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Are Ancient Religious Texts still pertinent in a Modern World?

Updated on June 19, 2017

Ancient texts

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ancient Vatadage (Buddhist Stupa)an ancient closed TalmudAncient Bible and Koranancient Egyptian writingsancient hand scripted Quranancient Hebrew textsancient Indian Textsancient Jewish writingancient Russian Bibleancient Torah scrolls
ancient Vatadage (Buddhist Stupa)
ancient Vatadage (Buddhist Stupa) | Source
an ancient closed Talmud
an ancient closed Talmud
Ancient Bible and Koran
Ancient Bible and Koran
ancient Egyptian writings
ancient Egyptian writings
ancient hand scripted Quran
ancient hand scripted Quran
ancient Hebrew texts
ancient Hebrew texts
ancient Indian Texts
ancient Indian Texts
ancient Jewish writing
ancient Jewish writing
ancient Russian Bible
ancient Russian Bible
ancient Torah scrolls
ancient Torah scrolls

Ancient texts in a modern world

Do we Follow The God of Violence & Wrath, or Peace and Love?

Living in the past is not living at all.

Modern times call for modern views and concepts.

God is ever evolving, and man is not.

We must stop living in the past and progress with dignity into the future.

We must ask ourselves: Do we belong to the past, the present, or to the future?

There is no controversy and no negating the fact that there is much wisdom in ancient texts. But as rational, reasonable, logical, enlightened, modern day minds, we know that much of it is, at the very least, superfluous and meant to frighten people into submission, humility, compliance and ultimately controllable.

So, what motivates people to still cling to antiquated and outdated beliefs and ideas?

A few examples of antiquated ideas:

  • the world is flat - if you go too far you will fall over the edge.
  • the stars and the sun rotate around the earth.
  • if man were meant to fly - he would have wings.

Religion versus Science

Since religion came before science, these ideas were created by men of their times, based on their limited knowledge, superstition, and fear of the unknown. Simply made up in some body's imagination.

We now know that all these things are not true. They have all been empirically proven by scientific methods that now replace those antiquated beliefs.

Now, let's look a little deeper into those antiquated religious beliefs. (a few examples):

  • man was created in one day.
  • woman was created from a rib of man.
  • Adam and Eve sinned by eating an apple - later revised to say: partook from the tree of life, or the tree of knowledge, or led astray by Satan appearing as a snake. Pick one that you like
  • it was against god's laws for a man to shave his beard.
  • It was a sin to eat meat on Friday.
  • it was a sin to eat the meat of animals with cloven hooves
  • it was a sin to eat shell fish
  • It was a sin to wear clothing made of more than one material.
  • it was a sin for man to sleep with another man.

All of these were discarded except the last one. Why?

For those of you who still believe that Moses actually parted the oceans; and received 10 commandments written on stone slabs; and conveniently destroyed them out of anger:

Take note that none of the above were included in the writings on those stone slabs, of which not even a few remnants were ever found.

So, what does all this mean?

Leave the past in the past

Basically, the premise for teaching illogical concepts to children, is that ancient beliefs should remain right where they belong - in the past. They are of some historic value, but only in the context of demonstrating the misguided beliefs of past civilizations.

Why then, are all those old beliefs discarded except the one regarding physical intimacy between consenting adults?.

Lets look at some "deductive reasoning".

Along with that [pertaining to any particular sexual premise], came the broader preaching that sex was evil in itself, and only to be done for procreation purposes.

How many times is the word "fornication" used in the holy texts as a sin against God? This term is only used for sexual activities between 'opposite sex' partners.

All well and good for the times, but we now know that, that too, is not true.

Sex is a pleasurable life experience. A true gift from the Creators to be enjoyed by all (consenting partners of course). It has many positive effects that are beneficial to the physical and mental well being of man (and woman). { sexual activity has been proven to lower blood pressure, eliminate stress, lower anxiety levels, stabilize mood disorders - just to name a few of those benefits that are medically sound}

And yet, we maintain that same sex intimacy is wrong.. This too is a falsehood strictly based on residual guilt for enjoying sexual activity of any type, deeply instilled by ancient misinformed religious leaders for political reasons.

Evolution of Man


Changing the past to change the future

Let us take a closer look again at the realities of those olden time beliefs about sex being bad.

Same sex intimacy was commonplace and an accepted practice in the society of the times. This was not addressed until after the life and death of Jesus Christ, who himself, never commented one way or the other.

The Popes who ruled during those times were waging a war against all of their enemies, and needed to build their armies. So, they pronounced a public edict that, same sex sexual activity be stopped in order to procreate and build its armies.

When the public disregarded this edict, it was then made into religious law. When this law was also disregarded, it was then declared a "sin" against God, by the prevailing religious rulers.

"God" had nothing to say about the enjoyment of intimacy and mutual pleasures. This travesty was the direct result of mankind (specifically those in charge) - again - to control the behavior or others for ulterior motives.

