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Arcangel Gabriel - New Age Conception

Updated on August 25, 2009


Archangel Gabriel is one of the seven Archangels, working each with one of the seven rays of transcendental light. He is an Angel of annunciation and devotion. He is an exalted Divine being that holds the untainted and perfect Divine plan for every single human being, for every incarnated Angel, as well as for the whole planet Earth. Even though many people are unable to perceive, or unwilling to admit it, there is a Divine plan and purpose for everybody, and Gabriel is there to helps us in its fulfillment.

Creative commons attribute. Photo by:
Creative commons attribute. Photo by:

Archangel Gabriel meaning

Angel Gabriel is God's herald and messenger. Along with His Divine complement Hope, and with master Serapis Bey, He works on the fourth ray of light, a ray that promotes purity, art, resurrection and ascension. This ray stands in the middle of the seven spiritual rays of light, and consequently it symbolizes a focal point of balance and harmony. It stimulates creativity, artistic expression and beauty, especially when it comes to perceiving visual impressions, colors and sounds. This ray carries along a potent stream of cleansing power, manifested through the powers of ascension and resurrection of all the spiritual energies in a human microcosm. It is on Wednesdays that this ray has a particularly strong manifestation.

Gabriel's teaching

Archangel Gabriel is the most distinguished representative of the fourth ray of light of all the members of the angelic kingdom. He is in charge for channeling the powers and energies of this ray on Earth. Archangel Gabriel gives us hope and teaches us of the true values of religion. He instructs that religion is not only a matter of ceremonies and rites, but very much a point of normal, all compassing mind, discipline, self-determination, and contemplation. He teaches us that, above all, religion means developing love and gratitude toward life, toward God, Who has given life, and Who supports our own existence in the Universe in the course of so many millions of years, in hope that through our own being we will accomplish our designation. Archangel Gabriel teaches us that our assignment can be fulfilled through no other living being; it is our sole contribution to the magnificent cosmic fabric, that can be delivered only by our own life stream.

When to pray to Archangel Gabriel

Invoke Archangel Gabriel whenever you need inner purification. Ask Him to grant you mercy to be able to dissolve and dismiss your old suppressed memories, deeply rooted prejudices and mental patterns that disquiet you and lower the frequency of your vibration. Pray to Angel Gabriel so that He can enter your life and bring you order and discipline, and help things in your life go smoothly. Imagine pure white flame around you and let your spirit manifest itself and rise toward the spiritual heights.

You can pray to Archangel Gabriel to utilize His immense capacity of cosmic love on your inner being, so that you can become a resurrection and life of everything that is good in your life stream. With His help you can resurrect your everlasting youth, beauty, perfect sight and hearing, limitless strength and energy, perfect health and richness in all good Divine things. Pray to Archangel Gabriel so that you can see more clearly what the Divine plan for you own live stream is, and how to be able to implement the spiritual qualities of the seven rays in order to fulfill your purpose and destiny.


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    • sunnyray profile image

      sunnyray 5 years ago from Belgrade

      Hi Born on Dec. 28th,

      thanks for your comment. I will just add that our descendants in 3012 will likely be new incarnations of some of the members of present day humanity. If nothing else, that's why we should care what happens to our planet today as well as in the near future.

    • profile image

      Born on Dec. 28th 5 years ago

      Gabriel is not male. She is female. An androgenous female being.

      Mistaken for a man, especially in past olden times, when the value of a female being would not have been taken into serious consideration.

      Mother Earth, Mother Nature, even to Catholics who believe in the apparition of Mary, giving "messages" to children, it's been Gabriel messenger, right hand of God. Angel of Justice and Power.

      Do you really think a God, "The Supreme Being" of the Universe, has so much time to spend on just this one little planet? Arrogant human beings.And what else but a mothering nuturing female, would put up with so much confused misbehavior from her children, and stand by watching hoping we figure it out for ourselves one day

      "Love one another as you wish to be loved, do unto others, as you wish done unto you", was a message in the hope for the long term survival of our species.

      Because if not, we are going to be focusing on the wrong things, and let something happen to our planet that shouldn't, and we will never evolve to be so advanced like Gabriel and the rest of them one day.

