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Belated Happy Earth Day

Updated on January 18, 2022

Belated Happy Birthday Earth!

Well I have an excuse in being late, I am older than Earth, what’s your excuse?

Okay, I am not saying that I am literally older than the Earth, but rather, I am older than Earth Day.

And I had to do a quick search to be sure, LOL.

Yes Earth or more accurately, Earth Day is 40 this year! Woohoo!

Not bad for Mother Earth.

But it’s never too late to join Earth Day Events any day, any where:

Why? Because, saving the Earth has never been the in thing, the rad thing, or the right thing to do and it has never been such in vogue or in fashion. So much so, I want to be in my teens or at least in my early twenties again so as to better join in the activities and the festivities. Fountain of Youth anyone?

Okay, before we get carried away--here, in our place we can still participate in the Cash For Clunkers Thing. Wait, that was so last year. And news flash, now is absolutely the right time to get yourself a Prius, great deals, rates and fantastic low prices. Just drive slow though.

Latest Recall News From Toyota:

Cash For Appliances

So much for that, what I mean is we can still participate in Cash For Appliances. Who doesn’t want cash and who doesn’t like appliances? So check out how you can participate in your own places:

Turn in your old home and workplace appliance clunkers and get the new energy efficient and super earth friendly energy star qualified appliances. And it’s advisable that you do for your own good as Water and Power Rates are still on the upside and still going up as sadly it is fit enough to keep up with the high inflation and interest rates. If only our paychecks and available jobs can also join in the race and keep up, they should really get in shape already.

Regular exercise, that’s a good thing to do too. That is why walking, biking and other similar means of transport are also good for all of us. Good shoes and forearm sleeve covers are a must though.

But just as in everything else, too much of one thing could also be just that, too much (just as in too little of some other thing is also too little).

One easy way of taking in the Earth Day Theme is to get your copy of the highest grossing film ever -- Avatar -- be it in blu-ray or DVD. And of course it wasn't accidental that the release of the Avatar videos coincided with that of Earth Day 2010, as we do know the movie wasn't unclear about environment protection. So, let's give some more for this green-themed blockbuster. Woot-woot!

I know we should do our part each one of us, especially if we haven’t, in helping Mother Earth and our environment. But the Earth is way too old than forty years, way older than our grandparents, way older than Tutankhamen, way older than Father Abraham, way older than anybody in recorded history. It has much more experience in surviving than any of us will possibly know. And of course, we can only do so much, if we do anything at all.

Still, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (the Contemporary Three Rs) we should all do (and plant trees and grow a garden while you're at it).

But just as in the Original 3 Rs, which are Reading, ’Riting and ‘Rithmetic, in case you are too young to remember, are the basic elements of primary learning, the foundation of our education, without which you cannot compute how much to reduce, you cannot write the word reuse and you cannot read the word recycle.

And so on Earth Day and also today and everyday for that matter, let us not forget our basic moral and ethical foundation. So if you believe in God, honor him in everything that you see, hear, say and do. And not only when it’s convenient or when somebody else is looking.

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil

Photo from
Photo from

And besides the next generation normally does the things that you do yourself and not just the things that you say. I am just not so sure with this current generation though. LOL

Happy (Belated) Earth Day Everyone!

And I hope that our love for the cute pandas, the giant whales, the magnificent tigers and all the other poster children of animal conservation will be the same love that we will render or give back to our human mother and father, our teachers, our elders, our brothers and sisters, our fellow humans and if you believe in one, our Creator.

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