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A Form Of Self Hypnosis

Updated on May 7, 2019

An Introduction

Hypnotism and hypnosis have a long history. One that has been practiced by the Shaman figure across many cultures throughout time. Franz Mesmer and Sigmund Freud are said to have practiced hypnosis and found some success in treating certain mental conditions. The practiced has also been labeled as "Mesmerism" and magnetic healing. These days it's most clinical use is among psychiatrists for psycho-analysis.

In short hypnotism is the guiding of the subject into a trance to access suggestive/selective thinking, among other things. Though it isn't strictly necessary for one to enter a trance to acheive a hypnotic result, it is very effective. In most people's minds hypnotism is performed on a willing participant (often for entertainment) to acheive a simple change in their mind. However it is very possible for one to hypnotize themself, given the proper training and aptitude.

The Process

In performing hypnosis there is a subject and the hypnotist. The willingness of the subject is absolutely paramount, as is his faith in the hypnotist. The subject is often asked to focus on certain objects while following the hypnotist's commands. Music, crystal balls, moving pendulums, or other shiny objects aid in taking the subject into a trance. On acheiving this state, the unconscious mind of the subject can be explored.

Candle Assisted Self Hypnosis

Sit cross-legged on the floor in a dark room (dawn and dusk are ideal times), set a lit candle about three fett away from you. Use a chair or stool to make the flame as level with your eyes as possible. And make sure you're comfortable, use a pillow under your legs if you need to. Adjust everything to minimize external sounds or drafts that might disrupt the flame.

Now look into the flame with a steady gaze. Do not blink your eyes, they will hurt, tears will fall, and your nose will run. When it becomes overwhelming close your eyes and massage them with your palm. This is an exercise where you may start with only 10 minutes before you completely tap out. That's expected. The skill you are trying to master here is the ability to sit calmly, focusing on the flame, and emptying your mind of errant thoughts.

Once the session ends wash your eyes with water and rub them gently with your palm. Now as your ability to gaze into the flame increases, you may witness different things. At first you will see colors, another day you may see a dark hole appearing in the middle of the flame. Take your mind into that hole, travel through it. After some more days you will see a white light. Travel through the light. As you continue practicing you will witness many other phenomena.

Once you feel you have mastered this exercise you may try to acheive this state without the candle. Simply close your eyes and concentrate on the spot between your eyes. Your pineal gland. You may also begin to see a blue light appear. Be aware and observe what happens with the light, these extrasensory experiences will differ greatly from person to person.

Seeing It Through

Your experiences with the candle will not be very substantial until you can look into the flame for at least 20 minutes without blinking. When you reach that point, you go into a trance and experience self-hypnosis. Then it will be time to move to hypnosis without the candle as mentioned above. This will take many months, even years. You must maintain a high degree of discipline and concentration every day to acheive this. If you want results more quickly, you can practice twice a day.

This state is incredibly powerful for relaxation. You can overcome stress and anxiety, and achieve a state of tranquility and bliss. You may become more grounded and mindful. More aware of your spiritual nature. It will keep you more balanced emotionally and it has helped many people overcome trauma and prior conditioning.

So give it try and let me know how it goes. Good luck!


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