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Christ Born Anew in the Heart Everyday (Poem)

Updated on December 21, 2014

Everyday can be like Christmas

It doesn’t have to be once a year,

Everyday could be just like Christmas

When Christ is so very near,

Christ for the masses

Is truly what Christmas is,

Jesus born anew everyday, and

Filling each heart with peace within,

The golden opportunities of Jesus

Born anew everyday within your heart,

That's the magnificence of

God’s glory, and His creative art,

It depends on your own perspective

And it is how you choose to see,

My desire is called fellowship, and it

Is becoming my reality,

Everyday a new revelation of Jesus

To start and begin every day,

As He is birthed within my heart

In a new and living way,

It is alright if Christmas only

Comes once a year,

Just as long as every day

Jesus is oh, so very near.


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