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A demographic problem...part two

Updated on May 30, 2013

Updated May 2013

When I first wrote this article, 'jihad' was still a subject most folk knew nothing about, since then, most folk are beginning to wake up to what that word really means.

I live in a Muslim country, and therefore know that most Muslims are actually just like most Christians: Ordinary people trying to understand a religion, that for the majority they became members of by birth, and who engage in a token but respectful relationship with.

Likewise I recognise that there are some folk in both religions who are fanatics, though thankfully Christians no longer seek to convert others by force, or kill those they consider heretics to their beliefs.

I can still see that Islam is a deception, that the Islamic god is a different god from the God of the bible, and anybody who studies all three 'monotheistic' religions will see that the Quran has a different author than the Torah or New Testament.

Part one of this hub has been confusing to some folk, so let's start with the 'disclaimers ' first in this section.

I determine that Islam is a false religion.

The Islamic god has a resemblance to the God of the bible, indeed he has taken those elements that are required to make him appear almost equal to God.

This has always been Satans aim.

Had I read the Quran before knowing Christ, when I first started seeking the truth, then it's possible that I may have become a Muslim, for it reads very well, and Islam answers many if not most of the needs I had for securing a faith to believe in.

It has a good social scheme for taking care of those less fortunate, it's moral code is based (but not the same ) as the bible, and it brings order to lives led in chaos.

Islam promises a reconcilliation with it's god, and indeed it will give it's adherents a positive relationship with it's god.

He's just not the same god as the bible.

If one reads the Jewish books and the Christian books, there are many proofs that we are dealing with the same personality, however if you have studied both of these books, and then read the Quran, it becomes apparent that the Quran was written by different hands.

Enough disclaimer, onward with the hub.

So we have a situation where in less than 50 years we can expect to see an Islamic state coming into force in Europe, and indeed America in due course.

We have seen that this would mean substantial changes, if allowed to happen.

But how could we resist this?

One way would be to take a big step of non politically correct opposition to multiculturalism, by simply stopping further Islamic immigration.

This would slow things down a bit, but not enough to solve the 'problem '.

Going further a radical government could start 'encouraging ' repatriation to their 'own lands '... and by that I refer to any Islamic state that they were born into.

European or American born Muslims would be faced with accepting that in order to stay in a Christian country, they would need to accept the same rules that Islam enforced on Christians living in Islamic countries, with the exception that we would not stone them to death if they chose to accept Christ, any more than we would wish to kill any Christian who converted to Islam.

We just don't stone people to death who we disagree with.

The 'luvvies ' would hate to face this dilemma, but they will need to, for the tsunami of Islamic birth is coming sooner than they would imagine, and it will sweep them away with everything else.

I don't wish for you to think that I am in favour of this, I'm merely stating the obvious fact that unless we do SOMETHING about this, we will be washed away.

Of course we are in a cleft stick, for our New World Order masters have been so intent that we should be subjected to 'multiculturalism ' and 'diversity ' that they could not reverse that endeavour now, even if they wanted to.

So the very social engineering they put in place in order to subvert the free thinking individual and independent sovereign states of the western world, and allow their New World Order to rule, will bite them on the bum because they have not accounted for the fact that fundamentalist Islam would rise up to subjugate the whole world to their god, Allah.

Now obviously I say they have not allowed for this, but we can see from recent history that they have calculated that by occupying and ruling the Islamic homelands, they could turn those mad mullahs into democratically elected mad mullahs, with a penchant for power and money that would keep them in line with western 'democratic ideals '.

Everything looked to be progressing fine until some former (possibly also not former ) Arab C.I.A. employee upstart revolutionary decided to put his oil money (and a whole lot of other Arabs oil money ) into the overthrow of the 'corrupt government of the great Satan '.

Enter 9/11 which may or may not have been an inside job, but anyway was planned and condoned by the New World Order bosses no matter who did it.

Hey Presto! , instant war, instant reason for regime change.

So the powers that be seem to have decided that a war against Islam is acceptable....

Provided we don't admit that it is against Islam, as long as we can get away with calling it a war against terror, and not against the teachings of the Quran, we can stop alerting our populaces that this war is a whole mite bigger than they thought.

Besides war against a religion means it's a holy war, and we do NOT wish to admit that we may be fighting in the name of Christ, not because they would worry that it would smell of the crusades and past efforts to destroy Islam, but because it would admit that God may have an opinion and policy position on this, and all current thinking is to deny and denigrate God and His son Christ.

