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The Seven Rays

Updated on October 9, 2009

What are the seven rays?

Quite like our Sun, which irradiates rays of visible light all over our Solar system, there is a spiritual Sun (Solar Logos) which is a source of the seven rays of spiritual light. Although we cannot really see these great cosmic streams of spiritual light with our physical eyes, the seven rays are very much real, as they build up our causal aura. The causal aura is a higher member of our human microcosm, and within it all the fruits of our positive and negative actions are stored.

To be more specific, the term "ray", in the sense used in this article, refers to a special type of energy that possesses various beneficial influences on the human organism. Not only are these rays active in us, they are also active in Nature. The seven rays combine with each other and build up more complex systems in every aspect of our reality.

The seven rays are no novel concept specific to the new age movement only - they have been known for many thousand years now as can be seen in the mystery tradition of the west and east.

Creative commons license. Source: photos/chromatic_aberration/3372982520/
Creative commons license. Source: photos/chromatic_aberration/3372982520/

The colors and energies of the seven rays

Note that sometimes in the new age literature, instead of "ray" the term "flame" is used. Therefore, the first or blue ray is sometimes called blue flame. The energies of the blue ray are manifested through the qualities of power, strength, faith and protection.

The second ray is the yellow ray. This ray brings in our microcosm energies of synthesis, love, intelligence, wisdom, peace and enlightenment.

The third ray is the pink ray or pink flame. This flame is responsible for promoting, tolerance, Divine love, and adoration in every aspect of life.

The fourth or white flame stands in the middle of the seven rays. It can put into action great powers of purification and spiritual cleansing. It also promotes arts, resurrection and ascension.

The fifth ray is green. In spiritual sense, this green flame possesses energies of healing, concentration, truth and dedication.

The fifth is the ruby ray of light. The basic quality of the ruby flame is peace and selfless service to the humanity.

Finally, the seventh ray is probably the best known of all the seven rays, and most likely under the name violet flame of transmutation. This ray brings freedom, compassion, love, and transfiguration.

The violet flame can be one of the most precious tools for spiritual advancement. With its help the negative treats of our personality, negative features of our character, and all the negative emotional impressions can be released and transformed into positive energies. This is the ray of spiritual alchemy.

The spiritual guides of the seven rays

Each ray is believed to be associated with certain Divine beings, whose responsibility is to guide and direct the specific energies of that ray to places and events where the qualities of that ray are most needed. Among these exalted beings we know of seven Elohim, seven members of the Archangelic kingdom, and seven Chohan of the rays. The Chohans achieved their ascension as members of our present humanity and some time in the past they walked the earth and lived human life.

In the following we will briefly mention the seven Archangels of the seven rays.

Archangel Michael is responsible for the first ray. He is the leader of all the Angels and Archangels. He can offer help, strength and protection whenever you faith is in danger or when you need to defend yourself from negative influences.

Archangel Jophiel is in charge of the second ray. He is an Archangel of enlightenment. He can bring you wisdom and teach you how to use your own power of imagination to attract all good and Divine things to your life.

Archangel Chamuel is responsible for the third, pink light ray. He can bring comfort, show you the way to adoration and love and teach you how to forgive others in order to be forgiven.

Archangel Gabriel is a Divine messenger that works on the fourth ray of light, One who is capable of bringing purity, and resurrection of all that is good in us. He teaches us how to develop love and gratitude toward all life, and how to develop love toward God.

Archangel Raphael is in charge of the fifth ray. Every single individual who is willing to dedicate his/her life to serving life, stands under special protection of Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Uriel is responsible for the ruby ray. He is leader of all guardian angels. He is able to bring peace and protection everywhere and to spread the idea of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst all people.

The color of Archangel Zadkel is royal purple. He is in charge of the seventh violet ray. He is able to help you learn the proper use of the violet flame so that you can disperse your own shadows whenever necessary.

What has been presented above is only a very brief overview of the most important concepts regarding the rays. You can read more about various meditations and invocations in connecton with the seven rays here.

In this respect one should also mention the seven Elohim of the rays, as well as the seven Chohan of the rays. But this post has gotten too long, so I will save those considerations for some other occasion.

Video about the Archangels of the rays


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    • profile image

      Michaela 6 years ago

      AMAN,,, Blessed Be! Yes Alice Bailey and the Chohans of Light! Thank you ! I AM a Divine Seven Ray HealerUFDHR for many years in this lifetime...What a gift ! Such Miracles transpiring always :)..time for more initiates nestcepas? oui!

      Come join us in this divine journey of Light!! I can be found in FB Bless you all! Thank you thank you thank you xxxoooooo

    • sunnyray profile image

      sunnyray 7 years ago from Belgrade

      Great to know you too Tom.

      I am afraid you are very right when saying that the subject is too abstract for the general Hubpages audience. The things may change, however, as the teachings of the seven rays and ascended masters (to one of whom Alice Bailey was associated) are very practical, extremely helpful, and can be easily implemented in everyday life.

    • Tusitala Tom profile image

      Tom Ware 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Much of this sounds vaguely familiar and I recall some of my book-reading from decades ago : Alice Bailey (channeller, I expect) and some of the more obtuse publications of the Theosophical Society: the messages of The Tibetan. It's a bit too abstract, I feel, for most Hub readers. This is only my personal opinion, of course. For some it will be 'right up their alley.' For as we know, there are no accidents in the universe. What you say here will serve some useful purpose for someone.

      Great to make your acquaintance.