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Clouds, Rain, Life and Death.

Updated on December 4, 2015

Clouds, rain, life and death.


Clouds, Rain, Life and Death.


Clouds watch over US.
During the day they keep the sun at bay.
At night they drift in between the stars.
Clouds are playful, taking different shapes,
magicians of nature, they take shape and form as well as disappear ‎before our very eyes.

Clouds carry the rain, which brings much relief to the heat and for the cultivation
as well as harvesting of our crops.
Without clouds the rivers which we can drink from would run dry, and life as we
know it would cease to exist.

‎Clouds seem harmless, as well as redundant.
Yet their power is astonishing.
The lighter and thinner the clouds, they seem to just gaze at mother earth, peacefully
and effortlessly like a grazing cow on fresh green grass, or livestock.‎

When there is not a single cloud in the sky in summer, we feel the brunt of the sun, the heat ‎is at times unbearable.‎The darker the clouds, with strong winds as an accomplice, lay man or expert
we instinctively are reminiscent of the reality that a storm is eagerly forming
with enough rainfall there shall be plenty of water for us to drink.‎Rivers are over flowing, there is enough food for all to eat.

The eye of the storm.
At times the heavens are angry and depending on your geographical location
topical storms are a norm at high tide, perhaps when the core of the earth, is
moving, perhaps‎ even due heating or cooling of the core of the earth surface.‎

‎Without clouds what the earth's climate be like?

Perhaps harmful rays of pollution and radiation from the earth and out of space
would‎ perpetuate the dimension, the force, the intensity, depth, force
as well as strength of the black hole.

As far fetched as my conclusion ‎is, the earth, would experience erratic weather
patterns, as well as change in tropical conditions.‎
Our days would be longer.
The heat would be unbearable, as we would be exposed to hazardous rays of light
which cause illnesses such as cancer and other illnesses which effect the skin
as well the efficiency of our immune system.

A water crisis would loom, should there be a depreciation of the presence
of clouds in our immediate solar system.
Human beings would need to consume more water, as they are dehydrated from
the extreme conditions of heat.
Livestock would not enough enough water to drink for survival.
Our vegetation and harvesting would be ‎disarray, due to the lack
of rainfall.

Clouds do not just provide sunshine when it is summer.
Clouds are a medium between rainfall seasonally or speriodically .
Clouds protect the earth from dangerous rays of light, which are cancerous
as well as mutating ‎the efficiency of the immune system.
As well the ability to resist viruses such as the flu, which is one of the most
common illnesses healthy or those who are prone to illness.

Polluted air man made, harmful gas emissions from the industrial industry, factories
motor cars, waste management dumping sights ‎as well as the lack and enthusiasm to
recycle perishable goods such as plastic, paper and glass, is environment genocide.

Let us be concious of all forms of life around us.
Let us pray and care for mother ea‎rth the universe and all that lies within our world.
For ultimately all we can see touch, smell, hear, taste make up the symbols of our reality.

The Lord.
The Gods give us this universe.
Our parents, the word holy and accumulated knowledge, through knowledge
as well the preservation of wisdom we have evolved, we as human being have power
over all forms of life that has a concious where a spirit manifests, yet the universe
the air we breathe is limited to us.

Let us be concious of our thoughts, our actions, the thoughts which hibernate
in our head ultimately they come to LIFE.

‎May prosperity rain.

Crafted by God's Poet Nkosi

‎Dedicate to the the life force of the universe, light, motion, force and darkness‎ with time giving birth to choice.


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