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Theory of Blending

Updated on June 13, 2014

Theory of Blending

We heard of colours blending, beverages blending and mixtures. Theory of Blending?

What is blend? It means a mixture of two or more different things or substances. In real life, how are we going to apply this "Theory of Blending"? It is just like you have good EQ. You know how to mix around with any people. A very example is in a workplace, if you are able to blend well (easy going) with all your colleagues, everyone will find you easy to get along with. Even your boss might be impress with your work and promotes you, as you are more approachable and likeable. It is easy to say than done. Not everyone knows how to apply this "Theory of Blending".

Anywhere and everywhere, we bound to meet new people or even old friends. Most of the time, we are always blending within the group, society, community, etc. In a workplace, school, or even within friends, it is just like a community. We are living among people pf different characters and personalities. Everyone is different. You can never find a person who thinks the same like you or even feel the same as you. Knowing this "Theory of Blending", you are more likely to know more people and of course, more opportunities are waiting and open for you as well.


Talking about blending, in the animal kingdom, there is this particular type of animal which uses its distinctive ability to protect itself from danger and adapts according to different circumstances it is in.

The chameleons are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards. Many species have the ability to change colours. Due to their camouflage abilities, it enables them to protect themselves from danger, signal a chameleon's physiological condition and intentions to other chameleons.

They blend in order to survive.

Advantages of Blending

As I mentioned above, we are living among people of different characters and personalities. To a certain extent, knowing how to apply this "Theory of Blending" can make your life easier.

How does it work?

In every different environment, there is a "unsaid culture". This "unsaid culture" is how everyone behaves, talks and reacts in that environment. If you are an ambitious person and the environment you are in is political and competitive, high chances you are able to blend in together with the rest as you are able to adapt fast to the surrounding just like a chameleon. Along the way, you might still get bruises and wounds but it's okay for you. Why? This is the kind of environment you are more likely to adapt well and survive.

Another scenario, still taking the above as an example. You are not that ambitious but you learn fast, you sieve the management inside out and understand how the environment works. Very soon, you blend in well with rest. Given such abilities, you will survive well.

This is what "Theory of Blending" is all about.

What if we can't blend in?

If you just simply unable to blend in with the rest, then just be yourself. The moment you force yourself to do something you are not comfortable with, it will turn out disastrous. It is just like when you don't know how to stay beside a tiger and you insist to blend in with it....

In the end, what happened?

If you are lucky, you may succeed staying beside a tiger but if not? You may ended up, getting scratches and wounds all over. It will be painful. Even you can change to be one, but you can never be one. Why? Cause you are who you are. If you are a rabbit, you will never be a tiger. No matter how hard you tried. Even you thought that if you can be like a tiger, at least the current situation you are in, will be better. The fact is, it will not going to be! You can lie to everyone but yourself because deep inside your heart, you know no matter how hard you tried, you can never be like one of them.

I too, used to asking questions like: How would people look at me, think of me? How I can blend in with the rest? When everyone can be the same, why can't I? The answer is I am too concern the way people look at me or how they think of me. If this theory doesn't apply to me, I should just be myself. There is a Chinese saying "What overcome changes is don't change." When you don't have to change to suit the rest. Sooner or later, others will slowly understand and accept who you are and what you are. You are uniquely you.

Be who you are

Mistakes make people grown up. Maybe this theory can be useful and applicable to certain people and just certain group of people. It is just like coffee, if you add milk and sugar, it will blend well and changes its colour. They become a mixture. And milk, sugar and coffee live in harmony and happily ever after. What if hydrogen and oxygen can't mixed together to be water, just stay as it is as in their gaseous state.

Every single elements, creatures and humans on earth have their own unique ways of living. "Theory of Blending" is just one of the way of how some use for survival in this society. We always hear something like this, "if you can't beat them join them". And I will add on this, "if you can't join them just be yourself".

In the end, you are the one who lives your own life. You are the one who is responsible of who you are and not others.


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