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International Burn a Koran/Quran Day - Pastor Terry Jones Burning The Quran- The Consequences

Updated on June 28, 2012

Post International Burn a Koran/Quran Day Cancellation

I don't know what made Pastor Terry Jones cancel the event of the century, but what i do know is that it did go ahead unofficially.

Although Pastor Terry Jones did not carry out this discreet attack on Muslims, other uneducated and narrow minded people did. Pastor Terry Jones opened up the idea to the narrow minded people who took the regretful opportunity to burn a Koran/Quran. As everyone in the world who took an interest in this international violence provoking event saw there was a stupid dim wit who burnt a page of the Koran/Quran live on tv just to prove how macho and clever he is. He probably also thought he would become famous and invited to talk shows and in magazines and make a few extra dollars. To be honest, i'm not interested in what he wanted out of it all, but did he consider the fatal consequences of his cowardly actions? Let's find out what those consequences could be.

Pre International Burn a Koran/Quran Day

 This article was published before the International burn a Koran/Quran day so it is written in future tense. This article brings a lot to light about the Pastor's planned evil actions towards Muslims of the world by providing other narrow minded individuals of burning the Koran/Quran to offend muslims because of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers and the permission given by the government to build a mosque near Ground Zero.

There has been retaliation from some muslim countries who have burnt pages from the Holy Bible, but did anyone think of the consequences that may follow?

Islamaphobe/Christian Extremist/Christian Terrorist

Evil Pastor Terry Jones
Evil Pastor Terry Jones

This article is being written with a great amount of disgust against Pastor Terry Jones who has planned to carry out international burn a koran day on Saturday September 11th 2010 to get payback for the Twin Tower terror attacks, apparently by Muslims. He has put himself up to the same levels of Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust by inciting hatred against Islam using a cowardly plan to start a burn a quran day.

From a Muslim point of view, what is the need for this evil action which is to be taken place on Saturday September 11th 2010, which will be the new terrorist attack towards Islam.

Good practising Muslims are peace loving people which is very clear to see if you know anyone who is a Muslim. There are other 'good' practicing Muslims who are hypocrites and are not true muslims because they are the root cause of inciting hatred from and towards other religions. Pastor Terry Jones's idea that if he burns a koran he thinks he will be able to heal the Twin Tower attacks and everything will be fine, everyone will be happy and peace will be restored between Muslims and Americans. How stupid can someone get?

Terry Jones is the stupidest man on earth right now for the simple reason that he is and will be the man who starts the new era of hatred against Muslims all over the world, by carrying out the planned international burn a koran day. He has not considered the consequences of this evil plan , and him being a pastor, just makes the whole situation seem like the devils time is coming near.

Is he doing all this for publicity and fame and to become rich?

What Could Be The Consequences?

There are grave dangers and serious consequences that will follow this evil act to be lead by Pastor, yes Pastor, Terry Jones who is supposed to be setting an example to the local community of the religion he follows.

A verse from the Bible:

"My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you." From the Bible - John 15:12 (New International Version)

A verse from the Quran:

Sura 4 - An-Nisa (MADINA) : Verse 36
Serve Allah and join not any partners with Him: and do good― to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbours who are near neighbours who are strangers, the Companion by your side, the way-farer (ye meet) and what your right hands possess: for Allah loveth not the arrogant, the vainglorious;―

Both of the verses above from both the Bible and Quran gives you a message that you should do good or love each other whether it be other religions or anything else that we as human associate different from one another.

Below are a few consequences that will most definitely arise from Pastor Terry Jones and his idea to start a burn a koran day in Gainesville, California at the Dove World Outreach Center on Saturday September the 11th 2010.

  • Muslims will start a burn a Bible day in other parts of the world
  • Increased hatred towards Muslims in neighbourhoods and Muslim shops
  • Burn a Quran day will become a big political issue between countries
  • Many people will be killed and injured throughout the world provoking attacks in countries, cities, towns and villages
  • There will be more open hatred and religious insult from and to other religions
  • Burn a Koran day will be taken up by other people from all over the world, and same for burn a bible day
  • People will steer away from the true messages of their respected religions and their beliefs

These are just a few issues that could arise and there may be so many more that cannot even be contemplated.


This Should Be Stopped

Considering the points layed out above, this burn a koran day should be stopped because of the consequences it will bring to the religions of the world, it will not solve but create more hatred and violence towards other religions.

