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Alice went down the rabbit hole. Neo choose the pill. What will you do to open your mind?

Updated on October 26, 2014

Jump into the rabbit hole or make that decision like Neo

As Alice went down the hole and Neo decided which pill to take, what will you do with your life?
Will you be stuck in the conventional way of living like most of society and be stuck in a job and environment where society pushes it's demands on you to suffer like most everyone else and live a Medicore life or will you be the one to decide for yourself, not to die every day a slow agonizing death of an unhealthy life which slowly chokes the living breathe from you and drain your energy slowly?

Will you step out of the zone that boxes you in a corner where it slowly drains your soul and controls your mind?

Will you let life tear open your heart and let it bleed and let it stuff your passion inside and never let it be set free to feel the freedom that allows you to breathe?

There is a "society sickness" that jails a lot of people because it is pushed upon them to say that it is "not" right to pursue your passion and what makes you feel alive.

People are afraid to follow their passion and dreams for fear of "damnation" of people who are like dead living pods that do not allow them to be free thinkers and live with undying passion that helps them to feel their soul and the blood that flows within their veins.

As people, most of society will be damned to be dead living pods for the rest of their lives and will live with the regret at the end of their lives to wish they had done something or have regret that consumes their utter being that brings them closer to a death bed while waiting to die.
You can not live your life, if your being forced to live by someone else's rules.

If you don't take control of your own life, your destiny and your passion, your own well being is going to slowly become riddled with disease and self hate towards other people living a freedom which you gave up without permission because you live a life that has never been your own.

People push things upon other people and lie about wanting to see someone real happy.
When people say I want you to be happy, they only want a happiness wished upon someone if it is the happiness that they think they will be happy.

Some people who live a life with freedom, others become bitter because they gave up life that should be lived with passion.

People die a lot faster with bitter and envy. The Green eyed monster.."envy" which there is no cure for and it becomes a vial venom that seeps within these vicious unhappy people.

Society really condemns people's freedom and passionate dreams because those that let things die live with regret and see that the free ones that live their passion are the ones most happy with a content freedom that the diseased envied people who live with regret, for they shall never live the freedom of artists who let their spirit soar through passion.

Deep passionate soars to heights that you can only dream of.

This shall never be caged up by cowards but shall be set free by brave people who have decided to maybe take the pill just like Neo or decided just like Alice, decided to go through the rabbit hole and live their lives the way it was meant to be and not have anyone interrupt their happiness, EVER.

It is much better to opening up yourself to thinking instead of yearning for the rest of your life and look back with regret and say over again and again, I wish I had, I wish I had, I wish I had.

I don't ever want live with a monkey on my back which the monkey I am referring to is the monkey called "regret".

I have some learning experiences and they taught me to grow.

I want to keep continuing to grow and keep on growing.

It matters not what anyone says because I'm going to keep living the life I have meant to be.

I hope I can open up some people's eyes and let them see that they too, have this passionate inside of themselves but they just have to look and search deep within themselves.

Maybe it is something they have forgotten from long ago and just needs to be woken up once again.

If you want to draw, draw.

If you want to write, write.

If you want to act, go to a community theatre or practice monologues in front of mirror.

If you want to sing, feel free to do so.

Now in doing your passionate you may or may not make money on what your passion is, but the point is that your actually doing it.

Once again, as I repeat myself, too many people in society wants to push things upon us and some of us don't want to live like everyone else.

We want to live and breathe a different way and a different life.

Anyone that is an artist will tell you that.

An artist is someone who indeed wants to express themselves and people shouldn't stifle their happiest possible potential that someone reaches when expressing themselves.

But then again, if you want to do anything besides being an artist or just do something you love, you should be allowed to do it without thinking what your doing, that one thing you truly enjoy even if watching anime cartoons or cosplaying or anything that you love doing, you should be allowed to do it without feeling bad about it.

It is good to open your mind and your heart and do your passion.

When you do so, you feel so alive and you will never look back.

If you need a reminded just think back to that one thing that made you passionate and just start doing it.

It just take one little baby step, or as I wrote before take that leap into the rabbits hole like Alice or take that pill just Like Neo and now I'm not saying go out and do drugs, meaning all you got to do is turn that little switch in your brain on and you can start doing your passion in life once again, because the only thing that is stopping you is you.


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