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Coping With Trials (Part 3)

Updated on June 19, 2013

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Continued from Part 2.

E. God encourages. (v.6)

David uses strong visual language to express his total confidence in the LORD. Perfect love casts out all fear. His relationship with God express itself in this synonymous way: “I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, that have set themselves against me round about.” Psalm 3:6. What a great contrast: Turmoil may exist outside, but there is peace on the inside. Snow storms may besiege the exterior of our cottage but there is a warm fire in the fireplace.

What do you look to for courage? Look, this big battle did not start with 10,000 men! It started many years ago when David was a shepherd and slew the lion and bear. He began to see God work and protect him. It is no wonder that David took on Goliath of Gath. How do we cope with uncopable troubles? We look to God for courage and strength not to fear.

We turn the third key by understanding that…

III. We must appeal to God in prayer. v. 7

Notice the synonymous parallelism in this triad of statements.

A. Stand. (v. 7a.)

Get up from rest and ready for action. God Please come to me!

B. Save. (v. 7b)

I need salvation-- I need saving. I am hopeless with out God. God Please save me!

C. Strike. (v. 7c)

Use your mighty power and defeat the foe! Arise, O Lord (cf. Numbers 10:35, Ps. 68:1). Stand and fight! It’s a battle cry for God to work. When you think of God’s mercy and salvation, remember His holy justice as well. If our Lord was willing to see the Son bruised and bleeding imagine how he will respond to those who actively fight against His plan and people.

D. Shatter. (v. 7d)

Destroy my enemies so that they will not be able to recover.

Look to God to judge the wicked. Let Him even scores. Let Him be the One who dispenses eternal justice.

How do we cope with uncopable troubles? We pray for God’s holy will to be done—even when it means judgment.

The fourth key that unlocks the ability to cope in stressful situations is that….

Trials tend to purify us like a smelting furnace purifies metals.
Trials tend to purify us like a smelting furnace purifies metals.

IV. We must announce God’s goodness. v. 8

In a final crescendo David declares blessing on God’s people and equates it to the salvation that come from God. Salvation is of the Lord. How can one possibly respond in a good way when they have been through such rough times? David had it rough—yet he remembers God’s salvation and he remembers that God is working His plan among the nations. When is the last time you realized God blessed you? Did you actively announce God’s goodness to His people? Did you proclaim His fame among the unsaved? When are you going to do that? Have you ever met with another believer at work and encouraged each other with the goodness of God?

It is very important that we biblically learn to cope. Coping is essential to ministry and public reputation. How do we cope with uncopable problems?

I. We must appreciate God’s protection. vv. 3-6

II. We must anticipate many difficulties. vv. 1-2

III. We must appeal to God in prayer. v. 7

IV. We must announce God’s goodness. v. 8

John MacArthur exposits some of the reasons God allows trials to engulf believers.

About The Author

Harold Markham is the host of the ER Podcast. He studied to be a pastor and holds degrees in Bible, pulpit speech as well as a Masters in Biblical studies. Click here for more articles by Harold Markham.


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