If Pastor Terry Jones does go ahead with this evil act, then what will follow only God knows. Him being a holy man of the community leading them to local wars between Christians and Muslims throughout the world is very saddening and just shows that the world is nearing it's end and the time of the devil is coming.

Pastor Terry Jones does not seem to be understanding his own religion, let alone Islam. They both teach to 'love thy neighbour'. 'Thy neighbour' could be white, black, yellow, brown, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist etc, so if one person is a good person then that person will show good towards others.

The local authority should step in and stop this evil act taking place for the safety of all people in the world, because this will not only happen in America. This will happen all over the world. Burn a Koran day will take place in Christian communities, and burn a Bible day will take place in Muslim communities.

What Has Incited Burn A Quran Day?

 The American government has decided to give permission to build a Mosque in or near Ground Zero, and this is the main reason why Americans are angry.

The American government is very clever. Giving permission to build a mosque in or near Ground Zero is another way to incite hatred towards Muslims of the world.

Think about it, since this was publicised American/Christian people are angry... and what a shameful decision this is from the government's perspective as they are not showing any respect towards the people who were killed there. This is another way to create hate towards the Muslims. If Muslims killed so many innocent people you wouldn't want to thank them by letting them build a mosque where Muslims killed those innocent people, would you? It's hypocrisy and another secret plan by America to create further hate towards Muslims as the Iraq and Afghanistan war is quietening down.

The right decision should be made by the local authorities if they have any power to stop this from happening for the good of people from all backgrounds, whether it be other religions or colours and cultures.

Your Views

 Please add your views about this burn a Quran day and what you think are the consequences of this evil act to be taking place.

Please add any comments below.

This article is not intended to solve any issues between Islam and Christianity, and any wrongdoing is obvious, for example 9/11 attacks, and now burn a quran day.

Being a Muslim writing this article, there is no intention to provoke anyone to leave offensive comments or remarks, which will be deleted. The authors view is an open view and is to open the minds of people reading this to make their own decision as to whether burn a Koran day is appropriate and a sane thing to do.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago




    • Shahid Bukhari profile image

      Shahid Bukhari 

      8 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

      Regarding the possible consequences ... of Terry Jones Koran Burning Idea ... which is nothing more than Evil, emerging from Ignorance ...

      You are forgetting to mention, that in future, Terry Jones will be remembered as the initiator of the "burning" of Religious Books, Practice ...

      The Revealed Books Say, the Same; differently ... thus, Terry's Idea, at best is describable as, Satanic.

      But, Truth, Is ... Truth, cannot be Burned, killed, or maimed.

      Though, Terry Jones, and Practitioners of his idea, are to Burn, in Hell ... Eternally.

    • gajanis786 profile image


      8 years ago

      Thumps up G Miah....good article and your good response to one of ignorant person above....

      I just want to add one thing here and that is please try to understand these all thing which is happening around the world against Muslims and nothing but,"politically oriented"....and do have their political agenda. So good sensible people will keep this in mind always and try to differentiate between political agenda of the so called world leaders and religious hatred.

      Just for the sake of keeping record straight, please be aware that today more and more people are converting to Islam in U.S., U.K. and other European countries than it was before 9/11 incident.....and the number of such new Muslims in these region goes in thousands after this 9/11 incident. What does that portray?....It surely reflects the intelligence of all these new Muslims who have used their brains and actually gone to research Islam and have concluded that Islam is actually a religion which preaches Peace, Harmony, Tolerance,teaches us rights of other human being, rights of elderly people, rights of the Females in the society, brotherhood and above all teaches us how to respect people from other religions......and so it has been proved that whatever bad image all these handful of misguided Muslims are giving to the world are actually all politically motivated and have their own vested interests into it.....that does not mean every Muslim is like that and that Islam is wrong.....Thanks.

    • OmNaser profile image


      8 years ago from kuwait

      I don't think burning Quran is a part of thier solution. I think its childish. Burning it will not bring those innocent lives back. I hope he grows up.

    • steve8miller profile image

      Steven Miller 

      9 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Like I said since when does America allow cults to start holy wars. This Terry Jones fellow is sick. He is so narcissistic he thinks they are moving the Recreation Center near ground zero because of himself. Which I do not believe they are even moving it. Hey as long as he thinks he is so important huh.

