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Beginners' Guide To Tarot-Card Combinations and their Meanings Revealed #3 The Empress

Updated on October 23, 2011

When reading a spread of tarot cards, it's important to interpret how the cards work together and compliment each other in different combinations. Although each card has it's own meaning, the supporting cards reflect what each card is trying to say. For example: the Queen of Swords falling between a king and another queen can be a deceitful woman coming between a husband and wife.

The following card combinations involve the Empress. By herself, she represents abundance, fertility, and the attainment of something waited for. She may be suggesting a pregnancy (especially if their is a page in the future), or she may represent the querent's mother, or the motherly qualities of the querent.

The Empress (with)

Preceding the Magician suggests that discretion will bring success.

Preceding the Chariot- material success If the Empress is reversed, expect a delay before success.

If the Empress reversed is followed by Death, the Devil, or the Tower, the card meanings cancel each other out.

Following the Star- happiness and tranquility. Preceding the Star-success is ensured through effort and ambition.

Following the Page of Cups reversed- health issues related to childbearing

Always watch card combinations when reading the tarot, to get the most thorough reading possible.


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