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And your point is...

Updated on September 4, 2014
Speak into my good ear
Speak into my good ear | Source

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At some point in each of our lives, some poignant point I would imagine, we each come to the point when we learn and or discover that the world does not in fact revolve around us. Customarily, ordinarily, this occurs or takes place during ones youth, for seldom, if ever, any of us lead a sheltered life-one where we believe and are convinced that everyone thinks, believes, lives, says and does, as we do or would have them do. Still, in knowing that and or upon discovering that, and assuming or presuming not everyone thinks likes me, acts like me, or believes what I believe, or lives like me, I forget that, and therefore find myself saying, doing, writing, and talking about things, unaware I may offend, shock, or surprise anyone by what I do, did, said, or may have done.

I speak my mind, I express myself and my emotions, I love my family and friends and I love where my life and all the ‘drama’ that has taken place has led me, for it has led me here. Led me to a point in my life, where I lovingly embrace and respect everyone and their right to live and do as they see fit to live it. I pray for us all, I believe in God and in His son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost, yet, I do not belong to a sect or religion. I have tried my hand and heart at religion but found myself unable to feel the ‘spirit of Christ’ amongst the ‘Christian’ followers I have met along the way. Not all are ‘bad’ just as not all are ‘good’ some are not nearly as ‘good’ as they profess or purport to be. That is the point at which I found myself unhappy with where religion takes me, has taken me…the point at which we see fit to pass judgment for how our fellow ‘Christians’ are living and or what they are doing or have done. This doesn’t and didn’t feel ‘Christ like’ to me-I fail to see how comparing myself to someone else and trying to measure my life or equate it to someone else’s life, in any way, and or putting them down or casting them out, is conducive to what Christ not only taught, but lived.

I’m so far from perfect, I wouldn’t even know when to begin, where to start, or perhaps more disturbing, when or where to stop. The point is, I know this and accept this about myself, I am perfectly imperfect, I am flawed, marred, scarred, and have about as much right to speak on what is ‘Christian’ or ‘Christ like’ as I do on what ‘normal’ is or is supposed to be. Which if you know me and know of my life, you know nothing about my life or me may be normal or seem normal-but then, what is normal? Normal for me isn’t normal to me, but it is my normal. What someone else’s normal is I cannot speak to nor do I feel it is my place to judge them or place judgment on them. I’ll leave that to someone far more qualified than me, as to who that someone is, well, I am sure that answer will vary accordingly. For not everyone believes, thinks, lives, does, did, or will do as I would, will, or might do-at which point I say to myself, well what do you know, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Only, the question then became more about who was around me and who was looking at me.


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    • raquelpier profile image

      Raquel L Pierson 5 years ago from Lancaster Ca

      Thanks nilknarf. I hadn't intended this to come off as rumbling, but then that just goes to show how my intention and perception are not always in tune with others! Perhaps I just need to keep working on my 'delivery.' lol

    • nilknarf_soive profile image

      nilknarf_soive 5 years ago from Isabel Town

      I guess you wanted to say we all live with our differences. This hub may appear rumbling to others but I could certainly relate to your point. Sometimes, we want to say a lot of things, do a lot of things or imagine a lot of things that end up confusing ourselves.