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A Guide to Existential Nihilism. define nihilism moral nihilism definition

Updated on January 28, 2011

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I fear no man
I fear no god
I seek no heaven
I fear no hell
I have no heroes
I have no faith
I bow before no one
I am a Nihilist

What is Existential Nihilism?

Nihilism is Atheism with a stronger focus on the subject of morals and ethics. It reflects on the meaning of life and final purpose.

Moral: the principles of right and wrong, good and bad.

A Nihilist focuses on the following thought:
It is logically impossible to derive an ought from and is (value from fact).

For example:

It is kind to assist someone in need. Most people would say it is morally right to do so, and as a result they ought to do it.

A nihilist looks at this same statement and realises that assisting someone in need is not an ought, but an is. It is kind to assist someone in need, but that fact does not mean one ought to do do so.

Nihilists should not be considered Immoral

Nihilism is probably one of the most wrongfully abused trains of thought out there.

Nihilist are commonly described as being people with no morals, no values and a selfish immoral nature. This is due in part to how it is often defined: “someone without morals” which is easily misconstrued. What it means is: “Someone who believes morals are subjective and created by humans (not a deity). That morals are a societies opinion, derived from the opinions of its people.”

Morals are as important to a Nihilist as any other person. They simple believe there is no reason one ought to follow them, nor are there any Divine consequences involved.

The futility of Existence

Nihilists strongly advocate the futility of existence. They believe that in the long run, everything is meaningless. There is no single guiding hand to life and the only certainty is death. The universe is finite, as a result it doesn’t matter if all of space simply ceased to exist now because eventually it would anyway.

As a result of this, Nihilists are portrayed as very dark, depressive people. In reality, this is not true. Just because they are aware of the futility of everything, does not mean they want it to end.
They seek no higher power for justification. All they need is desire and willpower to reach their futile but desired goals during life.

Some may argue that a Nihilist finds their own meaning of life. Maybe in family, charity, hobby or military service.

Here are some comedy skits of how Nihilists are viewed by most people.
Although terribly exaggerated, they are funny none the less.

Nihilist Dating Skit

Nihilist Play School

I must point out, that this is not how most Nihilists behave. However, it does nail home the Nihilist view of futility.

I must also point out that their explanation of entropy is not exactly correct. The universe is expanding, not shrinking. But if you know anything about entropy, you will get the joke.


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    • Midianite profile image

      Midianite 6 years ago from Australia

      Nice Hub! As a nihilist myself , I believe this Hub clears up a few common misconceptions. ( You now have a new follower : )

      P.s I've seen those 'Nihilist Dating' videos before - pretty funny in a cynical way.