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Alien Gods Formed Man Outside the Fortress of Eden

Updated on November 24, 2017

We are not Alone

In all ancient records and writings are stories of beings "coming down from the sky". They have been called "gods", "angels", "demons", "entities", "ghosts", "spirits", "space aliens", and so much more. All through history, and straight into the present, "encounters" with "non-human beings" of all varieties have been experience by people in every part of the world.

These ideas are often dismissed and discarded as if they hold no value at all. However, there are thousands and thousands of accounts of some type of "beings", in one form or another, visiting our planet and interacting with the human race.

This has always been happening; from extremely ancient times, with no breaks, into modern day -- "aliens" have always been here.

The Bible is a Retelling of Ancient Stories

From recorded history, it seems clear that there has been some form of "otherworldly presence" here with us on this planet -- from the very beginning.

It seems that the Bible is a compilation, or a bringing together of many ancient accounts. It is as if the Old Testament of the Bible is a summary of all the most ancient records; contact between human and non-human intelligent life forms are a constant and consistent theme.

The origins of these stories and legends are much older than the Bible. The Bible is only retelling the ancient accounts, and altering them to fit into the time frame when they were rewritten.

A Good Story will be Retold

Today, we see stories being retold all the time, in the form of movies. Whatever you are watching, if it's a good enough story, there will no doubt be a remake of it before too long.

This "retelling of stories" happened in ancient times as well, but back then they did not have anything like movies. What they had was the ability to write, and so that's the medium they used to tell their stories

We don't see any writings from modern times that could compare to many ancient writings. Just looking at the Bible alone, how a book like this could have ever come to be is unbelievable. We could not imagine someone writing something by hand today, let alone something so profound that it would last for thousands of years.

Ancient Texts are Valuable

Ancient texts, writings, manuscripts, and tablets are not "scribbles" or unintelligible nonsense; they are often very detailed and complex. Sometimes, ancient writings express highly advanced intelligence, and are not "primitive" at all.

Many ancient manuscripts, and books, contain ideas that could never have developed from a "feeble-minded" brain, or a nonintellectual person. A large number of ancient texts could have only been written by people who knew what they were talking about; they should be considered to be extremely valuable, and indeed they are.

If nothing else is true, what these stories mean (the moral of the stories) does have value. The names, places, dates, times, and details may have changed, but the themes have always remained the same. Many of the events from ancient stories, like the ones in the Bible, truly could have been actual events that really happened.

It is not wise to simply discard, discredit, devalue, and dismiss ancient texts. It also will not be wise if a thousand or more years from now people destroy the writings of today, and treat them as if they are meaningless and hold no value. Imagine, people from the future considering someone like Albert Einstein to be just some "primitive" ignorant fool. How would you react to that? How do you think ancient people would react to us considering them to be "primitive" ignorant fools? They were no such thing; such notions should be considered offensive by any thinking person.

There are many Gods in the Bible

It is widely believed that the Bible speaks of just one "God", but that does not seem to actually be the case.

It appears that in the Old Testament, the people were allowed to choose one of the "gods" to worship, and to be their "God". All through the oldest parts of the Old Testament are stories about the people choosing a "god"; it never reads like there is only one "God". After the people had selected their own personal "god" to worship, that particular "god" would become their one "God".

Another perspective on this is that "the people" didn't choose anything; the "gods" decided on which people they would rule over. "God" decided what, when, and how everything was going to happen; "the people" didn't have any input into the matter. These "gods" of the Old Testament were very particular indeed; "the people" had to do (to the very detail) whatever their "God" told them to do. The "gods" of the Old Testament were so authoritarian that they would actually kill people, if their every demand was not met. Don't you dare disobey the "God" of the Old Testament, or even disbelieve -- you will surely be "put to death"; we call that murder these days, if someone was to be killed for not obeying "God". Imagine people being "put to death", or otherwise seriously punished, for not believing or obeying "God" -- we wouldn't stand for it.

Whatever the case may be, the Bible clearly expresses that "God" is not "one" but many.

God Stands in the Congregation of the Mighty

  • Psalms 82:1 (KJV)

    God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.

This means that "God" is standing, in some official way, among other "gods". This is no opinion; these are the actual words of the Holy Bible. "God" is representing "Himself", and possibly "His" people, in some official way. "He" is standing in front of some type of meeting of the "gods". This sounds very much like it would if we were describing a meeting of government officials.

This, in no way -- none whatsoever -- depicts "God" as one singular entity. Clearly, and according to the Bible, what has been called "God" is obviously part of a larger group of beings, perceived by humans to be "gods".

Any dictionary will tell you that a "congregation" represents a group. A "congregation" is the bringing together of individual components to form a larger body, and is typically done in some type of official and organized manner.

