive way. By focusing on the positive aspects of life, you will attract more positive elements in your life. Through your positive thoughts and actions, you will be able to reach your goals.

You have heard things like – The more you give, the more you get. To be loved, give love. Those are positive statements.

By being a more positive person, you will attract other positive people, events and things. You will definitely feel better just by having a positive frame of mind. By giving service to others, others will serve you.

For many of us, it is easier to be negative. We must make a concentrated effort to put the law of attraction into action.

Acknowledge to yourself what you really want out of life.

Push all doubts away so that there is room for you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

Be ready when opportunity knocks.

Remember you are in control of your thoughts.

No one can make you upset unless you allow them to.

Here are some positive affirmations to say to yourself on a daily basis to succeed.

I choose the way I want to be

I am worthy

Life brings me challenges to grow stronger

I care for my well-being

I am thankful for all that I am and that I have

Here are some negative traits you need to put into perspective or they will continue to hurt you:


Try to eliminate these traits from your life. Replace them with their opposites and see how soon you emerge a better person.

It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to. ~Annie Gottlier

Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same. ~Francesca Reigler

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. ~Mary Engelbreit

Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don't count on harvesting Golden Delicious. ~Bill Meyer

There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes. ~William J. Bennett, The Book of Virtues

I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow. ~Abraham Lincoln

Life is great. Don't let circumstances and society fool you into believing it's not. ~Adabella Radici

I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else. ~Winston Churchill

Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right. ~Henry Ford

You attract whatever you choose to give your attention to.

Focus on what you are striving for if you want to improve your life.

We cannot get while there are things that we are unwilling to let go of. We cannot see what is ahead of us if we are always focused on what is behind us.

Modifying your way of thinking for the goal of making the world a better place is commendable, but it would be even better if you did it to make yourself a better inhabitant.


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  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Thanks for your comments Squirrelchaser. Depression affects so many people these days. We need to work at being happy.

  • Squirrelchaser profile image


    7 years ago from Leesburg, FL

    Yes, I agree with you. I lived for years in horrible depression. Now I'm 68 and truly enjoying life. I go to an OA meeting and I hear so many complaints and see so much depression. I want to say "Look for the positive." It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day. Thanks for a good article.

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I don't mind at all daisyjae - thanks for the link. Aloha!

  • daisyjae profile image


    8 years ago from Canada

    This is a great hub, I have linked it to my visualization hub. Hope you don't mind.

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Glad you enjoyed my positive affirmation hub. Had a bad day today, so it is good I read your message and came back to see it again.

  • heart4theword profile image


    8 years ago from hub

    Yes, if you don't feel to positive, some say..."Just change your mind:)" Couldn't believe it when I read the start of this page, I just published a hub yesterday related to balance. I see your train of thought was ahead of mine:) Great Hub! Love reading about things and words that can affect me positively:)

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Glad you enjoyed it Support Med. I appreciate your comments and hope you have many more positive days. Aloha!

  • Support Med. profile image

    Support Med. 

    8 years ago from Michigan

    A beautiful article and well written. I am a strong believer in positive affirmations, ones world will truly turn for the better. The videos you have chosen are absolutely beautiful! A wonderful read!

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Glad you enjoyed it and hope it brings you many happy days sophs.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Brilliant hub! I'm book marking for days when I'm feeling not so positive, and I shall come back and read again! Thanks for sharing Elayne :)

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Thanks aishsebastain. I suppose each one of us would say something different about which good thing is easiest to recollect. To me it would be times I have spent with my children and grandchildren.

  • aishsebastain profile image


    8 years ago from IRELAND

    nice hub.

    can u tell me affirmation for all good things we want in ones life plz which is easy to recollect

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I appreciate all your comments proudgrandpa. I checked out your friends site - it is wonderful and inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Elayne, your art is adding to other people. what a real gift you are sharing. I, like Isi am a positive freak but i am old enough that I don't really care what people think. I think it was Henry Ford who said, "If you think you are doing good or you think you are doing bad you are pretty well right". Thanks for a wonderful Hub that I will return to often. NEIL

    PS I have a young friend who does photography and and i turn on her site for relaxation and positive affirmation as well. Her name is Teresa and her site is It is a treat and she is a fellow artist.

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I appreciate your comments peacenhim. Positive affirmations all come from God because he is the author of truth and light. Amen.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Wonderful Hub elayne!! This article speaks life and healing! You've shared many great points and rules of thumbs, The Law of Atraction!! Thanks. God Bless!

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Your welcome loriamoore. Return any time for some more positive affirmations. Aloha!

