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A Real Spooky Ghost Story

Updated on October 20, 2014

I've always had an interest in the strange and unusual. When I was in my teens and twenties I used to do quite a bit of ghost hunting, and during that time I experienced many strange and unusual things that not only led me to believe that there is life after death, but that there are other entities out there which either exist in other dimensions or with us in some way which we are usually incapable of perceiving.

The following story is one of my most profound experiences. I hope you enjoy it.

A cemetery very similar to my family cemetery in Union County, Pennsylvania.
A cemetery very similar to my family cemetery in Union County, Pennsylvania. | Source

The Invite

At the time I was living with my fiancée: a beautiful brunette with soft dark eyes and olive skin. We had just moved into a nice, remodeled two-story house near the edge of town that had been built near the early part of the century.

It was a typical Friday night in late summer and we were looking for something to do. It was too late to find any adventure at the local bar, and our money was kind of tight anyway, so we began discussing alternative plans. The weather was fair with a partially overcast sky that created a somewhat eerie atmosphere, and the gas tank was full, so we settled on the idea of heading out on another one of our ghost hunting adventures.

I had always been against the idea of investigating one cemetery in particular because it was where most of my ancestors had been buried. My great great great great grandfather had been one of the original settlers in the area during the middle of the eighteenth century, and the family had owned and operated that graveyard for nearly two centuries.

Most of our prior investigations had turned up rather dull results and my enthusiasm for paranormal investigation was starting to wane, so I suggested that if we were going to capture any notable phenomenon, perhaps I should wave my personal feelings and allow an investigation to take place in the cemetery where multiple generations of my family had been buried. My theory was that if any concrete evidence for the afterlife was obtainable I was most likely to find that evidence in a place where I was intimately linked with many of the physically deceased.

After a lengthy discussion, we decided that we would attempt an investigation at my family's old cemetery, so we hopped into my fiancee's Chevy Laser and we drove out into the dark countryside in the hopes that we might capture some ghosts with our camera, or perhaps obtain some electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).

When we arrived at the secluded burial ground we parked the car near the back of the cemetery, and we got out and began walking around. It was dark and the air still had that eerie feeling to it, but it wasn't so dark that we could not see without the aid of a flashlight. We began walking around, snapping a few pictures wherever it seemed we should, and then got out the micro-cassette recorder.

My fiancée Kim, turned the recorder on and we began asking the usual questions.

"Is anyone here? Would anyone like to talk to us?" she asked with sincerity.

"Yeah. Does anyone want to talk?" I followed.

After about a minute, Kim reformed her question and delivered it in a more forceful manner: "Is there anyone who has something they would like to say?"

We stood for several minutes in an awkward silence before I broke the stillness of the night by shuffling my feet across the stone pathway toward the grave-site of my great grandparents. A flash from the camera lit up the night sky as I stood staring at their memorial stones. I remained there for a minute or two and debated trying to ask one of my great grandparents a direct question, but I decided against it and slowly wandered away.

Once I reached the stone pathway and I had moved back within range of the voice recorder, I once again broke the silence with a statement designed to attract the attention of any lingering family spirits:

"This was once a cemetery owned by my family. Most of you who have been buried here are my ancestors. I am blood! If anyone is here and wants to talk or make an appearance, now may be the best time for you to do so. We mean no disrespect and we are only here to investigate." I then began rattling off my family genealogy while pointing to the grave-marker of each family member before once again falling silent.

We spent another fifteen minutes or so fumbling about, snapping pictures, and asking a couple more questions. After about forty-five minutes or so it seemed as though our investigation was going nowhere, so we decided upon packing it in and heading back home to see what we might have managed to capture on the camera or the voice recorded.

When we were walking up the stone pathway on our way back to the car, I suddenly tripped and nearly fell on my face. I recovered before falling, stopped and looked around for something that I might have tripped over, knowing that it wasn't my own feet, but there was no obstacle to be found. After a few seconds, I shook it off and we continued on our way back to the car.

