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Are the Elders in Heaven Angels or Human?

Updated on September 8, 2016

The Greek Word 'Angelos'

The name 'Angel' is gotten from a Greek word 'Angelos' which is literarily interpreted “messenger”. All creatures in heaven are beings, and there was none of them that God singlehandedly regarded as angel. Angel is a general name, at some point men will have to grow into a stature that God could see them as angels, not in the literal form of that name but because they are God’s messenger. Anyone who does a thing for God exactly as its required by God at Gods timing is a messenger and thus an angel. Though there are cadres to this creature based on their specialization. Those 24 elders are angels. The four beast are angels too. The cherubs and seraphs are angels too. Those creatures weren’t really addressed as angels because the more their height in cadre the more their specialization. The most holy place angels are called arch angels (cherubs). The holy place angels are called seraphs, they take the forms of Yahweh give to them.

Messengers at the Throne Circle

There is one of the arch angel who looks the most like man but not with this canal body of man. They call him Gabriel. Son of man. ‘Like man’. Daniel saw it in a vision, he had seen other types of angels but he saw this one looked more like a man. And that’s the meaning of the name ‘Gabriel ’. The 24 elders are messengers though may have no business on earth. They do service unto the Lord at the circle of the throne. They render worship to God and stands as a symbol of things to come in the Father’s agenda. The beasts are messengers too. They do service to God in the throne circle. They are eyes creatures, each of them have 4 eyes. They were created specially for the service they must be sent to accomplish.

Angels Refers to God's Messenger Including Men

So the bottom line is that the word angel is only for general duty expected of certain creatures, including MEN!!

You know when we mention angels the first thing that comes to our mind are those things in heaven. The book of Rev 1 spoke of the 'Amen' sending a letter to the angels of the church. The true interpretation of 'the angels of the church' from the original text is 'the elders or leaders of that church'. The person recognized by God as sent to that church in Ephesus was the angel. There are heavenly angels too who must work with the ones here on earth. They will work together in unison. That’s why in the throne where Adonai is, there is a candle stick representing the angel but the stunning part is that we are more and yea more than an heavenly angel. We can function as a messenger of the Lord in this corruptible body but angelic beings can’t! That was why that angel resisted John the beloved when he fell down before him to worship after seeing terrific wonders. The angel yelled out, see that you don’t do this, worship God for I am one of thy brethren who worship God and have the testimony of Jesus. The testimony of Jesus is what makes us sons. It’s what gives us the stature of a messenger. Very few people grow to that stature. It is here that you can speak as God or as His oracle.

Oracles who Speak as God

The angel that appears to Joshua the son of Josedek spake exactly as God, he said: if you walk in my ways and keep my statutes, I would give you place to walk among this that stand by. No one but God could have said that. You must attain a stature to speak like that.

Elijah came from nowhere and said there shall not be rain for 3 and half years ACCORDING TO MY WORD!! Note ‘MY WORD’ only messengers can speak that way.

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