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Cradle to Wings Now They Fly for Jesus

Updated on November 11, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Flying high

Cradle to Wings Flying for Him NOW!

“Mom, I have a surprise for you. Today I am taking you somewhere. Close your eyes, now don’t you peek? It is my treat.” She says with such a loving grin. “Anything you like, and I will use a coupon.” (That’s my coupon, girl!)

Train them how they should go, and they will surprise you. My sweet daughter surprised me with this role reversal one day. This day is an imprinted memory in my heart as I was in awe of the young woman God created in her. So many young people her age are about to start their lives as young adults. I want to share thoughts on how we begin in the cradle and get our wings.

Our kids go from Cradles to Wings; they stand so confident and proud as they reverse roles and show their independence, saying, “Thanks for parenting me.” It is a time to cherish another memory to place in the archives of their beautiful lives. We made it to today, a day to graduate to the next step on their journey. This rollercoaster ride has brought us here to this moment through every little valley and a great peak. We look into your eyes, and now you are ready. God has molded you and the time is nearing when we must release you for His intent.

God truly sees your heart

Some may have made assumptions about your heart and who you could be. Some gossiped about points of growth and the work you may need, but you grabbed hold and buckled down and “got R done.” When you were up against a wave, you found a new way to ride it. No one who tried to break you down knew how huge your God is.

They may not have known your trials, but they also didn’t know how God uses every hurdle. He provides the grace and strength needed in each circumstance. They may never see what God sees in you because often they’re too busy looking outside of themselves and living a not so focused life. They did not know that only God indeed sees your heart. Perhaps this is because they don’t see God? They can’t feel His presence; maybe they do not know God?

Perhaps they paid little attention when their introduction came? Thinking it is easier to get by and have God as an afterthought unless going through a crisis. Many seem to join the believer’s team when the chips are down and then forget the grace and mercies we receive them.

The Good news is God sees your heart. He sees it each time it broke a little, and He was so impressed when you found the piece to place it back together. Jesus delights when you would look inside your own heart, trusting Him to be there to help you. He was glad because He knew if you listened to Him, all things were possible. He did not always give you the answers in your timing. Sometimes you scurried for the missing piece, but you still have high motivation to place it back, even if it left a little crack. Maybe God didn’t always make it easy, but He was with you all the way.

When people disappoint

When people or things disappoint us, we must allow the brokenness. God has pre-designed these actions, so try not to judge their role in your life. If we wait it out, trust and pray, God will be beside us. He slowly lets you in on His plans for this action. Minute by minute, sometimes second by second, you see how God will use your circumstance to glorify Him. When you get it, that it is all for Him, you are ready to live a life for and with Him.

He allows the little cracks in your heart for two reasons; the first is so He can always come in and live there with you. The second reason for the breaks is that after He pours into you or has others run into you, you can take all that is Him and pour it out into others seeking Him, or even those who seem to place a wall on their hearts. Some have tiny hairline fractures, but with time and patience, they will open up to the light in His timing.

God has molded a beautiful character from His original pieces of clay. He has allowed some of the life lessons to be complex and complicated. He also proved that He was always there to lean on and guide you. In the toughest of trials, remember to go to Him. Find a quiet place and give your heart to Him, and He will again pour into you.

You were His child way before He blessed your arrival on His earth. That gift alone from Him is such a miracle to behold. We have done our best to help you along the way. We have made some mistakes since we share our humanness with you. Mostly we shared God and with you. We bond in His word as brothers and sisters, a family in Christ. Many times we are the students and often the teachers. Through it all, He prepared you for a future that would make you hungry and passionate about His word and ministry.

In a new way, you will now take what your Christian family has shared, and you will soar. From cradle to wings, we have witnessed your preparation. Your heavenly Father has opened the door to your new world. We stand in awe of His creation as you leave. Oh, bittersweet the beauty of this moment. It is how it is supposed to be.

Your beautiful eyes show the desire to grow, learn, and share. We look forward to being your students when you come home. We promise to continue our walk so we can share your journey. It's an honor to have been your mommy and daddy’s friends and families. We will always be your cheer team, safety net, respite place, and home. Remember one thing: God is all those things for all of us, and He will always be wherever you are. Just go to a quiet place and press the speed dial to God. He will answer, and so will we ~ He gets it so right all the time, and we do our best to be like Him.

One more thing, while you plunge into the world of grown-ups, do us a favor. Keep your innocence; allow yourself the honesty to share your imperfections and your mistakes. Be humble in the light of those new to the word. Try not to cast stone or pebble, for even the most minor rocks can hurt. Do your best to be welcoming and accepting.

Be a life learner at forgiveness. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son to pay the price for our sins. He forgives us, and thus we should do the same.

Slips will occur, so hold each other accountable and lift one another or, at least, send someone else when you can’t. Finally, Christian friends shouldn’t want to let anyone fall; they should do their best to share their wings and pull others to the top.

You must remember, though, that if you cast your pearls to no avail, be careful. Sometimes you may sway toward bitterness or anger. In these stressful situations, give it up to God. He has it all figured out, anyway. So try hard not to add one hour of worry to your walk, for it does not change. Now don’t be too hard on yourselves; you may become angered, you may worry, and you will undoubtedly make mistakes as you are human and, therefore, prime targets for attack.

Stay in the world, gear up with heavy armor. Help one another to refresh or regroup. Stay focused on the truth and light; the PEACE OF CHRIST is always with you.

© 2012 Kathy Henderson


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