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Astrology: Uranus Part Two

Updated on April 9, 2014
The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn
The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn | Source
Uranus's glyph
Uranus's glyph | Source

In Astrology: Uranus Part One, I explained the history, mythology and key features of the planet Uranus. Uranus rules over Aquarius and the eleventh house. The eleventh house is about friendships and our collective goals and strengths in numbers. Uranus in Greek mythology is the god of the sky and the heavens. The Roman Equivalent to Uranus is Caelus.

The planet Uranus rules over technology, scientific discoveries, societal changes, and rebellions. During the time of Uranus a number of scientific and artistic breakthroughs took place including the Romantic art and literature movement, Industrial Revolution, and the invention of electricity.

Scorpio's glyph
Scorpio's glyph | Source

Uranus Exalted in Scorpio

Exalted in astrology means the highest and best position a sign in a planet can be in. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio. Uranus is a good position for Scorpio, a fixed sign, bent on transformation and truth. Scorpio is a fixed, water sign, so they are naturally stubborn, emotional, intuitive and sensitive. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars is the planet of action in astrology. In Uranus, we have a sign (Scorpio) that is about action and is not afraid to act. Pluto has to do with death and extreme situations that can be used to bring out and inspire transformation. Uranus has a do with societal changes and breakthroughs in society, which are often characterize by violent and catastrophic times.

This is Pluto’s territory exploring the dark side of life and using it as a learning experience and a tool for growth. There is a lot of violence and passion in the sign Scorpio (Mars was the god of war and Pluto the god of the underworld). Scorpio is not afraid to be the outsider and to think outside the box. The occult, and other taboo subjects interests Scorpio, so they have that natural affinity to break traditions and look in areas that others fear to look at.

Scorpio is quite an intelligent sign (when it wants to be), especially the higher evolved types. It can use this rebellious search for truth and life’s mysterious to discover new concepts, ideas, and technologies. Scorpio overall is the sign that best understand this and can best use these tragedies, violence, rebellion and catastrophic events in a way to transform and transcend itself and humanity into a higher level of consciousness and intelligence.

Leo's glyph
Leo's glyph | Source

Uranus Detriment in Leo

Uranus is in detriment in Leo. Detriment represents a planet and zodiac signs most difficult and challenging position. Detriment doesn’t fit the ideals of a planet that it’s supposed to represent at all. Uranus is in detriment in sign of Leo. Leo is a fire sign, ruled by the Sun. Leo is a happy, vibrant and passionate sign.

Even so, in Uranus, Leo is deficient and incompatible. Uranus is about replacing things/ideas and breaking down of things for something better. Leo doesn’t want things broken down they want things to stay the same. They want to just let things be. Also Leo is a very proud sign that doesn’t want to do the whole self-reflection Scorpio/Pluto thing, so it is hard for them.

This is because they don’t want to admit faults and any imperfections on their end because the Leo ego is fragile. They can’t handle the darker parts of life like a Scorpio because they are not used to it delving deep into human psyche. They simply do not want to do or think about that and prefer rainbows and sunshine.

Taurus's glyph
Taurus's glyph | Source

Uranus Fall in Taurus

The fall sign in astrology represents a sign in which its position in a planet is uncomfortable and weak. Though this position is not the worst position it’s difficult to express the nature of the planet. The Fall is always the opposite sign of a planets exaltation. Uranus fall sign is Taurus, which is the opposite of Scorpio.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. They understand the need to work at things until the end and they are also quite stubborn. Even so, they don’t understand the depth of change. Taurus is a simple, practical sign ruled by Venus. They value pleasure and a good time. They don’t want to deal with change, rebellion, and all the ugly, messy things associated with Uranus.

Similar to Leo in their need for happiness and joy, Uranus in Taurus feels things should stay the way they are. They see can change, but they will resist change (like all the fixed signs), but for Scorpio they understand change though painful experiences can be a good thing. Taurus doesn’t want to recognize change until it is too hard to not see the practical, more logical aspects and sides of change.

Even so, do not forget that Taurus is a logical Earth sign, and it is part of their nature to look at rationally at things, ideas and concepts. They are not stopped by an ego and a refusal to look at the reality of change, like Uranus in Leo. Once they understand the rationally and practically behind these changes Taurus can get on board and stay on board. It’s a bit uncomfortable for Taurus to do make changes, but when they do they stick it through to the end.

Gott Uranus by Tycho Brahe
Gott Uranus by Tycho Brahe | Source

Overall Uranus is a planet that plays by its own rules. Not all signs get this or understand this. Scorpio is exalted in Uranus because Scorpio also plays by its own rules and can best turn catastrophic events into learning lessons. While as, Uranus in Leo is in detriment because they don’t care for change, they just want to be happy. Lastly Uranus is in the Fall in Taurus, and though is uncomfortable with what Uranus represents, has the follow through and drive to logically access a situation and make the necessary changes to please Uranus. Overall this is the conclusion of the Astrology: Uranus series. Thank You!

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