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Thank you for these.

  • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

    Lita C. Malicdem 

    8 years ago from Philippines

    Two great laws to live by. It looks so simple but too difficult to do if you are full of negativities.These are great tips.

    Indeed, if we want to do something, there are many ways to kill the cat; inversely, if we don't like to do anything, there are a million reasons we raise just to run away from it.

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    hahahahah - never heard of that - but yes we need balance in our lives, so maybe you need some negative negativities so you will mellow out. Here's one: the more you keep the more selfish you become or to get rid of people, give hate. and

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    I am a positive freak so I think I need the negative attitudes to balance off my positive attributes or I will be considered mentally disorder for being so happy all the time. Well may be not I like myself being happy. Cheers

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I appreciate your comments Debby. It takes quite a bit of effort to keep our thoughts on track doesn't it. A list of positive affirmations is great to put on your mirror while you are getting ready in the morning. Aloha from Hawaii.

  • Debby Bruck profile image

    Debby Bruck 

    8 years ago

    We have a little thought in our heads all day that says we should be doing something else, or something better, etc. While when we purposely affirm the good we are doing with a conscious effort, the results are enormous. Thank you for reminding me to do this. Blessings, Debby

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    Thanks you Sage for your comments. We can all use positive thoughts to help us overcome our negative experiences. Hope it helps some how.

  • Sage Williams profile image

    Sage Williams 

    8 years ago

    I absolutely love this hub. You have done an excellent job from beginning to end. I am a firm believer in all that you wrote about. I think I learned the hard way, that is through trial and error. Back when I was in recovery, there wasn't a whole lot of information out there. However one of my first books that started turning my life around was a small blue book called, "The Power of Affirmations."

    It was the start of a whole new way of life.

    Thanks so much for such a wonderful hub. I love the videos as well and will bookmark this so that I can watch them again.

    Great job!


  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I so appreciate your comments Papa Sez and Angela Blair. There are so many more positive affirmations and we can always use more. Aloha!

  • Angela Blair profile image

    Angela Blair 

    8 years ago from Central Texas

    Thanks for the heads-up. A positive reminder for a positive frame of mind! Great Hub! Best, Sis

  • Papa Sez profile image

    Papa Sez 

    8 years ago from The Philippines to Canada

    "Modifying your way of thinking for the goal of making the world a better place is commendable, but it would be even better if you did it to make yourself a better inhabitant."

    Hi elayne, I thank you for reminding me about the power of positive thinking. My favorite is your last paragraph that I think captures a more desirable goal or attitude in life...and you saved the best for last.:)

    Great hub!

    Regards, Papa Sez

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I appreciate your comments prettydarkhorse. Yes, letting go of grudges is very hard, but we only hurt ourselves. Think positive thoughts. Aloha!

  • prettydarkhorse profile image


    8 years ago from US

    good advices, believe in yourself and I must admit for a long time I hated for somebody because of what he did to me, but then it hurts you more, its right, elayne,

    Thanks so much for this wonderful piece of inspirational hub, Maita

  • elayne001 profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Rocky Mountains

    I appreciate all of your positive feedback! I am striving to have a brighter outlook on things and I studied the subject quite a bit. It does help to say positive affirmations each and every time I find myself slipping back into the old routine of negative thinking. Stay positive.

  • LianaK profile image


    8 years ago

    Good thoughts to start the day! Thanks for the wonderful quotes and insights.

  • spiritactor profile image


    8 years ago from Los Angeles

    Nice use of opposites, Elayne-- good learning tools! Thank you for concise insights!

  • BkCreative profile image


    8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

    We do need these pep talks now and then - these reminders! Thanks a lot!

  • Micky Dee profile image

    Micky Dee 

    8 years ago

    Great hub- thanks.

  • breakfastpop profile image


    8 years ago

    Terrific hub with some very important information and sage advice. Thanks!

  • hublim profile image


    8 years ago from Scotland

    what a refreshing hub on positivity.

    thanks Elayne.

  • tonymac04 profile image

    Tony McGregor 

    8 years ago from South Africa

    Nice one, Elayne. Thanks for writing it.

    Love and peace (those are the positive thoughts I concentrate on most!)


  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 

    8 years ago from Sunny Florida

    Nice hub. Positive thoughts are good for you mentally but also physically. I have some health problems and I find if I stay in a positive frame of mind that I stay healthier. My trust in God is a steadying force that brings me joy. I try to focus on the positives and your videos are really good.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    8 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for a great hub which provoked a lot of thoughts.


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