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How Far Would You Go To Protect your Child?

Updated on April 21, 2013
Nell Rose profile image

Nell is a psychologist and writer. She is interested in many aspects of Psychology and how we treat each other. plus DNA and Genealogy.

How far would you go to protect your child? The world has always been a dangerous place, but over the last 70 years or so it has become safer and yet more dangerous.

This sounds as though I am contradicting myself but if you think about it, everyday we take our kids to school, pick them up and sometimes let them stay over at a friends house. In this case we live in a safe environment.

But out there, in the world or even around the corner from where you live there maybe someone who is dangerous. To protect our children we are constantly on the look out for danger.

It may be something as simple as the child falling from a tree. Or at the other end of the scale a full blown abduction. Most things that happen are usually something that can be sorted out pretty quickly, grab the phone, call an ambulance and get them to a hospital.

Those sort of problems are stomach churning but in some ways they are expected as our children grow up and start to explore the world around them.

But what would you do if someone either hurt them or tried to attack them in front of you?

How far are you willing to go to help your child?

woman fights back public domain images
woman fights back public domain images

I remember when my son was about 12 years old. He came in from school in floods of tears because a group of older boys had attacked him on the way home.

After asking him what was wrong, I looked out of the window and saw at least 20 boys two or three years older, outside my house. Without thinking I ran down the stairs and confronted the leader.

He was much taller than me, but in my temper I slapped him hard around the face. To my astonishment he burst into tears.

Later that night his father and mother came to the door. I thought it was to apologise. But no. They started on me and my husband. The man was huge, 6 foot tall and very fat. I went for him as well, he was carrying a baseball bat.

I said to him, 'well at least now I can see why your son is a bully'. The women started yelling at me, but trust me, I may be little but I have a very big mouth. Luckily they went out the door with their tails between their legs so to speak.

To me, my reaction was totally over the top. But it was something I just could not help doing. It was though something had overtaken my mind. I could see and feel my actions, but nothing would have stopped me.

But how far would I have gone? Could I, in different circumstances, have killed someone if they had really hurt my boy?

I think so. Shocking? Well yes, but I am a mother. The same woman who would be embarrassed to walk into a shop and ask for a refund. But when cornered, I would turn into a lion.

I am woman, hear me roar.

Self Defence

So how can you protect your children? Well a good way is to learn self defence. Check out your nearest self defence classes for women. Just learning a few moves maybe the difference between life and death. I went to a few classes ten years ago, and I still remember the moves. Whether they would help me I really don't know, but its there, in the back of my mind and does give me confidence.

Public domain photos
Public domain photos

Mothers Who Have Killed To Protect Their Children

Ms. Anonymous of Ball Ground GA, was attacked and assaulted while her child was locked in a closet.

When the attacker threatened to harm the child, the woman, who was badly injured managed to grab the knife and kill him.

The child was safe. Ms. Anonymous was given hospital treatment, but not arrested.

Mari Carmen Garcia of Spain was out walking seven years after her daughter had been raped.

She spotted the assailant, and after hearing him taunt her about her daughter, went home, grabbed some gasoline and walked into the bar where he was drinking.

She set him on fire, and a few days later he died. She was convicted of murder, and sentenced to 9 years in prison.

After an outcry of 'shame' with over 5,000 petitioners claiming her innocence, it was reduced to just one year.  Child learning self defence techniques. Simple as biting. Child learning self defence techniques. Simple as biting.

Self Defence For Children

When my son was small he went through years of learning different self defence techniques. He started when he was ten years old, and worked his way up through Judo. Then he decided to go to Karate which lasted a few months. Then he tried kick boxing, but gave up on that quite quickly.

Whatever the self defence program, it's a good idea to let your children learn if only for a few months. It will give them confidence, and may even help to stop school bullying too purely by the fact that if the other kids know they do it, it should put a stop to any harassment.

To be honest, after reading about the woman above who killed her childs attacker ages after the event, I am not sure whether my temper would still be as hot after all that time.

I would hope by then I would ring the police and take them through the courts.

On the other hand if it was happening at that moment, then I know for a fact that I would attack, and attack quickly.

We always say that if anybody hurt our kids we would go on the defensive. I know for a fact that with the way our minds work, we do just that.

Its a strange feeling. Something in our minds and bodies takes over, and whether we want to or not, we automatically spring like a lioness and take down the perpetrator.

The part of our minds that are usually timid or scared just totally disappears.

So, could I kill to protect my kids? I hope so. Like a cornered animal protecting their offspring, a mother will bare her claws and strike. Believe me, I know.

I am Woman hear me Roar!

Would you kill to protect your children?

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© 2013 Nell Rose


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