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Bloody Moon, my sweet love.

Updated on September 1, 2015

Bloody Moon.


Bloody moon, my sweet love

Bloody Moon

I want her.

She is all I ever wanted.

All I ever needed.

How does a moment?

How does one night last forever?

Only time can tell? So she says.

Can I love again?

It's a little to late.

I love the way she walks.

The way she smells.

I love her name is Palesa.

In fact I will change my surname to Malanga.

I know you can not promise you won't Leave.

Just be by my side in the morning.

I love the way she walks.

The way she smells.

Those cute little tities, they look so soft.

Her words comfort me.

Her knowledge sets me free.

Her beauty, my mum acknowledges her presence.

Yet faithfulness is not a picture it can never be captured.

Bloody Moon.


Gods Poet Nkosi

For her sweetness Palesa Malanga.


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