      Isn't anyone really worrying about our descendants in 3012? Well, I DO

    • sunnyray profile image

      sunnyray 6 years ago from Belgrade


      thanks for sharing your meditation experience. It has a meaning to you primarily, and I would not like to comment on it - just want to encourage you to continue with your meditation exercises on a more regular basis. In addition, I don't see why believing in Angels should be in contrast to the new-age spirituality. Angels are beings that cannot be appropriated by any particular confession; they sort of oversee the whole humanity, regardless of faith or confession.

    • profile image

      messagek 6 years ago

      Hi, I was just meditating (or trying to) and I got into my "inner space" after having not done it for a while. I have been having issues lately and feel very cloudy and tangled with others' lives, so I asked into the dark about the person I am having issues with. An inner voice said, "He (meaning my friend) is on his own path." That made sense to me. Then I asked when things might change for me, and was told "soon". (Felt like January.) Then I asked who this was and immediately -- and I mean without a pause -- came "Gabriel"... and I inwardly balked. I kind of said "no way" ... I didn't believe it. I am not into Catholic iconography, that was all left behind long long ago in my past. I am just a spiritual new-Agey type now. It just seemed way too Biblical. I got the sense that "Gabriel" was amused at my balking. I am a natural doubter. Anyway, I asked if he would be there if I needed him again, and he said yes, of course. And here was the funny thing. Everything I asked always came back with two answers: almost like two people speaking over each other at the same time, but kind of saying the same thing. Like when I said "will you be there?" it came back as "Yes I will"/"I will always be there" (or something like that) spoken at the same time. What the heck is that? Anyway, that was my experience. Thoughts?

    • sunnyray profile image

      sunnyray 6 years ago from Belgrade


      That is not the proper attitude. We should be grateful for every single moment of life because life is the most precious gift. Even if, occasionally, there are difficult moments or obstacles on our path. The ultimate meaning and purpose of life may not be that apparent to us at this level of development. That is not to say that we cannot discover why we are in this world - yes we can - but it takes time and gradual personal and spiritual development.

    • profile image

      Lost 6 years ago

      I just want to know why am I in this world , I will not rest until I know ,i just want this one to end and pass on to next

    • profile image

      cephas  7 years ago

      i luv jesus

    • sunnyray profile image

      sunnyray 7 years ago from Belgrade

      Hi Ray,

      thanks for dropping by. Many people indeed see white lights, some have reported seeing blue, yellow and other colored lights as well.

      I suppose you see the white lights with your eyes closed. In any case, what a person sees within his or her inner world is important, carries a certain message, and should not to be taken lightly.

      In your case, the lights aren't probably directly connected with the Fourth Ray. They, however, could be an indication that you are making progress on your spiritual path. It is really up to you to discover the full meanings of the signs you have been surrounded by, and especially this is true in connection with the numbers, as they can have special meanings for different people.

    • profile image

      ray chaytor 7 years ago

      white lights and the numbers 11 11 have been around me for the last 8 yrs any info 4 me

    • sunnyray profile image

      sunnyray 7 years ago from Belgrade

      Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your addition to this hub. I agree with you and there is certainly a sort of spiritual hierarchy, or whatever words you would like to use to describe it.

      And yes you are right, the things are indeed complex, but the way to go is to try to grow from within, to try to improve ourselves every day, and to incorporate more and more of the energies of love and light in our lives. All this no matter the possible differences in our approaches nor the possible different paths of our spiritual development. The bottom line is that it's not so much the theory behind that's important but our everyday practice.

      Thanks again for your input!

    • Tusitala Tom profile image

      Tom Ware 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      It is interesting to note that in Neale Donald Walsch's books - I can't recall which one now - the God who had been dictating the messages in Walch's books admits that, "No," He is not the 'Head Honcho' i.e. not the Ultimate God. It would seem then, that we have a heirarchy of gods who go 'upwards' towards the Ultimate Divine. In other words, there are gods who have gods who have gods.

      When a channeler channels a benevolent entity, it is very natural for that entity to give themselves a name. It might not be necessarily who they are. For we tend to think of communication as coming from something we can comprehend: a person. At some point these persons might more of a 'substance - a ray, as you might say - of certain qualities. It all gets very complex, doesn't it?

      Be it enough for us to know that we're getting good advice from those who know more than we do...

    • sunnyray profile image

      sunnyray 8 years ago from Belgrade

      Hi Timothy. Thanks for the comment. I've understood your point, and I appreciate and accept your opinion.

    • profile image

      Timothy 8 years ago

      Archangel Gabriel said "And now I beseech you not to pray to me, for I am only a messenger of the Lord. Pray only to God".