So calling a war in His name would be just too embarrassing, especially as many 'Christians ' would probably want to pursue it all the ways to the gates of Jerusalem.

They would be in error of course, for Christ does not fight with a sword, and our battle is not against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers in the heavens.

The video below, whilst tongue in cheek, does highlight how many see the issue...

What are the numbers?

I'm able to provide some statistics for Europe (and for our American 'cousins' most of these countries are actually in the European Union now, or have applied for membership) and you can see that they make interesting reading.

Particularly intersting is that the video listed some countries that are actually NOT in the EU, and these have distorted the figures marginally, also interesting is that in checking my facts, the CIA Factbook on countries differs from the videos statistics.

One sees that the video statistics, which were gleaned from American/British state department figures, sources that conflict with CIA figures.


Now in itself a 7% Muslim population is not scary, however remember that in Europe, as in the USA there is free movement between any state, so once someone is in Europe, they can relocate anywhere.

What is scaring is the relative birth rates.

A quick (but preferably thorough) look at the chart below will show you some interesting things.

The 'replacement' rate for we humans is 2.1% i.e. one for each parent and .1% to allow for childhood deaths overall.

Any country that drops below that birth rate will automatically cease to exist in 50 years, as a people, tribal, social group. The sovereignty will stop, and whoever is brought in to service the dying population will succeed them as the 'owners' of that country or state.

There is a line drawn in the graphic below (based upon CIA World fact book data) showing where the shift from increasing populace changed to decreasing poplulace.

See where your birthplace is standing.

Then when you have absorbed the chart, take a look below to see where we are going, and how we are getting there.

The simple fact is that generally speaking the northern hemisphere 'developed ' nations are not breeding enough progeny to replace themselves, and therefore will cease to exist in about 50 years time, when a world shift would occur which leaves them as a minority.

Unfortunately most of those who are decreasing population are also the Japheth nations which produce wealth, technology and maintain a secure world (albeit for their own advantage, not for any altruistic motive ).

We are seeing 'eugenics ' in action, as per the UN plan of 1964, endorsed by Henry Kissinger and promoted by very respectable people who operate in dark places, unseen and rarely exposed to the light of accountability.

Now if you are a 'white ' (japheth ) northern european, you may have smugly imagined that 'eugenics ' was a good way to keep all those 'other ' (Shem & Hamic ) races in control, you may have even thought that this was the plan, if you even thought about it at all.

But the reality is that our Illuminati / New World Order Globalization friends decided to start with the 'ruling elite ' of the northern hemisphere first, and have managed to stop those well educated, socially correct and aware folk up there breeding, by a mix of social engineering, psycho babble and promotion of radical birth control and abortion.

Throw in a good dose of 'get ahead in your career before you get 'ladened ' with a child', and add in liberal doses of 'new man ' thinking and 'feminism ' and HEY PRESTO - you suckers are dying out at a rapid rate, never to be replaced.

All the New World Order folk need is sufficient willingly (neutered ) slaves, (who they will let live relatively comfortably ) to push the buttons and work the levers of the world, and they can have their utopian dreams fulfilled.

You may even think you are part of the plan, even a key figure.

Forget it, these New World Order supremacists just kid you along to ensure you do their bidding, in reality they hold you in total contempt and would let you die rather than stop the limo to help you.

If you were on fire in the street, they'd send their chauffeur to pour gasoline on you.

So they have, so far successfully, managed to decrease the 'native ' populations your countries to a point where everyone wants a nice cushy office job and the only folk who will do menial tasks are those you import from abroad.

Checkmate .

But the 'eugenics' agenda does not stop there, for the plan is to also reduce the populations of the nations that serve no useful purpose (to the New World Order) by subtle and deceptive means, this may simply be famine, war, pestilence and disease, all of which the New World Order can control and produce at their whim.

My probable cause would be to envisage that they would spread a race specific virus, where the races to be decimated would be first infacted with a precursor virus, which can be activated when desired by a secondary viral infiltration.

A good way to get this precursor distributed would be to offer a free (but obligatory) vaccination to all children of the target societies, which incubated until the secondary virus was added to the mix, which could be achieved by airborne or water carriers.

Once released, the viral nature of the disease would spread rapidly.

I would imagine that the New World Order would make death quick, if not easy, as this would allow them to maintain a timetable and keep efficiency.

That sounds terrible doesn't it, and it would be fro those infected.

