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Top 5 Christian Games For Children

Updated on January 24, 2014

Bringing Kids To Christ

Let's be honest, it can be absolutely grueling to get a child focused in anything, let reading the Bible. A book that size is daunting to a 4 year old!

Playing fun and interactive Bible-based board games are a great, fun way for parents to teach their children about the love of Jesus Christ! What better way to gather together than around the table for Christian family party games!

1. Veggie Tales: Don't Sink in the Sink Game

Help your favorite Veggie Tales characters race across the drain board and avoid falling into a sink. When you move a character there is always the chance it will slip through its slot into the sink below. 

This is a great game for families, it's non-competitive and encourages conversation and communication! There are no dice, just a spinner that's easy for young fingers to use. Game play is simple enough for kids to understand, yet fun for even parents! Your family will have a blast with Larry, Bob, and the rest of the gang!

Ages 3 and Up, 2-4 Players

2. The Young Reader's Bible Trivia Game

Now even beginning readers can test their Bible knowledge with The Young Reader's Bible Trivia Game. Players read and answer basic Bible trivia questions that are especially written with beginning readers in mind. Players collect star tokens each time they answer a question correctly. The player with the most stars at the end of the game is the winner.

Contains: 1 game board, 4 playing pieces, 90 trivia cards, 25 star tokens, 1 die, and instructions.

Ages 5 and Up, 2-4 players

3. Bibleopoly: The Biblical Game of Fun and Faith

This isn't your typical Monopoly. The object of Bibleopoly is to be the first player to build a church in one of the Bible cities.

In Bibleopoly, you cannot win by destroying your opponents, you can only be the winner by assisting the fellow players. This act of cooperation is what allows you to gain the things necessary to build your church and be a winner.

Ages 8 and Up, 2-6 Players

4. LifeStories: Christian Versian

Bring family and friends together to recall and share their "life stories." An enjoyable pastime with surprising and revealing results, this storytelling game is a way to warm up a family gathering, rekindle a friendship, or renew histories.

While playing this game, children will talk, laugh, and share opinions with each other and their parents as they recall memories, reveal hopes and dreams in response to stimulating questions. LifeStories encourages self-expression, affirmation, creative thinking, problem solving and team work.

Ages 6 and Up, 2-8 Players

5. Veggie Tales: Seek and Match Game

You might have trouble getting your children to eat their vegetables, but they won't have any problems playing with them!

In Veggie Tales: Seek and Match board game, you and your family will help Jimmy Gourd find his cheeseburger, Bob retrieve his hat, Larry fetch his duck or Junior search for his ball! The first player to collect all four of the items and return to the center of the board wins.

Ages 4 and Up, 2-4 players.


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