This is what the Bible says: there was not just one "god"; there was a "congregation of gods". Considering that this is exactly what the Bible says, it seems that there should be little debate on the issue. How can anyone form an argument that in the Bible there is only one "God", when the Bible itself blatantly, obviously, and specifically says something totally different?

God Has Peers

Again, here is "God" speaking to others, who are on the same level as "He" apparently is. "He" must be speaking to the "congregation of the mighty", the other "gods" that are "His" equal.

What we have here is "God" speaking to his peers, saying that "they" should make "man" more like "them" -- the "gods".

It seems that "they" must have reached a consensus, because "they" apparently decided to go ahead with whatever modifications to the human race they were planning. Whoever these so-called "gods" of the Bible were had a meeting, and "they" decided that "they" would make the native inhabitants of this planet more like "them".

It does not seem that "they" consulted humanity about this -- "they" just decided it, and then carried it out without the "informed consent" of the species (that's us). The further we go down this path, the more it looks like an "alien intervention" of some sort on this planet; this looks nothing at all like what is commonly believed about the Bible, but this is truly what the actual words of the Old Testament really indicate -- it is absolutely amazing that this is the case.

What is called "God" in the Bible is sometimes (depending on which "god" we are talking about) portrayed as "looking just like a man". Of course it does, if we were molded (manipulated) from our original state into the "image" of what the "gods" (aliens) looked like, then obviously "we" should look just like "them".

This does not say "He" (as in a singular "god") formed what we call "humans"; this is saying "they" (as in a group of aliens) formed us -- that is a profound difference.

We have, here in the Bible, a group of "gods" discussing what to do with the "man" that was on Earth. Not "one" was deciding; a group was deciding. The Bible does not say there is just one "God" -- it says there are multiple "gods" (a race of aliens).

What it really sounds like, is aliens coming to Earth and messing around with things -- and doing things they never had permission to do. The stories in the Old Testament look a whole lot more like an "alien invasion", and a military-style takeover of the planet, than they do anything else. All of the most ancient writings on Earth agree, and tell the same exact story -- all of them.

Man Became Like the Gods

  • Genesis 3:22 (KJV)

    And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil ...

Whichever "God" that was supposed to be representing "the people", here again, is referring to the "congregation of the mighty"; "He" is telling the other "gods" that "He" has observed that "man" is now more like "them".

Man now knows about "good and evil", and is smarter now. This represents humans becoming more advanced, and capable of comprehending intelligent ideas and concepts.

This one particular "god" is telling the other "gods" that "He" has been observing the overall status of humanity, and is now reporting what "He" has seen. "He" was letting them know that they had been successful; humans were now like "them" (the invading aliens).

God the Potter

  • Isaiah 64:8 (KJV)

    But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.

In ancient Egypt, who they thought of as "God" was known as a potter; they called "Him" the "Potter of Man".

All of the ancient ideas about the beginning of what was to be called "human" were that "God" manipulated what was already there to form "man"; "God", according to ancient belief, did not create "man" (or anything else for that matter) out of nothing -- "God" modified "man".

When the King James Bible was translated to English from Hebrew, over 5,000 mistakes (some made intentionally to mislead) were included in the final King James Authorized Version. When the "Good Book" (as it is often called) was finally finished, it was declared to be the only authorized version of the Bible. This means it was the only version of the Bible that "the people" were allowed to read. This is just ridiculous; it would be no different than if the President of the United States authorized a particular version of the Bible, and then said it was the only one we could legally read -- absurd. We wouldn't stand for it, but we do stand for it regarding the King James Version. This is the exact manner by which the King James Bible came into being; at the hands of the Roman Emperor named Constantine, through the Council of Nicaea.

If we are only allowed to read one particular "authorized" version, and if that "authorized" version is full of mistakes, errors, and mistranslations; it only stands to reason there will not be a very accurate consensus. If this is carried on for many years, and then we end up with a plethora of confusion along with a vast misunderstanding of the book, we really should not have any questions as to why that confusion exists. This was done intentionally -- specifically to make sure the people never really understood the truth. It has worked marvelously -- we do not know the truth. Everyone presents their beliefs as if they are "the truth", but no one really knows the full and real truth; it is impossible for us to know -- the truth was hidden from us, and they did so on purpose. This is why, in reality, none of us have any idea in the world (including myself) what "the truth" really is; we only think we do. We were never meant to know the truth, not the real truth anyway; therefore, we do not know "the truth". If anyone ever tells you that they are "completely sure", and "know for a fact", the "whole and accurate truth"; run as far and as fast away from that person as you possibly can -- no one knows everything, or has anything fully figured out or understood. People of this mindset should be avoided like the plague; none of us know everything -- and we should not pretend to.

