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Celebrate the Promises

Updated on July 3, 2013

Are you celebrating? If not, then why not … you should be! The word of the Lord has come to us full of promises for the year 2012 and that is cause for CELEBRATION! What are you waiting for? Why aren’t you celebrating right now? Do you have vision and hope for the future? Are you waiting for the manifestation before you dance in celebration? Do you believe?

Numbers 23:19 speaks to the character of our God … “God is not a man, that he should lie. He is not a human, that he should change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?”

Don’t wait on the manifestation to rejoice or you will miss out on the joy of the journey. Celebrating the promises that God has given us this year in advance will open up a door spiritually that will allow for the manifestation to come forth fully without hindrance and not only that but quickly as if the floodgates of a dam have been fully opened! Be sure that you are not blocking the blessings that God desires to impart to you by holding back on your celebration.

God is looking for a CELEBRATION in the Spirit and in the natural of that which He has promised. Dance, sing, rejoice, give thanks and praise in celebration of not only what He is going to do but for what He has done and that which He is currently doing! Look to the future with hope and great enthusiasm expecting the promises to be fulfilled in your life, in the lives of the Body and in the lives of those we love!

When will you celebrate? How about right now … in this very second … today?! We challenge you to take a step of faith and dance in celebration of the promises yet to come. Not only that, dance in remembrance of the promises fulfilled.

Need a little reminder or encouragement ...


…life because you are not dead.

… your family and friends because you are not alone.

…the fact that in Him you live and breathe and have your being.

… the fact that you are FORGIVEN!

… the fact that you are loved with an unconditional, everlasting, unfailing love.

It is time to CELEBRATE that we have tasted and seen that the Lord is GOOD and His Mercies Endureth Forever! So, dance, sing, rejoice in the joy of the journey and as you celebrate watch as the promises are fulfilled … and then celebrate all over again! Come on, CELEBRATE!!

Lord, I come CELEBRATING! Praising you for who you are and whose I am! Thank you for the promises that have manifested in my life and for the promises yet to be fulfilled! I worship you because you are a Promise Keeper!!


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    • Precious Pearl profile image

      Precious Pearl 5 years ago

      My Precious Sky2day, I am honored and humbled by your comments. Thank you! Truly He is inhabits the praises of His people! Indeed, when the praises go up the blessings rain down. God Bless and Keep you! With His Love!

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      precious pearl Sister. Oh what a lovely & beautiful writing you have here. So right and true. Rejoice always Phil 4:3Amen sista Thanks to God opens the windows of Heaven!!!! God is so awesome because praise also takes one from self and focus on our issues to that which is beautiful and pure and Holy and true. Thank you for the lovely reminder. You are precious indeed pearl in the chest of Gods treasures. Love you in Christ. Glory to God.

    • Precious Pearl profile image

      Precious Pearl 5 years ago

      He is worthy of our praise in advance of the manifestation of the promise!