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Beginners' Guide to Tarot: Card Combinations and Their Meanings Revealed: #1 The Magician

Updated on October 15, 2011

Reading the tarot takes more than just knowing the meanings of the cards and knowing the spreads.. Certain card combinations, in certain positions, produce additional meanings. When the card in question is said to be “following” or “preceding” another card, it means the card just before or after the card in question.. “Proximity” refers to being nearby. The closer the proximity, the stronger the meaning. “Surrounding” means the cards immediately preceding and following the card in question.

The Magician- Energy, focus and manifestation, seize the day
Reversed- lack of motivation, projects may fail, money thrown away, mixed messages from someone

1- The Magician (with)

The High Priestess- The Magician reversed preceding the High Priestess shows occult powers being misused.

The Empress- The Magician following the Empress tells of discretion bringing success.

The Lovers- The Magician following the Lovers points out hesitation in a new venture. If the Lovers card is reversed, seperation is caused by this hesitation.

Wheel of Fortune- a change in job, residence, or direction

The Star- If the Magician follows the Star: a good beginning of a new project or endeavor

The World- If both cards are upright, material success is predicted.

While the Magician (like the Fool) may not mean much by itself, sometimes taking a look at the surrounding cards will enlighten the querent as to it’s meaning. The cards fall where they do for a reason, possibly one only the querent knows.


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