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Paranormal Events: A Strange New Phenomena - A Strange New World?

Updated on November 27, 2012

My 'Alien' Experience (2008)

My alien experience of 2008 is something which I have already published here at Hubpages, so I won't go into full detail in this write-up. Since this event occurred in the summer of 2008 my perception has been opening up to a whole new world.

Basically, I was walking throughout our local town with my parents and brother. It was a sunny day and there were quite a lot of people around. I had noticed someone with an unusually large pair of eyes walking amongst the crowd coming towards us, in the corner of my eye.

Eventually, we crossed over the road (to the opposite side that this person was on) so I had to glimpse back to find out if my had eyes had deceived me... they hadn't! Sure enough, there was an odd looking man with eyes at least twice the size of any human being I had seen before. I attempted to subtly point him out to my father but upon making the impulse to move my arm to nudge him the man with the huge eyes turned at looked directly at me. My arm suddenly stopped moving. Despite trying my hardest, my arm would just not move and I was unable to go ahead and give my father a nudge. It was as though I had been hypnotized.

As this person with huge eyes got closer and came into full view it became apparent that there were several other strange anomalies about his anatomy. He had little or no hair, his skin was very pale with a subtle blue-grey tint but what really made him different was the incredibly pointy edges at the top of his outer eyes. It gave him an oriental appearance but so much so he looked even more oriental than any other oriental person I have ever seen.

Given the fact that this being noticed me looking at him in the corner of his eye from across the street, just as I had spotted him, and managed to somehow prevent me from continuing with my intentions despite trying my hardest plus the fact that he had such large oriental looking eyes and an odd pale skin tone I can only come to the conclusion that this person was a visitor who came from somewhere off-world.

It was this experience which resulted in me carrying out more research into the alleged extraterrestrial phenomena and after many years of studying the documents and reading through all the information out there, it does appear that the 'aliens' have the exact oriental mongoloid appearance that I witnessed. This is actually the rarest human lineage known to man and therefore the 'aliens' are probably more human than alien (and related to us). My previous impressions of aliens (which I didn't believe) was of the small grey usually associated with Roswell. However, this incident sparked my interest in the subject and I had started thinking that if there really is some truth to the Roswell incident this may have been what the aliens looked like and as it turns out it looks like my instincts were right.

Many of you (my readers) know that I have been experiencing increasingly paranormal activity, some of which I have already written about. Some of you have encouraged me to keep documenting my experiences and some of you have suggested maybe publishing a log of these paranormal activities here at Hubpages or, at least, see if I can find some kind of pattern.

Since publishing my last hub on this subject (Preparing For Ascension: More Paranormal Experiences) I have been experiencing a lot more phenomena which I have not yet explained and I also have many memories of incidents which happened in the past. Here I will document these experiences in the order that they occurred, maybe some readers will be able to point out a pattern, maybe I will notice a pattern myself upon reviewing the material, maybe it will remain a mystery. Who knows?

Some of these experiences also relate to other members of my family, as you will discover. I have described these events in the order that they occurred.

The Haunted House (late 1970's / early 1980's)

Before I was born my parents and sister, who was just a baby at the time, lived in a house which is still very local to me. Whilst living at this house my parents, and even my grandmother, claimed that they experienced some very odd and, at times, very scary phenomena. My father has pointed out the actual house out to me many times. I would also like to state at this point that my father has always been a critical thinker, he is not fooled or deceived easily and has been a successful and very intelligent businessman as long as I can remember.

There are two extremely profound experiences that occurred at this residence, one to my mother and one to my grandmother. It was in this house that a certain mysterious power seemed to gradually take over and possess my mother until she was fuming and furious with an inexplicable rage that caused her to launch my baby sister, just months old at the time, across the room as though she literally was just a rugby ball in play in the middle of a violent rugby game.

My mother still has no idea to this day what happened or why it happened, all she knows is that something took control over her. Her actions felt as though they were not her own. My father found the incident quite disturbing and for many years attributed the experience to being possessed by the devil. My parents are not particularly religious people but they do retain an open mind on many subjects including religion, ghosts, alien abductions and paranormal experiences and events. I expect that this openness is a result of their experiences.

As already mentioned, it was not only my parents who had weird experiences whilst living at this house. My grandmother swore for the rest of her time on this planet that on one occasion she had been launched through a window, which resulted in her having to have 57 stitches in her arm. I do not currently know which room of the house this happend in but she always swore that she did not fall, she was pushed - she felt somebody push her yet there was no-one there! I saw her scar and the wound resulting in such a scar must have been quite brutal.