Once we got to the car Kim made one last attempt to obtain a response with the voice recorder, and I followed suit by opening the car door, flipping up the passenger seat and jokingly saying, "Would anyone like to go with?" while gesturing to the back seat. Needless to say, Kim did not find that act very funny, and looking back, I would have to agree.

In any event, we got into the car, started it up, and proceeded to head back home. We couldn't wait to see what information we might have obtained, so along the way I studied the photos looking for any strange anomalies. We didn't capture anything more than the usual orb on camera, and I never considered such phenomenon to have any significance, so the photos proved to be rather uneventful.

Kim then suggested that we give the voice recorder a listen since she was driving and could participate in that, and I heartily agreed with her. I pushed "play" on the voice recorder and we began listening intently for any messages we might have captured from beyond the grave. By the time we had arrived in our driveway, we listened through nearly forty-five minutes of fruitless recording, and both of us were starting to feel like the entire night had been a huge dud. Kim turned the car off and we sat for a few minutes hoping to hear something of significance before the recording ended.

After about a minute the audio recording reached the part where I tripped over thin air and we both caught a faint whisper that immediately proceeded the craftily executed recovery that I had made to prevent myself from falling. We quickly rewound the tape and moved in closely to listen.

"Stop that! Knock it off right now!" a voice clearly scorned.

Both of our jaws fell agape, and we rewound it again to make certain we heard what we thought we had just heard. To our delight the tape once again repeated the words in excellent clarity. We discussed the phenomenon for a moment and ultimately concluded that it sounded like a mother scorning a young child. It would appear that I had been the victim of the mischievous ghost of a young child, and had actually been physically affected by the actions of a spirit from beyond the grave. I had been tripped by a ghost! Our excitement was quite high and we eagerly decided to see if there was any additional phenomenon to follow, so we continued playing the recording.

The next voice to appear on the recorder was that of Kim making her final plea for a spirit to leave us a message. Her plea was immediately followed by the sound of me opening the car door, flipping up the seat, and offering to take any ghostly passengers along with us.

"Would anyone like to go with?" the audio faithfully reiterated in the sound of my voice.

"Yes!" a deep, almost evil voice echoed back.

Upon hearing the voice on the recorder, we both slowly swung our heads to the backseat and immediately proceeded to exit the vehicle in a terrorized frenzy.

"Was that you joking around?" Kim asked in anguish.

"You were holding the recorder," I excitedly replied.

"Oh god! What have you done? What the hell were you thinking?" she countered.

"It was just a joke," I responded. "I didn't think anything would actually listen to me!"

"Well something did!" she scorned. "It's your family, so you deal with it."

"How do you know it's my family?" I asked.

She paused for a moment and said, "That's a good point. You jerk! What in the hell have you done?"

I chuckled a little, but she didn't seem to share my amusement, so I quickly formulated a plan sure to satisfy her and leave me off the hook. I decided to invite it to get out of her car. I flipped up the seat and asked the ghostly passenger to step out. Then I flipped the seat back and shut the door.

"Problem solved," I said while brushing my hands together. I knew full well it didn't actually solve anything, but at least I was making some sort of effort. How could she argue against my solution when she didn't have any clue what to do either?

We both walked into the house, listened to the tape a few more times to make sure we weren't hearing things, and then tried to put the whole episode behind us. It was just what appeared to be a voice on a tape, we thought, so why get all worked up about it? We got our thrill for the night, and as far as we were concerned our mission was a success.

How to Get Your House Haunted and Other Stupid Mistakes

As is typical for twenty-somethings who are awake in the early morning hours, we had managed to work up an appetite. Kim decided to whip up something for us to eat, and I decided it would be the perfect time for me to grab a quick shower.

I headed upstairs and locked the bathroom door behind me as I always do. I then immediately undressed and hopped into the shower in an effort to get in and out of the shower and back downstairs before whatever it was that Kim was cooking had gotten cold.

I had just put shampoo in my hair and was at the moment of greatest vulnerability when all of the sudden I heard the blow dryer turn on. Fear overtook me and I hurriedly washed any shampoo away from my eyes, opened them, and shut the shower off. I knew the door was locked and I was in full blown panic that some evil spirit was going to electrocute me in the shower, so I jumped out of the shower and unplugged the running blow dryer. I then flung a towel around my waist and headed downstairs to tell my fiancée about what had just happened.

