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Astrological Benefits of Ruby Stone

Updated on September 27, 2013

Benefits of Wearing Ruby Stone

Everyone who wears Ruby Stone following the process of astrology gets conferred with them. However, it is in specifically considered to be beneficial for people belonging to Leo Zodiac Sign. Other than them, those born on 1, 10, 19, or 28 of any month, those born in January or July, and those born during the period of August 17th and September 16th have been confirmed to be the prominent beneficiaries of this stone.

Impact on Sun

Amongst the varied nature of benefits that Ruby stone derives to its wearers, its ability to influence the way Sun is acting on a person is considered to be one most important of all. It is encompassed with such divine powers which help it influence the astrological planet Sun and the influence it is forming, no matter whether it is in benefic state or malefic state.

Sun is the centre of existence, the source of all the energies, the king of planets, the soul of Kaalpurusha, the prime illustration of radiance and light, and much more. It holds an extremely important influence over everyone’s life, which gets determined by how it is positioned in one’s horoscope. When positioned favorably, it makes one look dynamic, energetic, vibrant, charismatic, and full of positivity. It derives success, heightens one to be a leader, improves father-son relationship, and makes one determined, courageous, and compassionate. On the contrary, it makes one loose all those attributes when it gets positioned unfavorably. Other than that, one gets highly vulnerable to suffer health problems of blood pressure, hemorrhage, cardiac problems, and problems related to eyes.

Ruby stone, as already stated, can be brought to influence both the malefic as well as benefic Sun. It strengthens it to make it act more positive on its wearers.

Ensures Success in Competitive Exams

Over the years, government jobs and civil service examinations have grown up to be the ultimate goal of many of those looking for a successful career. It is extremely alluring, and at the same time extremely competitive. If you are one of those looking to crack either of them, then Ruby stone can well be the major difference. Hard work and determination, when put in with luck as brought by this stone, ensures confirmed success.

Other than that, it is also extremely beneficial for those who aspire to be leaders, diplomats, engineers, and contractors. This stone injects in leadership qualities and all other ingredients required to be an inspiring and influential leading light. Those who are in any way involved with the business of computers, newspaper, fire, publishing, medicines, research, printing, foundry, and electricity car mark quick growth by wearing Ruby. Also, it is one favorite stone amongst healers and spiritualists, as it helps them perform their craft with further precision.

Other Aspects of Usefulness

Other than those benefits stated above, this stone is also comprised of few other constructive abilities which make it one favorite stone of all. If a child is made to wear this stone, then he attains a timely physical and mental growth. It stimulates blood circulation and protects one from all sorts of blood related problems. It also confers charisma and good health. Thos suffering from boils, jaundice, fever, itch, hypertension, peptic ulcer, sleeplessness, piles, rheumatism, gout, diabetes, cholera, or any heart or lung related problem can find relief in this stone.

Abide By Rules to Ensure Benefits

Ruby stone undoubtedly holds enormous amount of benefits. However, these benefits are actually conferred to a person, only and only if; one chooses to abide by the rules of astrology to wear it. According to rules, if you are wearing it for the first time, then wear it on any auspicious Sunday between 0800 hours and 1000 hours. The process requires you to dip the stone, which should be of at least 3 Ratti and should be embedded in gold or copper, in sacred Ganges water or in a mixture of spring water and raw milk on the night of the preceding Saturday. After touching the stone with an image or idol of any Lord of choice, one should wear it in the ring finger of the right hand while reciting the Mantra of “Om GrrNi Suryay Namah".


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