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Bible School Scholar: My Personal Testimony:

Updated on June 13, 2013

Louis & Cavell first year Bible School

The problems facing the Bible School Scholar after he or she has graduated.

We went to Bible school and graduated in 2006. My wife and I was determined to go out there, to turn the world over for Christ, but to our shocking discovery, it did not work like that.

We thought that the Bible College would help us by giving us some support or taking our baby hands in the ministry, some or the other way. We thought that they would give us at least help in the know how to do things.

Reality struck when we were given a cold shoulder from every side. We were on our own, orphans in this big and scary world.

We heavily relied on God for support and to give us vision. We started out with a Home Church and by praying and fasting we grew. As we became stronger and God gave us more boldness we started to talk vision, in faith.

Jan Hofmeyer outreach!

We decided to take God on His word and we had an outreach for the lost. We started the planning stage and the fire of the Holy Spirit urged us on. There were only a few hands to do all the hard work, but it seems as if nobody minded. With gladness we set out to tackle this giant with Gods help and guidance. We started out to get sponsors and learned that people are not easy to part from their earthly god “money”. We prayed and ask God to help because He is our provider.

Days before the outreach we still did not have the money to finance the outreach, but God. Then 2 days before the outreach, it was as if everything fell into place. We had money, a stage, a borrowed sound system and help in the form of nearby home churches.

We went and bought some meat for a “braai” and all that was needed and on “D” day we were there in full force.

Children’s faces were painted, hotdogs were fed, games were played with sweets and chocolates as prizes, cold drinks were issued, then we had a motorbike club visiting that gave children some motorbike rides. We had a Braai and then we showed a movie.

After the movie we spoke to the people and told them about Jesus and 84 people gave their lives to God. We ministered to them and took the names to follow them up.

It cost us R30 000.00 in total, and till today we can only say, Thank you Lord.

With the outreach harvest we start 3 new home churches or cell groups. We now had an “Afrikaans” cell, an English cell and a Youth Cell

Louis graduating 2007

Leizelle at school outreach.

Our numbers grew from 5 to 83 people in months. God was moving and many healing, miracles, supernatural phenomena and more took place every week in the cell. We grew out of our place of worship and decided we are going to move to another place and to use the house as a Mission Church.

Not long and we decided, led by the Holy Spirit to have a second outreach and we took the people from the first outreach and we trained them to go back to their own community and to serve them in Christ.

We trained them to sing Gospel songs, to testify and to do plays. We started a Sunday school and trained the children to do a play.

We started to look for sponsors again, but as with the first outreach, got only a cold shoulder.

We prayed and some sponsors began come in the form of paint and materials. We opened a new bank account and for some reason they gave us a wrong account number. This number was used on the web pages and 2 days before the outreach, we realised that there was no money available to have an outreach.

We did not panic because we knew God always come through for us.

We had an outreach with R 2000.00 and it was bigger and better than the previous one.

We had 2 sponsored trucks that were used for a stage and for the sound room. By this time we had our own sound system.

We had all 83 people participating and 26 special people participating in song and testimonies. We had the Sunday school performing their play and the youth had 2 plays, we played Gospel music and we gave out hot dogs and curry and rice. There were prizes, games, motorbike rides, cold drinks and lots more.

We were rained out and did not get to show a movie, but before we left we had an alter call and to our amazement some people came and gave there hearts to Christ.

The outreach was a total success. This was not because of the number that were saved, but in the spiritual growth of the Youth, Sunday School and teachers and everyone who pulled together to make the outreach a success. Amazingly, we took the people from their own community and they served them with the love of the Lord.

Jan Hofmeyer outreach!

Looking back!

Looking back, I am amazed at the working of the Creator in using us for His glory and purpose. Most of the people we touched were lifted up in life, moved on to better areas, or Churches. Our church constantly changed people in the sense of turnover.

In this time, we ourselves were still growing in Christ. We learned more in these 18 months than we did in our total walk with Yeshua until we started working for the Lord.

We also learned that some people are like the parable of the sower; when troubles come they wither and die, their roots are shallow and some can’t let go of the world and its lust’s .

We also discovered truths in the word of God, (some practices and beliefs that are not biblical) and some things that they did not teach us. When we started asking questions, we were given the familiar cold shoulder.

God always is there for us. He never leaves or forsakes us. We will conquer and we will make it. We started to implement the true Gospel and Biblical practices in our gatherings’ and that scared most people away because of their traditions.

We have now stabilized with 36 people coming to worship God regularly.

This road is not easy, it is full of fiery trials and we rejoice in Christ our Lord. We are making a difference in people's lives. We are not where we want to be but we are no longer where we used to be. God is not finished with us yet. I am very excited to see what tommorrow holds in Christ.

To all future Scholars or anyone wanting to go out and make a difference, this hub is to encourage you to "never give up" because perserverence builds your faith , trust in God and also you character. Keep on keeping on and keep on smilling.

My plan to reach the lost

My plan to reach the "people, people" in my life oikos is to go and visit them more often and also to spend more time with them even if it costs me, to testify and to tell them of the provision of the Lord so as to win their souls for the cell and the Kingdom of God. One on one ministry is the most effective way to do it.

This challenging plan involves that I am looking out for "Landscape people", to deliberately draw them closer and to make them part of my oikos. In this process I always look for the people of peace. When I find him/her I start building a relationship. Then later on, I counsel them and share the Gospel with them, saving their souls is my prime aim. I am always on the lookout for opportunities that God brings to enable me to meet these people, through disasters, sickness, hobbies and needs est.

I look at "Machine people" with new eyes, and always make a point of giving compliments and going to the same waiters and cashiers whenever possible, to build relationships so as to win their souls for Jesus. The Lord has given me a tool by way of a small pocket knife with which I usually take out and show to these people in a playfully threatening way which always ends in laughter and mockery.

People are more open after a good laugh and then they can be reached for Christ.

Bible school group photo second year.

Bible Study

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    • louisxfourie profile imageAUTHOR

      Louis Fourie 

      9 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Thank you for reading my hub and amen on that.

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      9 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


      Thank you for sharing this tremendous story of faith. I realize that a certain degree of theological training might be necessary, but in another sense, who needs Bible School when we have God? Thanks again.


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