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The Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ - AUDIO TEACHINGS

Updated on December 27, 2014

The Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ

The individual sessions in this audio teaching series systematically build upon each other. It is highly recommended that the listener start with the first session and proceed in succession.






Did you hear what our Father said?

God doesn't "command" us to renew our minds; he lovingly implores us, petitions us with urgency, and entreats us to do so. These are the kinds of things he speaks to us; "Allow yourselves to be trained by my Word and my spirit for my purposes. How you do this is to allow yourselves to become what I have said you are by the work of my Son, Jesus Christ. Don't fight the work of my Word and my spirit within you. Allow yourselves to be conditioned, and even press yourselves into my conditioning program. I have arranged this for your benefit because I love you. As you prove the strength of my Word in your life you will see your life carried by my strength. You work too hard, my child. It is because your work is in your own works instead of in my work in your behalf through My Son, Jesus Christ. Do you see what My Son said in Matt. 11:28-30? This message is for you, my children. I didn't need My Word. I sent it for your benefit. Learn to become what I have made you to be in Christ. Practice adjusting to my ways that are in Christ. Your ways don't work! They never will! I have sent you rest in My Son's work. Learn and rest! I love you, my children. Trust in my ways that are in Christ. I will never let you down. I am always in your favor. Please don't turn from me. Let me be for you everything you will ever need. This is my desire for you. This rest is in my Son’s finished work for you. Will you accept my love, all that I have given you in Christ? Be like little children! Trust in my Words."

Do you hear your Father speaking to you? Did you hear what he said?


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