In addition, my uncle had asked my father on one occasion "What on Earth is going on upstairs, who's up there?" in reponse to extremely loud banging which was clearly irritating him. My father had gone upstairs several times to investigate only to find that there was nothing there. When he came back down the banging would start again. They described it as being like there was somebody of hefty weight upstairs purposely stamping on the floor with great force. Eventually, my uncle had lost his temper and stood up boldly stating "This is ridiculous" and started shouting up the stairs "You'd better shut up". When the banging got worse he started freaking out, grabbed a baseball bat and ran up the stairs to sort out the noise once and for all. When he realized that there genuinely was nothing there he started to get spooked out and left. He never stepped foot in the house again.

Eventually my parents managed to sell the house and many of the people and families that went on to live there reported similar phenomena. It was unbelievable. There are even rumors that an exorcism took place at the house. Even more unbelievably, the house is now owned by the church and nobody lives there (although a vicar did reside there for a while).

Dad's UFO Sighting (mid-1980's)

Although only a minor incident in relation to the above information, I remember when I was a young child and we were going on a trip. We were traveling along the motorway presumably at about 60 or 70 miles per hour when my father looked across to the right then, startled, said "Oh my God, did you see that?". I replied "No, what?". He said that he'd seen a triangular UFO come swooping down near to the ground into the field that ran alongside the motorway then suddenly shot away at inexplicably high speed. He couldn't believe his eyes and turned to my mother and said "Did you see it?" to which she replied "Yes, I did". My mother didn't seem at all bothered by the incident. My father still doesn't know to the day what the object was but has speculated that we may have been passing an Air Force base where some kind of stealth technology or experimental aircraft were being tested. However, he remains adamant that the speed of this aircraft was beyond our scientific understanding.

Working In Wiltshire (2001)

In 2001 I had started working in Swindon, Wiltshire. I didn't know at the time that Wiltshire was a hotspot for UFO and crop circle activity (and wasn't interested). I was working night shifts with a bunch of strangers from various parts of the country who I didn't know. The breaks were quite generous and we would have an hour break in the middle of night. On one of my breaks I got a bit restless so decided to have a walk around, there wasn't much there. Lots of fields and just a few pubs nearer to the urban areas of Swindon.

I had wandered up a lane leading to a public footpath which led into a field. It was very dark and I decided to go no further. I sat down to finish smoking my cigarette and as I did a small creature jumped out of the bushes beside me as though I had scared it. The creature galloped across the field at fast pace with it's bulbous head bobbing up and down in the very little moonlight that was illuminating the night. Whatever it was, it looked a silvery-grey color and had a pear-shaped bulbous head on a much more spindly body, it looked out of proportion.

I have wondered many times about this creature and usually I would just assume that it must have been some animal which I had startled. However, I have never been able to work out why this 'animal' was so out of proportion. The creature also appeared to be humanoid although the galloping gave the impression (or possibly illusion) that the being was an Earthly animal. At the time I was most certainly not willing to accept the possibility of this entity being an extraterrestrial being. However, due to my more recent experiences I have had to rethink the matter.

Flying Toys (2005)

After 2001 I had met my (now ex) fiancee and had children. We had been living as a family for several years and in 2005 my fiancee went away for just under a week on a family trip. I was extremely busy at the time and we had arranged for other family members to look after our children for the entire period we were away.

On one of the nights that my fiancee was away, I was sat up until the early hours of the morning on the computer. At about 3.20AM and without warning, the children's toys that we had piled up in the corner suddenly lifted themselves into the air and literally threw themselves all the way across the 21-ft room! This happened very quickly and suddenly and startled me. My first reaction was that it was a very weird experience indeed. However, I didn't believe in ghosts or in anything paranormal at that time. I told myself that there must be a reasonable explanation, maybe springs inside one of the toys which were under pressure from the heavier toys piled on top or something to that effect (which now just seems ridiculous).

Coincidentally, I had noticed that since moving into the house I could often smell baking. I couldn't work out if this was the smell of bread or cakes or something else being baked but it was a very pleasant smell which actually caused a pleasant and comforting sensation. It made me feel warm inside. However, I would only smell this baking at around 3:20AM.

This is not what it looked like it in reality, but is how it looks on a photograph.
This is not what it looked like it in reality, but is how it looks on a photograph. | Source

UFO Sightings (2008 - Present)

Up until 2008 I had never seen a UFO and I didn't believe in them. However, ever since my 2008 alien experience I have seen many and they seem to become increasingly more common. I have now even managed to capture a few photographs and videos, some of which I have published. It has now got to the point where I regularly spot them in the corner of my eye, some of them disappear almost instantaneously whereas on rare occasions they may show themselves for a little longer.

