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Appologies to my mother's baby sister Prof. Hlengiwe Ngobese Mkhize.

Updated on July 12, 2015

The Gundiz The Mkhizw Family.


Mother i am lost and Homeless without your Love.

Apologies to my Mother's baby Sister Prof. Hlengiwe Mkhize.

Mother without your Mercy Love and Guidance I am Homeless.

My mother's little sister.

The first time I got on an aeroplane was 1988 I was 8 years old.

My mum adored you, your husband and your 4 meticulous children.

Mother guardian you were lecturing psychology at the University of Zululand.

My mum was lecturing nursing at MEDUSA.

Me and my sister Bongiwe had the time of our childhood.

Nqobizwe pushed Bongiwe in pool, none of us could swim.

Tragically my dad's soul was put to rest 1987.

My mum knew the value of true love, she never married again.

Prof. Guardian you got a senior post to lecture Psychology at WITS University.

We lived with my mum in Diepkloof Ext 3, for a year.

My mother's arthritis was serve.

You were her dearest little sister, she rested in peace she left me and dearest sister Bongiwe in your care.

We moved to Fourways Fairfield in 1990, we were the only family with two properties in the estate.

I was troublesome and naughty in the nature of a curious child.

I attend Wendy wood Primary.

Fourways High school.

And matriculated at Ferndale High the year 2000.

My teachers always believed in me and Mrs Segal my English teacher encouraged me to date the prettiest African goddess in the school.

At home we would pray every evening in Zulu, we all had a turn to read our favourite scripture, as well as to sing a hyme from the Zulu song book.

Mother Guardian you said we should take care of each other, the world is vicious and if you are not cautious it will swallow you alive.

Brother Amos our designated driver to school and for extra maths and sports, at age 16 thought me how to drive, without your knowledge.

Age 19, I had my first accident.

I remember calling you when the tow truck gentleman got to the accident scene.

I was terrified.

You were disappointed more than upset.

Daddy did not say a word, not a single lash.

My punishment was to take taxis to school for a week.

We would go on holiday twice a year,

Durban and the South Coast Sun.

We had two nannies.

As well as a gardner.

Then I started smoking cannibus.

I started crying in maths class, all my class mates were confused, I was one of the most loved pupils in my high school.

I almost missed one of my English preliminary exams, I was confused.

Cannibus almost destroyed my life.

Londiwe, Zinzi, Fezile, Nolizwe, Nqobizwe, Dad Advocate Medaitor( CCMR) I would like to say from the depths of my soul.

You are the most loving, thoughtful, giving, calculating and grateful family I could have asked the Heavens and Gods to be born into.

May the Lord watch over your souls on earth. May all the desires of your Heart be nourished.

Mother you are not responsible for my weaknesses, I decided to smoke cannabis .

And because of my Bi Polar could not complete my degree.

You did you level best..

Thank you for all you did for my sister.

Today she has her own family because of the value and principles you planted in our youth.

Thank you for Raising me.

Dad thank you for your wit and truthful humour, I am so close to being free of nicotine.

In your honour me and Nqobizwe will save R500 a month each.

Till Khulu and Grans Kraal eZekukweni eNkandla has 8 female Cows and 4 male cows.

Gods Poet Nkosi



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