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Coping With Trials (Part 2)

Updated on June 18, 2013
Using the truest Psalter, Luther rested in God as a Mighty Fortress as declared in Psalm 46.
Using the truest Psalter, Luther rested in God as a Mighty Fortress as declared in Psalm 46.

Psalm 3 Continued

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II. We must appreciate God’s protection. vv. 3-6

A. God covers. (v. 3a)

In contrast to the rebellion that attacks David, God shields (He is a deliverer—מָגֵן) him. It is interesting to see God as a divine warrior holding back the attack of the foes aligned against David.Once my family went camping in the Alps and it rained for 11 of the 14 days we were there. By about the 5th day we needed to suspend a heavy blue tarp over the tent to keep the onslaught of water from leaking into the tent. The tarp covered us and protected us from the rain. It delivered us through the rain. God is a shield and deliverer.

Did David really need God’s protection? Could he not have used his own wisdom and cunning—like the time when he feigned madness? Yes, David absolutely needed God’s protection. There was no other avenue to tread, no other recourse, no other option! David had finally come to the end of himself. His only hope was God—and perhaps he was tempted to doubt that God was with him.

When we learn that we can’t find safety in the things of this world, we learn to look to the God who covers us with His wings of mercy, grace and love.

Thus says the Lord, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind And makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the Lord." Jeremiah 17:5

How do we cope with uncopable troubles? Cry out to God for deliverance and protection!

B. God comforts. (v.3b)

Not only does God shield and deliver David, but during this time of grief, pain and emotional sorrow God Comforts David. He “lifts up” David’s head.

My little girl will be three in January. The other night she had a bad dream and woke up crying. We went into her room and held her and she had such a sad look on her face. In fact she looked down at the ground and sobbed—all because of a dream. Now imagine that same expression compounded with a haunting of guilt, shame, grief, and uncertainty. Only God can lift the head that is weighed down with this amount of trouble.

Our Lord was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He knows what sorrows are. He is there for us. Surely He has borne our sorrows and carried our grief. He bore our punishment on the cross as a substitute. He credits all who repent and believe with His very own obedient perfect righteousness. Whatever it is you carry today, whatever it is that weighs you head down—our Lord will lift it up. Cast all your care on Him for He cares for you. He’s the “God of all comfort” and He is there for you—just as He was for David. Cry out to God to help us with our many griefs.

C. God communicates. (v. 4)

David was crying to the Lord! David is in deep distress. David calls out to God and God answers. There is a relationship manifested here. God answers him.

Remember my little baby girl? When she woke up crying in the middle of the night, what did we do? We rushed to her side to show her love and compassion.Some may think, “God does not really answer back to our prayer. It’s not like it’s a phone call.” And they are somewhat correct. While David may have been spoken to by the Lord, this is not what David means here. God’s answer comes in the form of protection and deliverance. Prayer is not a phone call or the rub of a geni’s lamp. It’s the heart of a child crying out to his father. His answer comes in the form of His good response doing only what is best for us and conforming us to His Son’s image (Rom. 8:28-30). Sometimes it is deliverance, sometimes its martyrs grace, sometimes its encouragement from a believer or nourishment from the Scriptures, but rest assured my friends God is at work in us to accomplish His good pleasure.

When you pray do you really expect God to answer? Do you expect Him to act? My dear friends God loves you and He is not far from them who would come to Him in humility and despair. Humble yourselves and look to the God who answered David. How do we cope with uncopable troubles? We communicate with God in prayer.

Notice how God answered David with action.

D. God carries us safely. (v. 5)

I think David must have been drained. So drained in fact that he had to stop and sleep—even when fear and logic would tend to drive him on to a secure lodging for a defense against Absalom’s troops. Yet he was so tired he collapsed into sleep.Unlike in Ps 32:4, David reclines and sleeps finding refreshment. God’s peace enables one to get a good night’s rest when things are bad. True to His character, God allowed David to wake. There are promises hinging on the kingdom of David. God will not fail and will work things out to the proper end. David did indeed wake safe and sound the next morning!

Once I was so tired I feel asleep in the college library and was late to chapel! I was so physically wiped out that I had no control to stay awake! I was so comfortable in the situation as well as weary from the labor that the safe harbor of the stacks of books allowed me to sleep. We can rest in our good God even in uncertain times-- God is with us.We trust God to carry us through.

Conclusion Here

About The Author

Harold Markham is the host of the ER Podcast. He studied to be a pastor and holds degrees in Bible, pulpit speech as well as a Masters in Biblical studies.Click here for more articles by Harold Markham.


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    • Efficient Admin profile image

      Efficient Admin 

      5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      All of the chapters that document the life of King David are just absolutely awesome and we can relate to what he went through even in these modern times. Great, interesting, and inspiring hub. It's great to keep our hope and eyes on Him and this hub is a great reminder. Thanks for sharing, voted up and all that.


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