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Beginners' Guide to Tarot- The Meaning of the Swords

Updated on October 11, 2011

The suit of swords deal with the trials of life. The court cards often represent people of darker coloring, or with the personalities represented by each card.

Ace of Swords-success or victory after strife, possibly, use of force or increased buying power
R-destructive behavior, excessive use of force

Two of Swords- the querent is stuck between a rock and a hard place and struggles to stay balanced, more discussion and less action is needed

Three of Swords-heartache and backstabbing, possibly a love triangle
R-healing begins

Four of Swords-a sense of exile or banishment, a time to retreat, a need to pull back on the reins or convalescence after illness
R-renewed activities, good opportunities ahead

Five of Swords- an unfair battle in which the winner uses trickery or deceit.
R-rumors and gossip cause conflict

Six of Swords-flight from troubled waters to a calmer sea, travel, possibly by water, or a change in job or residence
R- the querent may be stuck in a rut, the journey may be delayed

Seven of Swords- thievery, vicious gossip, flight from a dishonorable act, secrets abound
R- a thief is thwarted, something is returned, a secret is revealed

Eight of Swords-hands are tied, somebody seeks control, a feeling of entrapment, money troubles abound or a need to have an escape route
R-new beginnings become possible, relaxation after fear, freedom from restriction, a release from incarceration

Nine of Swords-misery, suffering, mental anguish, bad news
R- time for healing, good news about a loved one

Ten of Swords-betrayal, defeat, financial ruin from shady business dealings, termination of a relationship
R-losses are in the past, new horizons

Page of Swords- upsetting or unexpected news or a young person of dark coloring or high energy levels, somebody may be using a relationship to prove a point
R- expect bad news or a young troublemaker

Knight of Swords- unexpected news or expenses or a man of dark coloring
R- lack of direction, delays, conflict

Queen of Swords- dominance, an emotionally devastating situation or a powerful woman with dark coloring or good leadership skills
R-the querent is stuck in a rut. The surrounding cards will show the way out.

King of Swords-the situation calls for clear thinking or a mature man of honesty, fairness and education or of dark hair.
R- caught between two antagonistic people that will cause problems or a cruel, insensitive, mature man

These tarot meanings are only suggestions and the meanings can vary based on circumstances, position, and supporting cards.


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