This was the only way that the Papal rulers could affect the behaviors of their flock - to make everything "sinful against God". After generations of repeating this 'man made edict', it was effectively instilled into the minds of the followers. Just as all those other 'sins' i listed above were instilled into people's minds. (the modern term for this phenomenon is simply called 'brainwashing').

All the other 'sins' were deemed superfluous and discarded by religion. So, why do we, as educated people, cling to this one antiquated belief? The old saying: ''when a liar tells the same lies over and over he begins to believe them as truth'', has never been more apt.

Another factor in deciding the mores, or morals, of mankind was definitely the lack of understanding of its role (that of same sex intimacy) in the evolution of mankind.

It took billions of years for man to (evolve) from a one celled living organism to the complex bodies we now have today.. As time and conditions change, so did the body, (including all species on this earth) to adapt to the environment in which they had to survive. Those adaptive changes in humans included such things, over time, as the loss of body hair when no longer needed for warmth, walking upright for more stability, developing 5 digits on hands and feet for maximum dexterity and balance, etc..., etc...

Fast forward to the present

Now, with population growth a major threat to the continuance of mankind itself, it was only natural and logical for nature to genetically alter itself, once again, to insure against total annihilation of our species by over-population, which is currently out of control.

Proof of this can be seen by looking at the drastic spurt in the census totals of humans (including homosexuality) around the globe for the last 100 years or so.

In Spite of religious protest, it will continue until we are an androgynous society, or balance is restored.

Mother Nature (God's will) can not be stopped by any protesting of the backward, uneducated religious society that still would cling to old ancient ideas.

This concept is no more heretic than all those other ideas and beliefs of the past.

Crying (or shouting) that Satan is behind this, is at best ludicrous and just plain ignorant.

Every scientific break through has been fraught with criticism by skeptics who think they know the "will of God".

The gene for homosexuality has already been isolated, but religious, governmental, and societal implications are way beyond what the limited mentality of today's society can accept and emotionally handle. So those findings are withheld from public view to protect the right to use same sex attractions as a tool for political and religious pandering.

Finding any truth that might contradict religious, or societal, embedded beliefs could be devastating to maintaining ''control'' over the masses.

Or is it just that need that humans possess, within themselves, to feel superior to something, or toward certain other people, to assuage their own feelings of inadequacy for allowing religion and government the power to make us feel helplessly submissive to authority, both by other humans and the supernatural as well?

We need to grow up, catch up with the times, and move on with a little dignity, instead of wallowing in our past mistakes and ignorance.

It really is all about control after all, is it not?

by: d.william

And we wonder why there are so many crazy religious zealots in the world?

© 2011 d.william


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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and commenting. And that is exactly right, that sadly enough there is way too much religious superstition in this world.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      excellent analysis. It is interesting how the OT laws about discarded except the man sleeping with man. Oh, and tithing - that's still adhered to.

      My conclusions also - the bible etc were not inspiration by the supernatural, but were people in the past trying to explain their world (without the current understanding etc of science). Illness, lightning, etc all had superstitions associated with them (and still do for many people)

    • prasadjain profile image


      8 years ago from Tumkur

      This is 'useful'. What you have pointed out is right. It is quite clear that,you are noither against the religion nor ancient knowledge. You are only against superstitions. That's right attitude.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for taking time reading and commenting. Good questions. Therein lies the problem with carrying a fairy tale belief as fact for thousands of years. Your question itself is a perfect example of the inconsistencies of those old stories. We know that Adam and Eve were not the only two humans occupying this planet. It is ludicrous for anyone to truly believe that assertion. It also says, "the lord set a mark upon him". No-one knows what that mark was. It truly surprises me that even in this day of supposedly educated people, there is still such fear in the hearts of humans for daring to ask these questions. Blind faith and blind justice is just that: blind to the truth, reality or logic. A book of words inspired by a divine creator would not be filled with inconsistencies or promote hatred, fear, or intolerance. This would serve no purpose. Society is so desperate for answers regarding the state of the world today, they would sooner blame some fictitous evil spirit than look to the human factor as the cause. Even way back in those days there were leaders who wanted to control people, place themselves on a level with the Creator, exploit people for power and wealth. The only thing that has changed since those days, is the extent of that evilness in the world that is left unchecked. And they still do the same things to other humans all in the name of their Gods.

    • Shadowblack profile image


      8 years ago from England

      Excellent work. It brought to mind an anomaly concerning Cain & Abel that's bothered me for years.

      "Cain is a man who wanders the earth begging people to kill him and take his curse upon themselves."

      A question for religious scholars:

      Adam and Eve's murderous son is sent to the land of nod, east of Eden, as punishment for murdering his brother Abel. "And the Lord set a Mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him."

      The question is: If Adam, Eve and Cain are the only humans on the planet, who is going to find him?


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