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A Test of Faith Leads to Financial Blessings

Updated on June 3, 2014

A few weeks ago, my cousin went grocery shopping and discovered that the cashier gave her back the wrong amount of change. She was over paid by $50 - she should have received around $5.

For some people, this may have seemed like a blessing. How often does a cashier give away $50 worth of cash?

Instead of keeping the extra money, she decided to immediately return the money back to the store. The store manager was amazed that she returned the extra cash. She could have easily kept the extra money, especially since she needed a financial blessing on that particular day.

Just as my cousin was preparing to leave the store, a minister who was also standing online approached her and said, “Because you returned the money that didn't belong to you, what you have been praying to God for has just been answered.”

The minister's comment was a great encouragement to her.

As you can imagine, my cousin received a lot of heat from friends and family. Many people admitted that they would have kept the money. It their eyes, the cashier’s mistake would have been their gain.

If you received a few extra dollars back from a store clerk would you return the money or keep it?It’s easy to say, “I would definitely return it”. However, In the heat of the moment, it can be very tempting to hold onto something that doesn't belong to you.

When you keep your eyes to the Lord, it makes it a lot easier to pass the test. It feels good to know that when you pass with flying colors, you’ll be given the ultimate blessing.

As a result of my cousin passing the test, she not only had peace of mind, God blessed her financially within a few days.

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    • profile image

      WomanFaith 3 years ago

      Give the money back!!! The cashier could have lost their job that day!!

    • profile image

      financial blessing 3 years ago

      Please pray God will answer my financial prayer

    • prayerpower profile image

      Prayer Power 3 years ago from Long Island, New York

      I am praying for you - that you will meet the right one.

    • profile image

      victoria 3 years ago

      I want you to pray for me to get marry this yes I need your prayer