I have had one particularly close-up experience of a UFO sighting right outside my house. This was an orange brightly glowing orb which had red flashing lights circling around it's perimeter. It was clearly some kind of technological aircraft. The above photograph is of a similar event which happened outside of my previous address after I had been made homeless.

Childhood Memories (early 1980's)

As strange as it may seem I have always had some very weird memories, ever since I was a young child. One of these memories is of being on what I can only describe as a futuristic spacecraft where I was placed in some kind of casket by a superior in order to be able to experience consciousness and emotion. I was told that I would not remember anything no matter how hard I tried. I convinced myself I would. The same thing was happening to another person also who taunted me telling me he would follow me around everywhere I went, he would sleep with every girlfriend or wife I ever had, he would manipulate me, rob from me, etc for an entire lifetime and there would not be anything I will be able to do about it. I find this memory quite strange considering what happened during my relationship with a covert narcissist.

There was also a time when I was a young child that I had apparently had a conversation with an owl, or at least I told my father I was talking to the owl. We woke the next day to find an owl frozen to death on the outside window sill. How often is it that an owl comes and sits looking into a child's bedroom window and stays sat there even though it's freezing to death?

Oddly enough, during about the same time period I somehow managed to gain some kind of comfort by knowing (I don't know how I know, only that I do) that there are what I referred to, at the time, as being 'Space Police' - craft that travel through space policing the universe. As stated, I don't know where this memory originates but I do remember getting a comforting warm feeling inside and visions of red and blue flashing lights on a flying saucer type of spacecraft.

Generally, these memories seem to be coming back to me very gradually in fragments.

The Three Red Dots (2010/2011)

I don't remember the exact date but I'm sure it was some time between 2010 and 2011 after I had already had a few experiences and had started looking into the alleged UFO/EBE phenomena. I had known about the alleged UFO and extraterrestrial presence on Earth many years ago and at the time there was very little evidence, I was convinced at that time that it was simply the perfect cover for developing space/nuclear weapons and aircraft whilst simultaneously throwing the general public off track. However, when I decided to look into the subject again I was overwhelmed how much evidence there was compared to decades ago when the entire subject was simply beyond public comprehension.

One night I was tired and went to bed early. Every time I started to drop off I kept seeing the face of what I can only describe as a human/alien hybrid just as I saw in my alien experience. I put this down to simply investigating so much into the subject and my mind absorbing the information. When I woke the next day I felt like I had a new lease of energy and I had a shower. As I was washing myself I kept feeling an itch in the same place on my body, just below my navel. When I looked down I saw three tiny red dots forming a perfectly triangular shape on my body. There does not feel like there is anything under my skin and these tiny wounds healed within about a week or so.

After this event I started to wonder about another extremely similar wound which has been on my right hand for the last few years which, for some reason, has never healed. Sometimes it itches but it's not painful and it doesn't feel like there's anything there but it has never healed and doesn't seem like it's going to (this is just one red dot). As far as I know I have never had any abduction experiences (unless I just can't remember them).

I have never seen a doctor or anyone of a similar profession about my experiences. In fact, I already have a good working knowledge of psychology and psychiatry including knowledge of parapsychology and parascience. As far as I am concerned these subjects most certainly do not explain these events. There are few psychologists out there who are also abductees.

Homeless & Visions (March 2012)

Approximately two weeks before I found new accommodation I had been cold, lonely and depressed and was walking the night streets. I cleared my mind of all thoughts and just wandered aimlessly through the night. As I did some strange revelations seemed to just appear from nowhere in my mind. The words "Don't worry, you'll end up living in a five bedroom house with Sky TV and WiFi which you will have all to yourself." As these words entered my mind so did an image of a very large bathroom with a posh handrail and a yellow towel folded over the handrail.

The words seemed ridiculousl and I kind of laughed it off in my mind. I was a single man that would have to rely on welfare benefits in order to pay my rent - there was no way that anybody was going to let me live in their posh five bedroom house on such a minimal amount of rent... fact!

Later a friend had contacted me to let me know that one of his family members had a room available in a shared house. I went to look at the room and didn't take much notice of the bathroom at the time. I moved in and was living there with another person. However, after two months this person moved out and I am now (still) living in the house alone. Technically, it's still shared accommodation because someone could move in at any time but for now I have the entire house to myself and access to every room. And sure enough, even though I didn't have it when I first moved in, there is now a yellow towel folded over the posh handrail, which does exist, in my bathroom! The house also has Sky TV and WiFi!

I still have no idea where these revelations came from and have speculated about maybe some kind of increase in awareness (ascension?). More recently I have also wondered if maybe this was some kind of telepathic communication.

