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Astrology - Are We Compatible?

Updated on January 23, 2011

As someone that has dabbled in astrology all my life (lawyer by trade - astrologer at heart!), by far the most frequent question I am asked is "are we compatible?". Not surprisingly, the first venture into the world of astrology often stems from that need we all have to know whether he/she is "the one". Sometimes we turn to astrology because we can't explain an attraction to someone. Other times we have analyzed a relationship to the point of exhaustion and we simply want another point of view. Personally, I am a believer and use astrology to help understand and predict all types of relationships both professional and personal. Most people have a hard time putting "lawyer" and "astrology" in the same sentence, but I find it humorous how many of my legal colleagues have come to me over the years for astrology advice!

Romantic compatibility is complicated from an astrological perspective. It is not as simple as looking at the two sun signs. A professional astrologer will look at all your placements, what houses they are in and the aspects they create to each other. For me, I always ask for at least the first five placements (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) before I will offer an opinion. Each body has a distinct purpose in your chart. The moon, for example rules your inner feelings and hidden emotions. Mercury dictates how you think and process information. Venus can indicate who you are attracted to and what you need in a relationship while Mars governs your physical energy. Each placement contributes to the big compatibility picture. As mentioned above, a professional astrologer will do an in depth reading of both charts to determine compatibility. While I am not a professional astrologer, I have been reading charts for about 30 years and find that I am surprisingly accurate at this point. When asked about compatibility, there are a few key areas that I look at before offering an opinion.


What elements are represented? There is a natural understanding among signs of the same element (ie: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces; Aries, Leo and Sag.; Taurus, Virgo and Cap.; and Gemini, Libra and Aq.) There is also a natural harmony between water and earth and air and fire. Not surprisingly, water and fire can create discord as well as air and earth. Therefore, if water dominates one chart and fire the other we are not off to a good start. Nothing is determinative alone however; for instance if one partner has a fire sun and water moon and the other a water sun and fire moon they can be surprisingly compatible. Look for overall compatibility among the elements.

Sun and Moon

I list these together because I personally believe that your Moon sign is as important as your Sun sign. Therefore, while your Sun signs may seem incompatible, if your Moon signs are highly compatible you may be a match overall. I also find that in many cases one partner's Sun is a great match for the other partner's Moon and vice versa. For example, if one partner has her Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo and the other partner has his Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio. I find that there must be compatibility in some form within the Sun an Moon but it is not limited to compatible Sun signs.


Venus plays a big role in compatibility. Venus tells us how we view relationships and what we need out of them. I have Venus in Aries and can be rather impetuous and risk-seeking in rrrelationships. I can also be selfish and independent. Venus can also tell us who we are attracted to - not compatible with but attracted to. Look to the Venus signs of both partners to see what they need in a relationship. Are they independent? Needy? Jealous? Family-oriented?

Mercury and Mars

Mercury is frequently, but not always in the same sign as the Sun. Mercury governs how we think and process information. It can contribute to good communication and understanding between the partners or hamper communication. Mars tells us about our physical energy and to some extent what we like where sex is concerned.


As you can see, compatibility is complex and should be looked at from far more than just the partners' sun sign positions. Once you have considered all of the above, you will likely see a pattern of compatibility or incompatibility emerge. Additionally, you can often see where the couple's strong points will be and the areas where they will have issues. You will, at any rate, undoubtedly be amazed at how accurate your predictions or analysis can be!


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