Coincidentally at this moment several 'philanthropists' are donating vast amounts of money to vaccination programs, ostensibly to save life and encourage the faster, larger breeding family nations to reduce their breeding capacity.

The theorum is that by showing these folk that more if not all of their progeny will survive childhood, they will realise that they need not produce as many children.

There is one simple flaw in this equation, that being that the production of children is a side effect of the profoundly virulent sexual nature of the target nations and races.

Fortunately God knew all about this before anybody even started the plot to control the world without God.... and yes there are some who think that's possible!

So we see in scripture Gods plan for these last days.

Now some of my fellow atheist hubbers will always accuse believers of looking forward to the end of the world, and I guess that to some extent is true, because the end game brings relief and advantage to believers, whereas everyone else faces a pretty dire time.

Actually a really bad time would be more correct.

But believers do not (or should not) relish the fact that the unbelieving world suffers as God draws this chapter to a close, we should be lamenting the fact that even given all the evidence to see that things are NOT going to improve in the world as a result of our humanitarian efforts, and that religion, far from being the cause of the problems, is actually the ONLY answer.

What's this got to do with demographics?

Well frankly the issue of demographics was just a ploy to actually make you aware that numerically most of the folk reading this, who do not have a relationship with God through Christ are in deep waters that they cannot hope to swim out of, that tsunami of world population will smash into you IF the Lord does not return first to save you.

For an unbeliever it's a poor choice, surrender to Christ or surrender to your fate, but that's the choice the world faces.

Best get into the Kingdom of God before the waves start breaking.

What do you think?

Is the above scenario possible or not?

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    • libby101a profile image


      10 years ago from KY

      I agree completely! Islam is in fact a false religion! It is going to play a serious role in the end of times! The only thing we christians can do is pray, praise God, speak the truth, and don't allow ourselves to be deceived!

      I believe the ball is already set in motion!

      Great hub! Thanks for the great read!!!

    • Disappearinghead profile image


      10 years ago from Wales, UK

      John, another insightful hub. I think you may be uncovering some of the real meanings in Revelation.

      We've all been taught to watch out for a revived European Roman Empire led by a blatant fascist or communist satanic religious leader, microchips in our heads, and a bunch of elite super rich Westerners pulling the strings. But whilst the church has been off dwelling in it's own fantasies of the end-times based on dubious interpretations of Revelation, our eyes have been off the ball with regards to Islam.

      In 50 years when Western countries have a 51% Islamic population that democratically elects a goverment that is Islamic, it will be too late. In many Islamic countries one cannot run a business unless one is a Muslem. Perhaps this is the meaning of not being able to buy or sell without the beast's mark - not that one cannot pop down the supermarket for a pint of milk without it, but that one cannot run a commercial enterprise unless one is a Muslim. And perhaps the mark is not a microchip or tatoo, but a letter from your local Imam validating your Islamic beliefs, the mark on the head signifying authority, and the mark on the hand signifying action. So a Satanic leader ruling the world - not obviously, but maybe an Islamic Caliphate ruled by some ayatola type. And what group likes to behead people? Hitler's Nazis or Islamic mullahs?

    • heavenbound5511 profile image


      10 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      Interesting hub! Yes islam is a dark religion & we need to keep prayer covered over them. I have also put a page together about radical Islam -From Ismael of God-Repent & Return-

      Thanks Aquasilver!

    • SheriSapp profile image


      10 years ago from West Virginia


      Thanks so much for that info, like I said, I am woefully ignorant about ANYTHING with Malaysia. Since I am a Spanish teacher, I know a decent amount about Spain, Mexico, and a little about some of the other Spanish speaking nations. As I am such a proud American sometimes my students note the irony of ME teaching Spanish. Hey, at least my field is in demand, so I have a bit of job security...LOL!!

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi SheriSapp,

      I live in Penang, which although still part of the Muslim state, is actually currently controlled by the Chinese Malaysians, who are either Buddhists or Christian in the main.

      Plus Malaysia has a policy of promoting 1 Malaysia, which it needs to do, as there are three varieties of native born Malaysians:

      Malay Malaysians, Chinese Malaysians and Indian Malaysians.

      The Malaysian Malaysians are mainly Muslim, the Chinese Malaysians are (as stated) mainly Buddhist or Christian, and the India Malaysians are primarily Hindus.

      The Malaysians run the country and the bureaucracy, the Chinese run the business and make the money, and the Indians do the work!

