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Just Before the Rapture

Updated on March 30, 2020
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Emmanuel is a Nurse, Christian leader, prolific writer and a medical researcher. His qualifications are RN, RM, BNSc, MPH.

The Messenger of his First Coming


In the gospel; it was just a messenger that was sent to prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. For His first coming was not a showy and proudful one. He came in the most humble way, fully abased and unnoticed, for he came for just one assignment; “to be ridiculed and become the most abased thing for the salvation of man- he was even born in a manger”. Made a dumb sheep for the shearers and a lamb to the slaughter, He became the most terrible thing so that mankind can be delivered from the most terrible event- hell fire. “…that he might through death overcome him that has the power of death that is the devil”Heb2:14. Now, a fact to be considered is that, just one person, filled with the Holy Ghost beyond any prophet that ever existed, coming in the power and anointing of Elijah. “John the baptist” was purposed and destined to prepare the way for the Lord’s coming. It was not too long that John the baptist functioned that the Lord showed himself.

The Messengers of his Second Coming

In the same vein; as it is written in the prophets Hosea, Enoch and Joel, for this end time, not just a messenger but ‘many messengers’ shall arise from different land and tongues who shall function in the grace and anointing of Elijah. “they shall be another John the baptists” but not just one this time around, for the second coming of the Lord is worthy of the greatest and highest publicity. The Lord is no more coming in an humble way, this time around, all eye shall see him, he shall come as the judge, he shall come to reward, he shall come to reward, he shall come to reign. The rapture of the church is imminent, thus these messengers are now been trained and emerging to prepare the body of Christ for their head, master and bridegroom. As John the baptist, ‘the first heaven made messenger’ had just one desire (Jhn3:30)“He must increase but I must decrease this shall be the one motto of the last messengers; for they shall desire nothing but God. As the world could not contain the first messenger just for 3months until they got rid of his head. This was due to the power, certainty and authority with which he spoke the word. His words are pungent and sharp. So also is this last days messengers; the world would not be able to contain or bear their messages and would seek to take their head off the neck. But in contrast to the first messenger, they shall function in such great power that they shall be indestructible, except their time is up, commit sin or the Lord returns. Some of them shall function in the grace of Jonah and Philip such that a whole city or nation shall weep for their sins and repent as it happened in Mark1:5.

The Life of the Heaven-made Messengers

As the first messenger (Mark1:6) ate nothing but locust and wild honey and wore nothing but carmel’s skin. They shall have special delicacies(diet) and clothings. They shall have special dwelling place. They do not eat, dress or live like others do. They are not public men, often not would you see them in the public. They are lone men, alone men, men of little or few companies. They are men constantly on the mountain, desert and wilderness.

When they speak, their words echoes from the wilderness down to the remote part of the city. Men of all caliber would give ear to them, for they speak not of themselves but in the multitude of what they hear in the secret. The world shall never recover from their word, these are the ones which Paul the apostle reffered to by the Holy Spirit in 1corin1:27 “God chose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise things…”. They differ greatly from Eliabs, Sauls and other warriors already fighting the battle of the Lord. Of course, Eliabs and his other brothers have been to the army schools and have been fully trained in the art of war. Saul was already an experienced and anointed general who was fully involved in the battle of the Lord and has won many of it. We thank God for them, maning and taking charge and hold of the battle front for us less we lose more ground but yet they are no match for the Goliath’s of darkness and unrighteousness, already released and yet to be unveiled upon the earth this end time.

The Making of the Last Apostolic Messengers- ‘Little and Worthless Davids’

The victory is in the hand of the ‘young!’, the ‘youngest!’, ‘the little’, ‘the worthless and rejected’ ‘the smallest Davids’. They shall be quiet and gentle; men of few words but most dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. When they are silent or quiet, it is wisdom but when they rise to speak, it is greater wisdom. While they speak, people reason amongst themselves saying “who is this?, where does he come from?” but they shall not be able to resist the wisdom of their words. The end time Davids; their arrival is sudden, they suddenly appear on the scene of emergency. The world may have no records of their attendance in the theology school neighter would their time of making be known. In their appearance, the fathers on the battle may be forced to ask “from whence cometh thou?” their answer is simple and straight forward. “I am coming from the bush, desert, wilderness; my father asked me to come to see how you do” they shall emerge from unknown and unpopular groups, ministries and movements. Their emergence is not a sort quick event, it took John the baptist just 30yrs to be made, though may not know how to fully handle the weapons of Saul on the pulpit. But their strenght lies in their training. The secret is; they have been to the university of God and can give the account to anyone that “he teacheth my hand to war”. They were trained with something else in the place of training when little or no one could see. Though in the school of tending sheeps yet in the university of God.

Many Sons Functioning as the Son

These ones are not chosen by themselves, neighter are they chosen by men. The Lord certifies them. In their hand shall be a large sword, “sword of truth”. They shall fully learn how to wield the power in the sword to the fullest capacity. Like Joshua, they shall speak and the elements of the earth and the heaven shall not resist; the sun shall stand still in Gibeon and the moon in the valley of Ajalon. They shall be men of the spirit, functioning as sons in the very capacity of the son, thus we shall have many son anointed with the Holy Ghost and with power moving about doing good and healing those who are oppressed for the Lord was with them. In them, the prophecy of the son shall be fulfilled. “he that believes in me, the works that I do shall he do also and greater works than these because I go to my father. as the water baptism of John was a sign or picture of the fire (Holy Ghost) baptism to come from the saviour. So also the end time messengers shall declare judgements as a sign of the judgement to be made by the coming Lord and Judge.

Their searching purity shall not be questioned, for their life of holiness shall portray christ. It shall be genuine and one imparted from heaven, they shall bring the body of christ to the body of christ to perfection. They shall be the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ in this last days as John the baptist was in Mark1:1. They are the true followers;John21:20, they have no other business than following Him, every other business they engage in originates from this. They are the disciples which the Lord loved. Though the Lord loved all his disciples but yet these ones can never substitute anything for their love for the master, they would never want to fail in communion, fellowship, in leaning upon the Lord and sitting upon His laps. The Lord said of them “if I will that these ones tarry till I come, what is that to you?

They are like Daniel, who shall… to be continued


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