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Top 10 New Year's Eve Party Games

Updated on January 28, 2014
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Game ideas for the whole family!
Game ideas for the whole family! | Source

So you’ve decided to throw a New Year’s Eve party? Great! It should be lots of fun, right?

You have your checklist already with most things checked off: Guest list, check. Food, check. Adult and non-alcoholic drinks, check. Lots of fireworks, check. Party hats and noisemakers, check. Music, check.

Everything seems to look good, but there’s just one thing missing and that is party games!

Party games are not just for childrens’ parties and there is a lot of New Year’s Eve party games that are very suitable for the occasion.

Whether you’re looking for New Year’s Eve party games for an adult party, or a family-oriented party, there’s something here for you!

Funny Games

You can never go wrong with a little bit of humor on any occasion, so these games are sure to please your guests and keep them busy for a while.

  • Minute to Win It: his is always a fun one. Come up with a bunch of hilarious tasks, like balancing an Oreo on your face or a juice box chugging contest. Winners move to the next round! Make sure there is a prize that’s worth their while, though, as you want them to actually want the win enough.

  • Name the Lie: All who wish to participate will write down two real New Year’s Resolutions and one fake one. After reading them aloud, each person writes their guesses on a piece of paper and the one who guesses the most correct wins!

  • What’s the Word? Every person must wear a hat, and cannot look in a mirror all night. The host of the party will tape a word to the hat such as an animal or body part, and all who interact with that person must not say this word, but act this word. The wearer of the word must guess by the end of the night in order to win! If they must use the restroom, another guest must take their hat off so they don’t see the word.

  • Charades: Good ‘ol charades. The only twist, you are only acting out things that pertain to New Year’s such as fireworks, hats, liquor, famous songs and so on.

What's your favorite party board game?

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Family-Friendly Games

If you’re going to be having kids at your party, than it’s best that you have some New Year’s Eve party games that will keep them occupied along with the adults. Try some of these:

  • New Years Word Scramble: Each person gets a list of scrambled words that pertain to New Years things. Whoever unscrambles the most by the time two minutes is up is the winner!
  • Get Those Beads! Each guest is given a bead necklace and the rules upon entering the party. The rules: you cannot say a certain word or phrase such as Happy New Year, cheers, or party. If you hear someone say the “magic” word, you get to take their necklace. Whoever has the most necklaces at the end of the night wins the game! Oh, and if you hear someone say the word and they have a bunch of necklaces, they must surrender all of the necklaces.
  • Guess the Resolution: Everyone writes down their new year’s resolution ideas and places it in a hat. The host reads them aloud and each person writes down their guesses. Whoever guesses the most, wins!


Drinking Games

Whether it’s for drinking or just a mature audience, we have your game here! Perfect for the over 21 party goers, these games will have your party goin' in no time!

And don't forget about your designated drivers!

If you're hosting the party at your place, offer to let guests stay the night so that everyone can participate. If that's not an option, make sure you've got plenty of cage for the cab fare for your guests!

  • Shot or Dare: A twist on the classic “Truth or Dare,” the player must choose, instead, whether or not to take the dare, or a shot of liquor. If they choose the dare but refuse to ride it out, they must take two shots.
  • Dress the Sleeper: Everyone should be given fair warning. There is always that one person that passes out before midnight, and when they do, it’s on! Draw on their faces, put a thong on their head, put a bra on them and whatever else you can think of. Oh, and don’t forget to take that picture!

  • Shotgun Snap n’ Pop: Requires cans of beer. Each person participating races to shotgun a beer, the loser has to get pelted with those snap n’ pops. The only catch, the person must be in their underwear!


More Ways to Party

So now that you have a few New Year’s Eve party game ideas, there is no excuse to be starting the new year with gossip about a boring party!

Need more party game ideas for your New Year's Eve party?

Just remember, you can take any typical party game and give it a New Year's twist with themed word play, activities, and prizes! Party up and stay safe!


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    • KimberlyLake profile image

      Kimberly Lake 

      4 years ago from California

      Sounds fun! I think I will use some of these thanks :)

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      Totally fun and interesting ideas. I'm big on planning fun and games for holiday gatherings, I prefer everyone interacting rather than staring at TV or this one over there with his Ipod and the other one over there with a book. These are just some great suggestions, love the bead game thing too I have to try that one.


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