      I am seeing so much religious intolerance and disinformation lately. I would think we have been thrown into the past right out of the age of reason and science. What is going on here in America with these insane bickering's of religious intolerance. I guess this is what happens when certain people believe that college education is liberal nonsense huh. I know America is falling behind in virtually every area of education compared to the rest of the world. Unfortunately I think it is really starting to show! Great hub, keep up the great work.

      PS jjjjbbbb is the prime example of what I am talking about. Since when has the American mentality been that of, "if they do it, we can too?" That first grade type mentality is really hurting us to the rest of the world now. Muslims and other peoples across the globe have a respect for America. This respect is directly related to the American attitude that says "we are better than that, and will show the world"

      If the rest of the world follows in suit with America like some believe, then we are in for a heap load of trouble soon. We are a powerful nation, however to start going and poking the rest of the world with a big stick, is a foolish idea. This entire thing with the so called "Mosque" really a rec center, and this burning Koran thing should have never seen the light of day, in a media sense. The Koran has been burned, however no one turned an eye in the media. The media used not to allow such foolish things that can "hurt" America the light of day. It is as if we are now looking for trouble. Well we just might get it. Maybe some people want an attack on Obama's watch huh. I just hope they are not so foolish.

    • G Miah profile imageAUTHOR

      Gous Ahmed 

      9 years ago from Muslim Nation

      @ jjjjbbbb

      Nice name. You are right about it not being right to burn USA flag and attack USA and everything else, but it's also not right to go and invade another country for their oil and kill hundreds and thousands of people at the same time. Liberating another country, especially a Muslim one, is an excuse used by politicians for financial gains. Why don't the USA and UK government go and liberate Israel? They're off their heads and killing poeple, taking over their land? That's probably because they're Jews and Jews fund USA big time!

      What we as the members of the public, community and family and friends have to understand is how to live in harmony with each other. Like i said, we cannot solve any issues surrounding religious hatred, but we can increase the issues by getting involved and provoking hatred from what goes on in the world.

      I am a Muslim but have friends who are non-Muslim and also work with non-Muslims, I don't have any problems with their religion or culture and vice versa. Why? This is because they understand my culture and religion, respect it and vice versa. It is all about education and understanding, and not being ignorant of the people that surround us.

      The whole world is and open country now in my view and every single culture, religion, bcakground, colour and everything else will be found in most, if not all, countries. We should all understand this and try to live together.

      I do not agree with Muslims from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq burning the USA flag or terrorist attacks for that matter, but what gives the US government to burn their homes, families and other things to the ground? Liberation. What needs to be liberated is the USA and UK!!!

    • kaizan28 profile image


      9 years ago from Catsville

      Great hub, well written, i chose to write about his influence as a powerful negotiator, check it out

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 

      9 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      Salam, G. Miah. Finally after so long, I see you around again. :)

      Ied Mubarak, brother. Minal aidzin wal fa idzin. May Allah bless you and everyone you love. ^_^

      About Terry Jones, this person is stupid. Personally I don't want to take too much care about him at first because I believe no matter what he trying to do, it will never degrading Al Qur'an and Allah know how to depending Himself and His book. But in second look I understand, there is more than just anger will rise from this act.

      You are right, Many people will be killed and injured throughout the world provoking attacks in countries, cities, towns and villages. Hate and insult is casual around Islamophobia, but the killing indeed will rise. Imagined how Afghanistan citizen will look at American soldier now, while they were there and America let this happen in their country? This is only one example to ponder. Many problems indeed will rise and the wave of this may erupt into unnecessary incidents everywhere.

      But in the other hand, there is good side effect happening because of this "burn Qur'an day" plan. We can see everywhere many Christian and Muslim, for this once, agree to the same thing; against it! I meet several people who's start to look further beyond the reason of hatred and questioning if Muslim and Al Qur'an really deserve to get this act. They start questioning about our faith and the teaching, and somehow, this is really reverse effect than Terry Jones want it to be. It is like, telling a child to not see, but it make them become too curious and can't help themselves to see. Interesting right?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      But it is ok for them to burn our flag and do evil against americans. I say we burn every Qur'an in america a

    • sns2000 profile image


      9 years ago from Benidorm

      Absolute disgrace i find these type of people dont know islam at all and i think that he is even jealous and he dont know who to react he want to be in the centre of attration so i cant understand this at all and on top of that to do this on a rememberance day is even wors thanks for this hub very helpful info natasha


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