      As a 'white man' European, I am basically ignored and revered dependent upon circumstances... I can enter a private compound and the security will wave me through and call me 'Boss', but my Malaysian associate will be stopped by security and asked to produce identity docs, by his or her own countryman, purely because they are Malaysian.

      On the other hand if I were to have a traffic accident, no matter who was at fault, i would be required to pay damages to the Malaysian involved, and if I want a cell phone contract, I need to pay a 1000MR deposit, against a Malaysians 75MR deposit, so all men are certainly NOt equal in malaysia.

      But having said that it's a better place to live than Europe at this time, it's economy is booming, and generally the propaganda that 'we are all Malaysians' is working well, and peace and harmony does exist between all the differing nationality's that make Malaysia a fine place to live in.

      Wow, almost another hub!


    • SheriSapp profile image


      10 years ago from West Virginia

      From your profile, you say you live in Malaysia. That is a majority muslim country, or I am wrong? From what I know of islam, no matter the media spin, it is a brutal and violent system that advocates the murder of anyone who disagrees. You would think after the atrocities the Jews have suffered throughout history, that someone would finally realize that you just can't FORCE someone to believe in a God they don't want to. Funny how the Jews have survived and thrived, but some other groups are wallowing in their victim status and have no desire to relinquish it. Anyway, as a Christian living in a country with so many muslims, how IS your daily life? There is not sharia law there is there? I am sorry to be so ignorant, but you can help enlighten me, THANKS!!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This is covered by God in the end time when the magog get together to destroy Gods people but fire destroys them and re-population begins again for 1,000 yrs.

      There has always only been the saved and the unsaved in the eyes of God.

      Good conclusion aqua you nailed the situation squarely on the head of the carnal unsaved upright monkies LOL.

      I find it odd that these islam are always hiding their faces.. does their god like to sneak around? Clearly our god is an out in the open, in your face kinda god.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Brilliantly put together exegesis. The writing is on the wall.

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Nor me Dusty, nor me!

      Thanks for visiting, hope to meet you if you ever get down here!


    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 

      10 years ago from Arizona

      Hi John, some good food for thought, if you stand outside the gate. I doubt the families of the early part of the last century will ever come again, as in 12 brothers and sisters. The powers that be have engineered a society of two incomes and little time for a boarding house of children. Those ideals have been crafted to limit the population. It's a good hub on one of the many slow but sure methods of the one world government and it's intended end game. They think they are winning, to an extent they are, just not me. Dusty

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      It's a good plan! - I hope everyone will be watching and praying to be accounted worthy.... this will hopefully wake up some of those slumbering virgins!

      Thanks, keep on exploring!


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      10 years ago from Southern Illinois

      God will take care of this in his time. I refuse to spend any time worrying about something that is already ordained by God. My plan is to be ready, when God is ready.

      Love and Peace

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi Dave,

      Getting back to good old fashioned family values would be a good start in repopulating our nations, stopping all the social engineering that stops us doing this would be a start also.

      But I guess God has decided that time is short, and maybe that is why He has spared us the babes being born.... the bible tells us that being with child when the time comes will not be a good idea, and we may need to flee without even closing the door behind us, so I'll trust in God.

      It's the unbelievers that I feel sorry for, left behind when it all happens, facing the upcoming events without God, Christ or the Holy Spirit to restrain the Satanic hoards.

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 

      10 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      John: I have read what you have written. I understand what you are saying. Repatriation would be my remedy of choice. The problem is though hwo do you re-populate your country or my country or any other. Bodies are needed to keep the economy of any country afloat, bodies earning money and spending it in the country where they live. You showed the numbers and we are not re-populating ourselves so foreigners are required, ones willing to make babies. It's a vicious circle.

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      10 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Have you read any of Dr Sue Arrigo's stuff?

      No, but I'll seek her out!



    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 

      10 years ago from trailer in the country

      Dear Aquasilver...I believe you are right in all you have spiritual goal is to reach those who are part of the NWO because of no fault of their own (born into it) and be to them the ministry of reconciliation...due to reading whistleblowers stories, I realize that not all of them want to be evil...some want a way out. These could be awesome times as the slaves are set free. Have you read any of Dr Sue Arrigo's stuff?

    • vrajavala profile image


      10 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      I believe that Islam is a political system. Even 8if it were to be considered a "religion", it still calls for the violent overthrow of the USA, and that is sedition.

      All we have to do is look across the pond to see what has happened to appeasement in Europe. Hitler, and his friend and ally, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, would be proud.


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