I began screaming my story across the house before Kim was even anywhere in sight, but as I was rounding the corner into the kitchen my words were quickly hushed by Kim's insistence. There Kim stood in the middle of the kitchen. She was staring at a broom that was leaning away from the base of the wall at a forty-five degree angle – the handle of the broom was literally hovering in midair!

I ran over to the broom just to make sure she wasn't messing with me and carefully inspected it and her. After I was satisfied that she wasn't messing with me, I began to relay my story to her. As I was telling my story the broom once again began to lean away from the wall. Nearly immediately after the broom began to lean it started to levitate and floated a good three feet straight off the ground. Then all of the sudden the lid on the coffee maker suddenly rose up and slammed back down.

Now, I don't care who you are...when electronics start turning on by themselves, things start levitating, and objects start getting slammed about by some unknown force your stress level is going to go through the roof, and that is exactly what happened to us. We both started freaking out!

All sorts of things began slamming and flying about, and we both started screaming for it all to stop. I began frantically pacing back and forth between Kim and the door, trying to figure out what to do, and Kim was practically bawling. The commotion continued for several very stressful minutes.

It was no sooner than I had managed to scream that, "I can't take it anymore," that suddenly the broom dropped to the floor and everything ceased. A brief moment of quiet overtook the both of us, and we quickly drew a sigh of relief. This was clearly a situation that neither of us had been prepared for, and we certainly did not think anything of this magnitude would have ever happened to us.

I was still pacing back and forth, but I was starting to calm down. I had just walked over toward the backdoor when at that moment the door suddenly swung open on its own. I must have jumped straight through to the attic! That was the final straw, and both of us darted out the front door.

So there I was, standing on the street out front of my house at 2 o'clock in the morning wearing nothing but a towel, and it was all because I decided to make a stupid comment in an effort to amuse myself. I then realized that I was standing in the street, in the middle of the night, wearing practically nothing, with a very beautiful, yet frantic woman, who was screaming at the top of her lungs. I immediately envisioned legions of police cars and tasers descending upon me without mercy, and I soon bolted back into the house to take my chances with the devil. Thankfully, no police ever showed up and eventually Kim calmed down enough to re-enter the house.

After about an hour had passed and nothing out of the ordinary occurred, Kim decided she was going to get a shower with the stipulation that she leave the door open and I remain somewhere nearby. She even threw the blow dryer out of the bathroom before getting in the shower!

Being the loyal guy that I am, I wandered away into the kitchen to finally get that snack I had been anticipating, and it was at that moment that Kim let out a deafening scream. I dashed up the stairs and found her standing in the shower screaming with the shower curtain lying on the floor. It seemed that something had pulled down the shower curtain while I had wandered off.

I waited around until she finished up in the shower and we went downstairs to discuss our unruly guest. We decided that we weren't about to let this thing chase us out of our own home, so we waited until sunrise to see if anything else was going to occur and eventually managed to drift off to sleep in the living room.

The next day we awoke and everything seemed normal. We debated looking for some sort of help, but we never had any other major episodes like that happen again. A few minor events did occur during the rest of the time we lived in that home, but nothing that was disturbing enough to cause us any major panic. In fact, the only other event which really caused any sort of excitement was when what appeared to be the ghost of a cat rubbed up against the two of us and two of our house guests one night while we were playing billiards in the game room.

Needless to say, I learned my lesson and I never joked around during a ghost hunting adventure again, and I wouldn't recommend you do either. You never know what sort of spirits you might encounter.

As far as the entity that followed us home, I do not believe it was family and I'm not so certain it was even a human spirit. I've come across quite a few strange things in my life, and I am fully convinced that there are other entities out there which are able to not only communicate with us but also have physical contact with us. I would suggest that you keep that in mind if you ever find yourself dealing with unknown intelligences.

Have You Ever Had Contact With A Ghost Or Spiritual Entity?

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