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When Bullies Are Bullied Back Do We Rejoice Or Stand Up For Them

Updated on January 14, 2022

When Bullies Are Bullied Back Do We Rejoice Or Stand Up For Them?


Okay, serious now.

I didn’t know if I was joking or not when my two index fingers typed in the title up there.

But it does look to me like I was asking you a trick question.


Consider this for a moment, here are the high and mighty South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker who for over ten years have bullied, persecuted, made fun of famous actors, public officials, public figures, heads of state, religious leaders, atheists, Jesus, God, your uncle Bob, your cousin Mary and everybody else in almost every episode of South Park—and which basically is a regular thing at almost every other show at Comedy Central (freedom of speech baby).

But then a group claiming to be Islamic terrorists basically mentioned to them about the fact of what happened to a Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh1 who stepped on their turf. And to most peace loving people of the world, this was a simple and apparently effective while otherwise indirect way of saying mess with the Prophet Muhammad and let’s see what happens to you two (too). That's a terrorist threat if you ask peace officers.

And what happened next?

Comedy Central, South Park, Stone, Parker and the rest of the normally tough below-the-belt-hitting, no-holds barred gang caved in and bleeped all mentions of name the Prophet Muhammad and censored out images of what could be deemed as the likeness of the prophet's face and body.

What the ?

Yes, bullies can be bullied back. I am not advocating it at all but when you push somebody back and they shoved you back, you can either go forward and engage or run back as fast and as far away as you can.

How much would we all be willing to see a snapshot of the expressions on the faces of the bullies who bullied an entire American cable television channel and the faces of Matt Stone, Trey Parker and the rest of the bullies who were bullied back right before they fled with their tails under their behinds?

But it’s a shame I tell you.

And even though I do not want to admit saying that I would have loved to see those photographs myself, but I guess I just did. The more important issue here is that I would not like to be terrorized like that and let this small group of terrorists get away with it.

Comedy Central, South Park, Matt, Trey, anybody, are you just going to let that get past you?

Where are your toughness, your boldness, your guts, your brashness, your audacity and your courage now?

Oh well, I know you can always go back to hitting the Jews, Jesus, God and the Christians again anyway. No big deal, right?

But not and never will we ever mess with <BLEEPED>.

So how is all this even possible?

Nobody should be laughing at this and this should really be no laughing matter, even though it is a little bit funny, you have to admit that.

But people can get badly hurt and have died because of attacking <BLEEP>.

And that is no laughing matter!

The question is shall we now stand behind the bullies who have bullied us all since grade school but who have now found themselves with their back behind the wall and bullied back?

Your call.

(I believe I just made mine)

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Date: 2010-Apr-28

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 1 Theo van Gogh was a Dutch filmmaker and a critic of religions including Islam. He was killed by an Islamic militant in Amsterdam in 2004 after he made a film which showed the abuse of Muslim women in some Islamic societies.

Found a book available at Amazon discussing this below.


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