Man was Formed Outside the Garden of Eden

  • Genesis 2:8 (KJV)

    And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

According to the Bible, the "man" did not start off in the "Garden of Eden"; he was "put" there. What we now call "human" was formed somewhere else, then later "put" into the "Garden of Eden". The word "human" means dirt man; "hu" means dirt, therefore hu-man means "dirt man" or "dirty man". This is why "God's" (in every religion) formation of "man" always involves dirt, dust, clay, or some other "earthy" substance; it is also why the "gods" think human beings are so disgusting -- humans are dirty -- think of this in relation to the whole idea of "sin"; there is no such thing as sin.

A "Garden of Eden" type of place was written about in all ancient texts; upon looking at all sources for this particular story, a much more clear picture develops.

The "Garden of Eden" was more like a fortress than a garden; it was an area fenced-in, guarded, and very well protected. It seems that, if described today, the so-called "Garden of Eden" would very likely resemble a militarized scientific laboratory type of installation. This would be very consistent with the idea of an "alien invasion"; the invading force would set up a "base of operations" -- this is what the "Garden of Eden" actually was. From the original source texts of the "Garden of Eden" story, this looks like a militarily protected medical facility to perform experiments -- on the human race.

There had to be a fortified protected area, otherwise wild animals and unmodified primitive "humans" would surely have ruined everything the "gods" (aliens) were trying to accomplish.

First, "God" formed (notice Genesis 2:8 does not say "created", it says "formed") "man". Then, after forming "man", a safe place was needed for him; so they constructed just such a place (the Garden of Eden), and "put" the formed man inside of the place (fortress) that "they" had created to keep the "man" safe.

There were People Outside of Eden

In Genesis, Chapter 4, is the story of "Cain and Abel".

At this point in the Bible, according to the typical understanding, there were supposed to be only four people on Earth: Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel. According to the text, a better understanding would be that there were only four people inside the fortress called the "Garden of Eden".

Apparently, there were only four people inside Eden; killing one of them surely would not be a good idea. Here we have the whole human race teetering on the very brink of existence, and a murder takes place; Cain killed Abel.

After Cain killed Abel, there of course would have only been three people on the whole planet; this is the typical understanding. In reality, upon close examination of the text, what we actually have is only three people inside the "Garden of Eden".

When "God" found out what went on, Cain was in big trouble. It could not be allowed for a murderer to remain inside Eden; It was decided that Cain would have to leave.

  • Genesis 4:13 (KJV)

    And Cain said unto the Lord, My punishment is greater than I can bear.

  • Genesis 4:14 (KJV)

    Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me.

Cain was afraid to leave Eden; he was very frightened, because he knew there were other people -- outside the "Garden of Eden"; it blatantly says so right in the Bible.

There were, according to the Bible, other people -- not just Adam, Eve, Cain, and the murdered Abel. Cain told "God" that the people outside Eden will find him and kill him; he was very afraid of that happening. "God" goes on to put a "mark" on Cain, to let the people "outside" know he is not to be touched; apparently, Cain felt safe enough to go ahead and leave Eden -- "God's" mark was somehow accepted as enough to keep him safe from harm.

According to the Bible, there were other people during that time, and they were living outside the "garden" called "Eden". There was somebody else out there in the "Land of Nod", and Cain wanted no part of it -- until "God" put a special mark on him.

It seems that everyone outside would recognize this "mark of God"; what kind of "mark" would the "primitive" people who were "outside" recognize? Obviously, the "mark" would be recognized by everyone, if they were going to leave him alone because of it. It must be something that they had seen before and were familiar with, otherwise no one would have thought it would protect anyone.

This means that everyone, on the whole planet, had seen these "gods", and knew what kind of symbol (mark) they used to represent themselves. Could it have been a triangle, a pyramid, or an all-seeing eye?

It must have been a powerful enough "mark" to cause the people "outside" enough fear that they would leave alone anyone with that particular "mark" on them. The people "outside" must have known about these "gods", and they also knew that they had better not mess with them either.

The people on the outside of the Biblical "Garden of Eden" must have been writing ancient texts, and making records about whatever was going on in there; maybe that is why we have so many ancient writings about this event that looks to have really happened.

This Sounds like Science Fiction

From all the ancient writings, it seems clear; something extraordinarily unusual took place here on Earth a very long time ago. Somebody came here; "they" came down from the sky, according to all ancient records.

When "they" arrived, "they" (without consent) changed the natural evolution of the whole human race; "they" turned "us" into "them". After successful modifications were made, the "new man" was placed in a fortified laboratory of some sort (the Garden of Eden) to protect it from whatever else was out in the world.

This sounds exactly like science fiction, but it's not science fiction -- it is the Bible.


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    • Levi Legion profile image

      Levi Legion 

      4 years ago from USA

      Interesting article. No one can remain honest and simply dismiss all the ancient texts that point to an event like this. Are the story flawed? Probably. After all it's been thousands of years. But I think they all share a common strain of truth.

      The big question is: What does this mean for modern humans? Is there any action to be taken?


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