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Am I My Brother's Keeper? Part One-The Village

Updated on May 15, 2016

The Village-The Old Days

The Bible encouraged people to help people: Especially those who are less fortune than other's. The main focus of those in need were the widowed, the orphan, and the stranger. In the days of old, people cared about their neighbors and their neighbors' kids. The moral standard of society was an important factor to living life and getting ahead. People didn't mind sharing with other people, realizing that they too would be in need at some point in time. This concept even went as far as disciplining the other people in the village if it was found or appeared to sway outside of the boundaries of what was the law. In the village, a person was careful to not step out of those boundaries for fear that someone in the village would execute the proper punishment for over stepping the boundaries and then report to those peoples' parents what you had done, and expected further disciplinary measures.

People at one point believed in the, "It takes a village to raise a child." It was known that strength is in the number of people who stand with you than against you. In order for the village to thrive, it must protect the contents, the people, and the values of that village. They knew that if one achieved, they all prospered from that one getting ahead. Sometimes the need of the one equates to greater for the many. The one who succeeded would help the other less fortunate to achieve their dreams and goals. This is the way we as a human society was suppose to think, and act. As with any society, if it's not careful, it will ruin itself from the inside out when ideology change its' focus from group to singular!

Biting the Hand that Feeds YOU!!!

There's a real enemy that wants to see you and I destroyed. This enemy knew that if he started breaking down the foundations which GOD had built, that he would create a society who would be confused, chaotic, and not united. If the hand that feeds get bit enough times, the hand eventually gets tired of getting bit and will start to retaliate against not just the one that bites, but anyone who appears to be a biter!

Here's where the scenario gets tricky. Who's at fault here: The Hand or The Biter?

Ah, you say the one that's doing the biting. You might be correct because we all know that we have those selfish people who only think about themselves and what's profitably to them. After all, the world is full of them. Right!

Let's look at it from the Biter's viewpoint. Is it wrong for them to take from those who wish to give it to them? Or, is it wrong for them to look out for numero uno?

Okay, you say the hand. There are people who are so generous they give without flinching an eyelid. They would give you the shirt off their back if they felt you needed it. I mean, we all know that there's people who enjoy being the helping hand.

From the Hands perspective. Is it wrong for them to want to give to those who want to take? Or, is it wrong for them to look out for everyone?

Isn't this confusing? No. This proves that in everything there must be a balance. If one overpowers the other, someone gets the short end of the stick. This isn't what was suppose to happen. Each person must share their responsibility to give as much as they receive.


The Village- The Me Generation

Due to the generational breakdown, this enemy stepped up the game and made the village feel like they had to have what you had! There it is, Covetousness at its' best. I want to be on the road to serendipitous living, and I'll do whatever it takes to get there, even if it mean someone gets left behind, stepped on, or just plain ole used. Some in the village started questioning, "Why do you have a Cadillac, and they have a Pint? Why did you get the job you wanted and they took what was available? Why, oh why did you get the women I wanted and they got the one nobody wanted?" At this point, the village became divided.

The Biter started accusing the Hand of trying to control everything, and getting the accolades for being the hand. The Hand accused the Biter of being out of control, and getting accolades of sympathy, and they both evolved into the ME generation. The enemy got the Biter to want what the Hand had, but the Biter didn't want to do what the Hand did to get what it got, and the Hand didn't want give to the Biter the things that it got by what it did to get it.This is the ME generation. These are a breed of people, The Hand and The Biter who got misguided as to how things were suppose to operate. Each having a valid point to argue, but both being deceived.

What's the Solution?

Will I put all the blame on a specific generation? No, because no one started out thinking that within this befuddled life, all it would take is an imbalanced scale(perception) to bring down a good system that people got caught off guard in the bad system that was replacing it.

We have to acknowledge that when a person is born, they have no traits. These things are taught, experienced, and heard. The Hand did not start out as a Hand, nor the Biter a Biter. At some point in life, the Hand was a Biter, and the Biter was a Hand: They just don't see it.

There are things behind the scene sometimes that lead to these negative feelings on both parties end, like: Did the Hand extend to the Biter the offers to take what they were offering, knowing they really didn't want to extend, or did the Biter accept from the Hand things it thought they should? Maybe the Hand doesn't want to ask the Biter for anything, and maybe the Biter don't want to give the Hand anything.

The overall point is, think about what you have given and got. Was it all done with the right motive!! Remember, what's yours, is yours to do with what you want. But if you don't have what you want, maybe you don't NEED it! If everyone gave to someone other than themselves, then everyone would be the HAND. Hmm!! But I think that would lead to another set of issues.


Do you think if people gave to others freely, it would lessen the animosity between people?

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