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Ten Commandments are all found in the New Testament

Updated on September 14, 2014

Some believe God's Laws are "Old Testament" issues yet all of The Ten Commandments can be easily Found in the New Testament.

This list is by no means all the places these commandments are mentioned or eluded to – it is just intended to be a “base line” to show that the law is still part of GODs plan.

1. You Shall Have No Other Gods Other Than the True GOD:

a. Matt 4:10 Him only shall you serve

2. Do Not Make or Bow Down to Graven (man made) Images of gods:

a. Acts 19:26-41 Esp verse 26

b. Acts 14:11-16 Idolatry

c. Acts 17:16-31 Idolatry

d. 1 John 5:21 Keep from Idols

3. Don't Take (appropriate to yourself) the Name of God in Vain:

a. Luke 6:46 Why call me Lord, Lord,

b. Mat 6:9 Hallowed be Thy Name

c. Col 3:8 About blasphemy = WEBSTER “to speak of GOD or something sacred in anirreverent manner”

4. Observe and Keep THE SABBATH DAY (specifically) Holy:

a. Acts 17:2 Paul kept it

b. 1 Cor 11:1 Then said “imitate me” as I “imitate” Christ

c. Luke 4:16 Christ kept it

d. Acts 13:14-16 Paul on the Sabbath

e. Acts 13:42-49 Paul was invited to preach on the 7th Day Sabbath and this group was not just Jews but also Gentiles

f. Acts 18:1-4 Paul is a tentmaker and worked making tents but was in the Synagogue on the Seventh Day Sabbath -- See Verses 4, 19,20, 26

g. Acts 19: 8 Paul did this for 3 months yet was always found in the Synagogue on the Seventh Day Sabbath

h. Acts 28:17 Paul kept the customs and the law

5. Honor Your Parents

a. Eph 6:1

b. Matt 15:4

c. Matt 19:18

6. Don't Murder

a. Rom 13:9

7. Don’t commit Adultery

a. Rom 13:9

8. Don't Steal

a. Rom 13:9

b. Eph 4:28

9. Don't bear false witness (tell lies or fail to represent facts truthfully)

a. Rom 13:9

b. Eph 4:25

10. Don't Covet (fix your desires on things which are not yours)

a. Matt 19:18


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    • Tamarajo profile image

      Tamarajo 6 years ago

      I liked this New Testament agreement with the Old He is the God who never changes.