The Being In The Park (March/April 2012)

I have also previously published the story of the being in the park in my article entitled 'Preparing For Ascension' (link provided above) so I won't go into too much detail here. Basically, I had witnessed a very strange entity in my local park which appeared to be zooming around erratically in circles. This experience did freak me out quite a lot, it gave me shivers down my spine and I got out of there as quick as I could.

The next day I had gone to visit my ten year old daughter who informed me that her cousin had recorded a video of a ghost in the park on his mobile phone! I told her that whatever it was I had seen it on my way home the previous night and I have been trying to get my hands on the video ever since.

I still don't know what it was but it was strange. I don't think a human being would have been capable of moving at such speed and circling like that, it would leastways make them very dizzy. The behaviour was also erratic, when I say circles the circle would be interrupted whilst the being would shift to a different direction suddenly.

The Shadow People Of The Night (July 2012)

Ever since the beginning of July, on my travels during the night, I have noticed small shadowy figures zooming about. They almost look like bats... but they are not bats! I've seen the odd bat here and there also. They only seem to be out at night and they are very similar in shape to Casper the ghost. They do not have arms, hands, legs or feet and almost seem like lost souls floating through the night air at high speed (they are faster than bats).

When I first noticed this phenomena I thought they were bats but as time has gone on it has become evident they are transparent ghost-shaped entities that look like they've got a head (no eyes, nose, mouth or ears though). I have decided to call them the shadow people of the night.



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    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      There was a lot of very strange things going on towards the end of 2012. I haven't experienced anything unusual in 2013 yet (so far) though.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Lol. I know loud noises in the sky at 3am sounds odd...but I was so confused I didn't know what else to do to try find out what it was....I just googled something with the relative words and got back some interesting stuff. Look it up yourself...there was stuff from all over the world. I agree thst we won't be told what this is about just yet anyway.

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for clearing that up! Strange noises in the sky at 3am? That does sound weird! There seems to be a lot of very strange things going on lately, not that anyone is going to tell us what's happening.

    • Fififromdublin profile image


      7 years ago from Portsmouth

      Hi I am actually fiona. .I hate when they wont let u use ur own name ..but they said my own Facebook name ..fiona cahill..was in use already I resorted to fififomdublin as something I probably wont forget. . :-/ ..I enjoy your writing and find it very interesting , as Ive always had a big love of the paranormal, due to a family history of sensitivity and outright mediumship in one case. I grew up with visitations and paranormal happenings as part of everyday life. I myself am a sensitive and I sm very intuitive ...I agree that the past year has definitely felt like a time of different vibration. I have felt and heard some sonarlike sounds ,and a vibratory force coming from the sky at times in the past few has woken me up its been so loud. Iv written in response too, to a paranormal forum which I found when I googled about loud noises in sky at 3am...there was an account just like mine as I was actually experiencing it so was this other person in Scotland! The other end of the country from me...I was telling myself its from the many bases sround me here in Portsmouth, thinking of planes or radar technology. .?? I didn't know. .still dont...but im suspecting its to do with this HAARP radar technology theyre playing with. I just know that something is happening ..

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for the comment Fififromdublin,

      I'm so glad that somebody else has seen these. I know that a lot of people all around the globe are reporting on seeing shadow people and I saw a couple of them myself last week. However, the shadow people seem to be very different from these dark figures that fly through the night air, they are definitely not the same thing. A lot of people also seem to be reporting seeing many orbs lately too.

      I'm interested in your username. I actually know someone called Fifi who is from Dublin, or at least I did many years ago, and I'm now wondering if you are that very person! Your real name isn't Kerry by any chance is it? (feel free to ignore that question if you don't feel comfortable posting your real name).

    • Fififromdublin profile image


      7 years ago from Portsmouth

      I am amazed at that last bit as I just started seeing these black flying things I had said must be jet bats. ..I take my dogs out often through the night as I live in a flat with no garden , am unemployed and read through the night a lot..anyway I noticed a few times lately these dark shapes flying quickly ..I live in portsmouth on the south coast and thesee shapes I thought must be seabirds disturbed they flew too fast for bats and in unbatlike fashion. I don't know if it's the same thing tho as I can see they look dark not transparent, and high up too so I can't make out details. .but I don't know of any local nightflying birds and I have been wondering what that odd to just read your account now.

    • sparkster profile imageAUTHOR

      Marc Hubs 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks, there was a time not so long ago when I believed that all paranormal experiences could be explained in logical ways but as time goes on there are many unexplained mysteries out there which still have no explanation.

    • Gamerelated profile image


      8 years ago from California

      This is a fascinating Hub. Good work again. I think that it's great that you write about the paranormal. I haven't always been interested in this since I was a child and I don't know why.


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