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Are UFO's Real?

Updated on November 9, 2012
Unidentifed Flying Object (UFO)?
Unidentifed Flying Object (UFO)?

What is a UFO?

UFO's - Or to give them their full title "Unidentified Flying Objects" have been the subject of a tremendous amount of written and spoken conjecture over the years. Almost anything that moves in the sky such as weather balloons, meteors birds, odd clouds, aircraft, have at some time or other been labelled as UFO's. At the time of the sightings, UFO was a correct label to apply, after all if it is an object, flying and you can't identify what it is, then it has fulfilled all the criteria to be called an Unidentified Flying Object, and the fact that is is later identified as something mundane is neither here nor there - UFO, by and large is a transitory label which is used mostly in a pro-tem manner until the object can be identified.

Some UFO's are Never Identified

Of course, not all UFO's end up being identified. Many remain unidentified and the number of UFO's that steadfastly refuse to be identified despite any number of plausible conjectures steadily grows year upon year. The big question is: Do these represent actual mechanical craft and, if so, do they originate here on earth, or are they alien - from somewhere else?

The problem here is lack of evidence. By and large we are a sceptical people and one blurry photograph, or ambiguous video clip can not be regarded as proof of alien visitation. There are very few - if any - examples in the public domain of a completely convincing photo, or video clip which is backed up by independent witnesses and other supporting evidence such as radar traces.

Another factor which breeds scepticism is the fact that so many "proofs" e.g. Photographs and Videos of craft or aliens, are obviously fabricated fakes and many so-called witnesses, or victims of alleged Alien abductions, when seen in interview often give the impression that they have a less than comprehensive grasp on reality!

Of course, absence of proof is not proof of absence - Even when using radar! Just because Radar can't pick up a Stealth plane for example, that is not proof that Stealth planes don't exist - It just means that there is no radar proof of them, and who is to say that Alien spacecraft (if they exist) don't also use (Alien) stealth technology?

The difference is of course, that because Stealth Aircraft are no longer "top secret", hundreds of thousands of independent witnesses have actually seen stealth aircraft, either at Air shows/Displays, in the Movies, or on Newsreels - The same can't be said for your standard UFO's and Aliens

SR-71 Blackbird1 - The First stealth Aircraft?
SR-71 Blackbird1 - The First stealth Aircraft?

Does Anyone Have Proof of UFO's

Well of course, the people likely to have proof of Alien contact would be the Military, but it's equally the case that they are not going to tell us about it. It is apparent however from government documents that are released many decades after they were first classified, that all the major governments of the world did take the possibility of UFO's being of Alien origin, and had secret programs documenting such occurrences.

In fact the various Governments have been actively muddying the waters for years - for their own ends. When the new Stealth Bombers were in regular use - But still as yet unknown to the general Public, There were many sightings of "Huge triangular shapes in the sky" - Almost certainly these were sightings of the then unknown stealth planes. The relevant Governments were quite happy to play along with "Alien Craft" stories and even stoke the fires by adding little bits of disinformation here and there suggesting they were indeed of Alien origin - It was after all to their advantage and protected their secrets.

Now that the Stealth planes are common knowledge throughout the world, we can be sure that the ultra-secret area they once occupied has been taken over by even newer and more mind-boggling technology that we know nothing about. No doubt there will be sightings of the new secret aircraft that will be put down to aliens or UFO's and no doubt the governments will be happy to foster or encourage these misidentifications for their own ends.

The only people who will know for sure whether such reports are alien UFO's or just a new Military aircraft are the Military themselves - and they are not likely to tell us about it. At least not for many decades from now - Maybe not even then!

Genuine UFO?
Genuine UFO?

So are UFO's Real?

Most scientists agree that it is mathematically impossible that we are the only life form in the huge vastness if space. There are many billions of billions of stars in just our galaxy alone (and there are billions of galaxies) and each one of these stars is a sun - a sun that could be hosting it's own Solar system. If only a fraction of these planets contain alien life, you are still talking in the millions, of planets hosting alien life in some form.

Scientists also agree that of all the millions of alien life forms that may be out there, it would be very unlikely that at least some of them wouldn't have evolved into sophisticated higher life forms. So the argument isn't so much whether Aliens exist, more one of "could Aliens travel to earth given the vast distances involved"?

It's true that the time factor involved in travelling such vast distances would seem to make the trip impossible. The trip would take far longer than the lifespans of the spaceships crew - Assuming the Alien crews are not sophisticated robots.

But how many "impossible" feats have been made possible in recent years? It's easy to forget that the first Moon landings took place only 60 years after the Wright Brothers managed to sustain flight for the first time in their stick-and-string flying machine. Not much later, we are flying many times the speed of sound in Planes that are undetectable to radar.

Scientists can now routinely teleport particles (photons) from one place to another. Not so long ago, this was only the stuff of science fiction. The speed of light which is considered the ultimate limiter to the speed of space travel, is now believed by some physicists to be not the impenetrable block it appears to be - might it at some time go the same way as the once feared "sound barrier"?

Our technology has come so far in such a short time - What wonders might we accomplish in say five thousand years from now. What wonders could an Alien civilization who may have had a million or more years head-start on us accomplish? It is perfectly feasible that alien technology could have solved the travel problem Milena ago. Tasks which we find impossible today, they may accomplish with routine ease and UFO's might eventually prove to be evedence of this.

So, are UFO's real? As I mentioned earlier,the only people with a chance of knowing the truth about UFO's and Aliens are our Military and Governments - And they're not telling.

More UFO Reading

The Golden Age of Flying Saucers: Classic UFO Sightings, Saucer Crashes and Extraterrestrial Contact Encounters
The Golden Age of Flying Saucers: Classic UFO Sightings, Saucer Crashes and Extraterrestrial Contact Encounters
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Are UFO's Real?

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