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A Paranormal Vision Confirmed: The Passing of Daisy the Dachshund

Updated on September 23, 2017
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Author was owned by a Dachshund for 13+ years and has studied the breed a great deal. Author has a website dedicated to Dachshunds.

Daisy during her younger years
Daisy during her younger years

This is a true story.

It was the latter part of the 1980s. I was back on the family farm in rural Ohio; Summer break from college had just begun. The weather was warm and wonderful. My best friend Andy was coming over to pick me up. We were going to his parents house as it was still his main home; where his old room was, his garage where we worked out, where we played basketball, etc. He was at that in-between stage of living at home and getting out on his own. We had been great friends since kindergarten and over the years, had practically lived with one another.

He soon pulled into our driveway in his red pickup truck. I sure was glad to see him cause being away at college, I didn’t get to see him as much anymore. He was glad to see me too though I quickly learned he was troubled. He had been recently living in his Aunt’s house as it was much closer to where he worked and last night, had had a really bad dream.

On the way to his parents house he told me about his nightmare. He had experienced a vivid dream about the family pet, Daisy. In his dream, Daisy had been run over and fatally injured at his family home. He awoke from his dream crying and sweating. He described his Mother on her knees over a dying Daisy. He said his Mom was screaming in his direction that Daisy had been run over, he described the anguished look on his Mother’s face, etc. He described the dream to me in great detail on the way to his parents’ house.

Daisy was the family’s beloved Dachshund. Daisy was a short haired, brown/tan, female Dachshund. As she grew older she became very fat; her belly dragged against the ground somewhat. At the time, she was 11-12 years old and also had visual problems. She was the most memorable and beloved pet they ever had. She was the primary pet Andy grew up with during his most formative years.

I have many great memories of Daisy as I practically lived at his parents’ house while growing up. We could sometimes hear Daisy approaching in the house by the sound of her feet on the carpet. She would sit on the couch with us while we watched movies. She would roll onto her back and we would rub her tummy. Dick, Andy’s Dad, would a few times say “sing Daisy, sing” and Daisy would start howling. She would get lost in grass that really wasn’t that high but would ultimately emerge. The grass must have seemed like a large forest to Daisy. She would chase and nip after moths and butterflies. She would snore quite loud and there was something endearing and heartwarming about it.

As we pulled into the family home, we turned around the side of the house to park. As we came into view, we immediately heard his mom screaming towards us “they’ve run over Daisy”. We saw his Mom, Joan, in the driveway close to the sidewalk which led to the entrance of the house. She was on her knees over a fallen Daisy and had a profoundly anguished look on her face. Andy’s Dad, Dick, was also there. Andy and I looked at one another in total disbelief. What we saw unfolding was EXACTLY how he had described his nightmare to me.

Joan had been out having fun with some of her lady friends. As they were dropping Joan off and saying goodbye, Daisy came waddling out to meet Joan. In her excitement to come out and be with Joan, Daisy accidentally got partially behind one of the tires of the car. Daisy was run over as the car backed to leave. Amazingly, the woman who was driving thought it was not such a big deal and drove away. Andy and I arrived just a minute or two later.

Daisy during her older years
Daisy during her older years

We both rushed to Daisy and Andy dropped to his knees over her. She was laying on her side and was not moving; it was clear she had suffered a terrible injury. Andy gently put his face down upon her and was talking to her; telling her how sorry he was and how much he loved her. I could tell she was comforted by having Andy there. Over the next few minutes, Daisy’s breathing grew more shallow and her eyes more glassy in appearance. Andy was able to caress and cry upon her as she died at the scene. It was so heartbreaking and we all were crying.

There were a few times in Andy’s life where he was “sensitive” in a paranormal kind of way. He had experienced a nightmare about Daisy’s death the night before and had described it to me in great detail. I was a witness to the sad, paranormal reality later that same day. Andy’s nightmare and the sad reality were an exact match.

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